Saturday, December 31, 2016

Lies! Neanderthals Never Ate People!

They got a big long winded diatribe here.

Unfortunately they left out the 90% of detractors who already established that this site was a massacre of Neanderthals by Cro-Magnon cannibals.

Never believe these stories! They are noteworthy because of what they always omit!

I have a thousand other examples of anthropologists breathlessly claiming they have finally found evidence that Neanderthals murdered women or children - or engaged in cannibalism. The instant you dig a little deeper you will discover Cain trying to evade his own crimes in every instance against his brother Abel. Remember, Cain lied to God himself!

They are always 100% lies! The beginning of a confession in a rape-murder case begins with "Hey, first of all, she came onto me, man." Then a good detective knows that he only needs to get a little more detail to extract the confession. Psychopaths explain things differently when it comes to their own guilt. They were just minding their own business ... then they were forced to genocide an entire race. It was an accident and besides there are two sides to every story, you see? You have to listen to theirs to get to the truth. It was a very confusing situation, you see. You just keep nodding your head and eventually it will all come out. They pursued this race onto the Iberian Peninsula 40,000 years ago, outnumbering them a 1000-to-1, then they slaughtered all the men and ate them, after which they dragged off around a quarter of a million women for gang rape by the ruling families for the next 7000 years, during which some scientists believe that higher ranking savages only had Neanderthal women as trophy concubines. This epistemology is backed by the hard genetic science in every single detail.

It is my own personal digression that females resulting from these unions were recycled as camp whores and the male children became a subhuman caste of weapon making slaves who were required to cover themselves with black pitch. After many millennium, these slave castes revolted and escaped their bondage to become the Basque people and many other genetic lines in the Celtics. Today, when these genes are expressed very strongly such that they produce marked changes to the physiology of the entire body and the brain we call it "Asperger's Syndrome." These genes can express naturally or be triggered epigenetically by trauma.

  1. Bloch Mohyr (Before 12,000 B.C.) (Means "Tar Servants" in Pre-Gaelic tongue)
  2. Blochmohr (Circa 5,000 B.C. Sumerians)
  3. Blackmohr (One Millennium Prior Celtic)
  4. Blackmoore (400 years ago)
  5. Blakemore (My Last Name)

The "Paleo Venus" ... thought by anthropologists to represent some sort of exotic royal concubine / trophy wife.
If you had one or more of these in the Neolithic you were a very high ranking Cro-Magnon male.
The direct source of the genes for intelligence and reasoning in Homo Sapiens.
Daughters of the "Tuatha De Danann" in Celtic mythology.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Everything You Know Is Wrong Because They Are Hiding God

That's what it is all about.

I know, I was an atheist for almost 16 years.

Atheism is for people who can't face reality. Not the other way around. Atheists are the most religious people you will ever meet. The problem is their religion is ridiculous and their "god" sucks and can't deliver. Time to get a new God.

The more you know about the real world, the more you realize it is no accident. The world is beautiful. It is the humans who make it ugly. Without the wicked clouding the frame you'd see it in technicolor.

They are determined to make certain it ends badly. They can't take the beauty that might result otherwise.

What's the alternative to their rocky primordial world of flesh eating cold blooded monsters? A lush garden of Eden that was filled with beautiful birds as big as houses who ate mainly plants. I would still recommend avoiding the beach because of Leviathan but otherwise I reckon you'd find you could source lunch in the Jurassic with a lot less work than you do now to get it.

I was talking to somebody the other day who pointed out that the Bible knew there was a thirty block shark swimming around in the ancient oceans before anybody else did. In fact, it speaks with such authority on the beast you would think it is an eyewitness account. Impossible, of course - unless everything you know is largely wrong. For example, did the Earth really have more oxygen back then ... or was it simply plants and trees were much, much bigger than anybody alive today might be willing to believe? Big trees that generated more oxygen in one day than all the plant life in the modern era can produce in a year?

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Global Slave Plantation - Dig yourself a Grave, Rufus

The millennials are trained to believe it is a privilege to work until death

Remember, women who are mothers and raise children or keep the hearth burning are wasting time and should not be tolerated! All hands must work and all must pay tax revenues to pay off their fake debt for the paper issued by the Federal Reserve that gives them permission to buy anything!

During the so-called "Dark Ages," it was common to take off half a year and go on a pilgrimage or boat rides to distant harbors, volunteer to work on churches or schools and to spend time competing in festivals and feasts. Life was filled with children, music and happiness. These poor wretches didn't know how bad they had it.

I've been studying famines the week prior while working on some of the inventory and stock management code for CD-OS. There isn't a single famine of the last 500 years you cannot trace directly to government and authoritarian rule. Left to their own devices mankind ceased to starve to death over a thousand years ago. It is the most natural instinct in the world to store up food and larders to smooth out the uncertainties of life. We are told in the modern era it is something only crazy people do.

Sharper Sword And Stronger Shield

So groovy retro Cold War super-science hipster milspec it has to be seen.

What is really strange about it is that those Communist countries are now the ones fielding the high tech weaponry and it is the United States posting the warm bodies versus mechano brigades for want of any brains needed to meet the new threats of land warfare. What incredible irony can be produced by fifty years of decline in the West.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Liberal Krapocalypse

Now they worry.

Do you know what I think?

I think they know that with their own quislings out of power and the soft kill options limited under a Trump Presidency ... the hard kill strikes are far, far more likely. Either way, the New World Order is not just packing up their tents after two centuries and going home good losers. Will never happen.

Despite a record drop in prepping orders worldwide after reaching a peak under Obama, Vault-Co is telling you the exact opposite of everybody else as usual ... there is no time better than the present to get ready. Trump has purchased time and forward planning is now a luxury that even the poorest man can afford. There is no better opportunity to pack your rice.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Recruiting Megateam For CD-OS

I've been thinking about this subject a lot while packaging up source for my private Github account.

I want to release CD-OS into open source so others can fork the code but I don't want to open the main development tree to everybody.

I'd like to gather a private team on Bitbucket who know what the requirements are and will keep the project on track for survivalists.

If you are interested in helping me to develop CD-OS in the New Year privately with regular updates to my Github account, I would really like the assistance of other enthusiasts in 2017.

If you are comfortable working in ANSI C with BSD Sockets, SQLite, Lua scripting and general Javascript/JQuery web page delivery, I would like to hear from you. If you also have experience writing cross-platform code that would be excellent.

CD-OS is the result of twenty years of thinking specifically about the requirements of a civil defense shelter or survivalist retreat. Although it can handle almost anything it is not intended to drift towards general industrial use or home automation. I want to specifically keep the main development stuck into these requirements and want the people who work on it to be thinking Batcave-In-A-Box. I regularly share components with my efforts in industrial controllers but I think that CD-OS is unique in the environment it is imagined to be running in.

I will be starting this team in January of 2017 and will be doing all the advanced development on the Bitbucket account with a private team of 5 people.

If you are interested you can reply to this post and I will get in contact with you through your Google profile. Note : You Have To Add Your Email Address or Make Your Google Account Contactable. No comments will be made public on this post, all kept private.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Do We Still Count As Crazy?

Vault-Co says it for twenty years, we're lunatics out of touch with reality.

Now the Pentagon admits it out loud.

Nobody has had any idea of what we were talking about the last two decades. We're crazy. America is #1 and her military is the most advanced on Earth. People like me would have a screw loose to suggest otherwise.

This is like a game of Chess. If you are sweating and realising you are in big trouble when you are down to a Queen and a pawn, you were probably asleep for most of the game. Good chess players don't find out they got owned when somebody announces "Checkmate." That's far too late to do you any good at all.

You need think tanks that employ weirdos like me to tell you these things twenty years in advance. Twenty years afterwards is hopeless, that is much too late.

What is missing at this stage is the critical mass of engineering culture and uber-nerds who could turn this all around and come out with the kind of weaponry China is fielding every day now. What is really disturbing is how much working hardware that the Chinese are producing that looks like it came off theoretical planning boards from the United States in the late 1970's. Those engineers retired and their plans went into mothballs. It is the Chinese who are launching the carbon-hulled hypersonic doomsday drones that could probably give the Empire in STAR WARS a serious run for the money. Meanwhile in America they are still getting ready to fight Hitler in 1939. Good luck with all that. Might as well be on horseback with a ceremonial sword for WW3.

The next war is going to be over quickly. It's the aftermath that is going to be the ordeal.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Tee-Shirt Season Is Almost Here.

Pilot light went out on the Sun

Assumption based on the misapprehension that the temperatures of the Holocene are natural for Planet Earth.

They are not natural. These temperatures are. We are simply returning to average climate for Terra Firma.

God is smart. He knows it sharpens his children to keep the thermostat set a lot lower. You could call the normal climate of the planet an idiot-killer. That's what it is. The Neanderthals were brighter because they had to be. They survived a million years of these temperatures like water off a duck's back because their minds were sharp and their wits keen. All others ended up watching the spring thaw from inside of a glacier. You could not beat an Ice Age with hooey and double-talk. That stuff doesn't work when the needle drops. All those talking heads who dominate the culture now and fill that television screen would all be dead and anybody who took their advice on any subject would end up dead with them. They just don't know what they are doing. A phenomenon of the 12,000 year summer that is now closing. This is not grasshopper weather. It is time for the long winter of the ants once again.

I want you to imagine just how swiftly somebody who spoke about privilege and unfair distribution in a Neanderthal tribe would be put out onto an ice floe. They would spin on their ass as it drifted out to sea. Would take two seconds to conclude by unanimous vote they were completely loco. There are just no openings for professional opposition and career whiners in these groups of people. There is too little quantity and too much quality to make this viable as a biological strategy.

I had a conversation with my daughter about this a few nights ago. I told her the most difficult thing to understand is how people so practical had such a rich dream culture and vivid imaginations. They would need it to wind the ongoing narrative of their lives into something refreshing and continuously inspiring through times that were hard, demanding and sometimes frightening. The long hibernations and the constant need to keep the fire burning created a rich fertile ground for a very elaborate and engaging love of the fabulous that was intertwined closely with the natural world. The Neanderthals dreamed with their eyes open and still didn't miss a trick. I can remember when I first read Stan Gooch's books I wondered what in the hell he was going on about. I had to think about it for twenty years before it all began to make such good sense to me. In particular recently I have thought about the Neanderthal's deep love of twilight and the moon and how much it would have contrasted with the Cro-Magnon's Sun Monkey zombie horde. The Cro-Magnons would have had the most intense fear and hatred of the Neanderthal because they seemed so magical and so much closer to God. Whispering to animals, mimicking their calls, perhaps as Gooch suggests drawing voices out of plants and even stones that breathed life into matter- ventriloquism? Or just doing for these things what they could not express themselves? The Cro-Magnons lusted after the beautiful women and loathed the males as incredibly powerful and capable creatures compared with their own meagre list of talents that hardly exceeded spear chucking and burning villages. We know how the Cro-Magnons viewed the Neanderthal. When they elected to hunt and kill one of them, they brought at least 300 of their own people. That tells you everything. They viewed the Neanderthal as a creature with nearly supernatural powers who was invulnerable to ordinary threats.

P.S. I was listening in on an anthropology mailing list in 2002 shortly after I started Vault-Co and I remember these guys (when they thought they were speaking privately to their peers) spoke quite seriously of Stan Gooch. The main thrust of the discussion was how to gradually take credit for his ideas without actually crediting him as the author. They even spoke of the duality that he enumerated and seemed to accept it was the source of conflict not just between Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals but the conflict in the resulting race of mankind as well. They were admitting Gooch was right but saying he should not be taken seriously since many of his ideas had been described earlier by classic psychologists and they also spoke of his irrational claims about his experiences as a medium. There was not much scientific about it, they simply didn't like the man. They nevertheless pored over his notions without realizing they were plagiarizing a poor, broken has-been who had his career as a professor destroyed by people exactly like them.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Pacific Ocean Is Nearly Dead

Horrible, bleak empty waters devoid of life ...

It's not humans. Fukushima has certainly contributed. It was dying long before Fukushima.

Deep water volcanism has been acidifying the oceans for decades.

Happens this way in Revelations 16. First in the oceans and tributaries. Scientists have said all great extinction events begin with a massive collapse of the ecosystem in the ocean first.

Vault-Co was just an early adopter of the new paradigms. They are spreading very rapidly.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Waffle Rock : 300 Million Years Too Old To Exist

Many natural explanations offered. None of them convincing in my estimate.

Most people will listen to whatever scienmagists toss out there and take it for gospel. If the orthodoxy scoffs then they figure it is nothing worth their attention.

Interesting the Indians considered it sacred. Leftover piece of melonhead temple from some mega city? I am in agreement with the Founding Fathers that the history of North America is much deeper and more mysterious than ever imagined.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Embedded Integrated Message Stack For CD-OS With Discovery

I first added some minimal support for LAN messaging to assist in autodiscovery of other workstations with zero configuration back in 2002. It worked fairly well but only on platforms supporting the Microsoft SMB network standard. It was not what I would call a really robust, hardcore discovery and messaging system. It worked for a long time in registering URLs for other servers which I could then load resources from using JSONP. It was always sort of a hack pending a better mechanism. The slightest security on a network can block this method.

I think I did an experiment with a UDP broadcast back in 2006 which appeared to work but seemed way too lightweight for what was needed.

In 2010 I worked for a couple months integrating UPNP into Mongoose code. It worked very irregularly and was subject to all kinds of network security blocking it. I tried again to do some hacking at it in 2012 but the general security patches added to UPNP implementations by Microsoft tended to make it extremely unreliable. I decided for this reason I would not touch the code any longer and just work on the server stuff, particularly the client end. I thought if I ruminated for a while I'd come up with something better. A "little while" ended up being 4 years before I even looked at it again. It was still crap when I turned it back on in 2014. Just not the right approach.

I started to experiment with this a few months back :

I have been integrating this since October, doing most of the work during my commute. It is amazing and super compact. It has only added about 60K to the existing server. I have only touched on some of the features and they work astonishingly well. With the client end running Socket.IO (fully supported by fallbacks on IE6), any workstations participating in the CD-OS intranet populate a list box at the right side of the screen and if approved previously by the administrator now constitute links to the front ends of those servers. So you boot one CD-OS server and you can now see your generator room, your inventory pantry, your aboveground weather station, your security center with CCTV feeds. Since every CD-OS has all the functionality built-in of every other workstation, if you want you can just run every single required feature locally without surfing anywhere. A more likely scenario is a server running your shortwave communication radio (connected from that machine to a radio service), one box running your "Memex" with all your PDFs and another running all your IP security camera feeds to distribute some the work around to different decoupled devices in larger retreats and shelters. I need to do more experimenting of my own but I expect the most important feedback will come from when I get it up on Github on just how much you can run on one server without overloading it.

I am going ahead with this 0MQ code for my first Github release. All I know about it is that in the ten hours I have devoted to integrating it I have discovered it to be the best of all at real-time asynchronous discovery in cross platform code. I intend to improve a lot on this, particularly in the area of broadcast alerts for emergencies, global messaging, cron jobs and general alert handling. At present it just works and that is better than the other alternatives I have tried in the past.

Very early shot of "VAULT-OS" from around 2010 or thereabouts.

The Neanderthal Dreamer Constructs A Civilisation, The Cro-Magnon Mob Tears It Down

This is why the Glubb Limit is at 10 generations.

5 Generations for it to reach it's nadir while the majority get their boots on, 5 generations for them to march through the institutions and destroy it all.

"Civilizations" criminalise the Neanderthals who built them as soon as they get situated and the foundations are then undermined by opportunists who believe any successful crime for which they are not prosecuted is proof of one's industriousness.

Opportunists lauded as ambitious accelerate every single natural and organic process of decay and block attempts at remedy. Each man who observes no principles other than advantage is freed up to attack the sacred, which is why the loss of religious faith always puts the society on greased rails to the bottom.

The capacity to even imagine the world better than it is now is all legacy of the Neanderthal. (Read entire article to see just how desperate science is to conceal it. Incidentally, I have eavesdropped on one of the sources for this article and can tell you that in his private email discussions he openly admits it without qualification.)

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Minix 3

If you're a frequent reader of this blog you need no exposition. Listen to what the guy is saying and think about the applicability to our needs as survivalists.

ARM version is downloadable at site. I just bought an Orange PI for $10.
Also, the basic design of CD-OS is essentially inspired entirely from Tanenbaum's ideas in his original MINIX book. I was using them before they were called "Microservices" as a paradigm. A long time before because I had read this guy's book. My messages have always been asynchronous but I have variable length for convenience. (Formerly in JSON, now converted to STOMP .ini style format in middle of 2016) This is the reason my web server has been deployed to industrial sites and simply run forever without a single hitch for months and even years. My own clients have told me my embedded stuff will put me in the poorhouse because it never needs maintenance or repairs. I talked to somebody from a mining company just the week prior and he told me my networked weather station running on a solar panel in a toolshed was nearly demolished because nobody has had to go in there since 2011. They thought I was crazy when I replaced their Lithium battery with a slow discharge capacitor. Now marching for five years without a single stumble.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Called It

Grand Minimum. A Maunder minimum involves a reduction in sunspots. This is the absence of sunspots altogether. A Grand Minimum. Interesting times.

Nobody likes it when the village idiot calls it before anybody else. I called it in 2004. A Grand Minimum. Maybe Snowball Earth. It's a barrel of monkeys for sure.

We have not wavered on this site in 15 years. The rest of the world just started to catch up.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Navy Is As Obsolete As Wooden Washboards

The U.S.S. Zumwalt needs to be towed from the Panama Canal after this super boondoogle "next-gen" ship almost falls apart simply trying to move around.

World's largest piece of floating scrap metal needs to be towed away

Engine just blew up attempting something tricky ... like a turn

4 Billion dollar coral reef starter

... held together by bluetack, gaffer tape and bubble gum. Flooded with seawater internally in the equipment bays. Another fine product of American engineering circa 2016. Trump, please fire all these guys and start over again.

They were leaking dope on the Zumwalt before it came out of drydock and anybody who had seen it performing in the field said the thing was a four billion dollar floating turd. It was rumored to be all form, no substance - like a Hollywood prop. Once you got past the show it was absolutely unseaworthy and did not stand a chance against the next generation of mostly remoted craft.

This would make an excellent stage for a Village People reunion video remake of  "In The Navy." As a weapon of war it is a joke.

I just see the Chinese teenage kid piloting one of those hypersonic drones in World War Three suddenly realizing he has cut the ship in half accidentally before it could even register him coming on radar. "Holee Cow! I think I just hit something!!!" (Potato chips flying everywhere) He turns around to make a second pass trying to balance a Mountain Dew on his knee. "I tink it iz sunk! Dammed Yankee sailors go home! Okay, nice try capitalist dogs! I drop some atomic cluster grenades just to be on safe side they also double as depth charges! Oh gosh I just got the bonus insta-kill perk! Look at me I am high scoreboard leader! Right on!" (Zumwalt vanishes with all aboard forever)

Saturday, November 19, 2016

A Message For Special Snowflakes Everywhere

This is from back when people used to watch television.

Even back then, the snowflakes insisted on ridiculous haircuts. Snowflakes never change.

Junk Science Gets Junked

Will they void out their paycheques for the past 100 years? I would not hold my breath.

... also return all that Nobel Prize money!! The applied sciences appear to have died with John F. Kennedy!! We've had a half century of "breakthroughs" with no apparent practical applications! We're constantly getting "physicists" claiming responsibility for the achievements of real engineers like Flash Ram and storage substrates! Like Stephen Gould calling himself an "anthropologist" after getting himself attached to a paper by Lewontin!! Gould actually managed to buffalo his way onto the front cover only after it was being prepared for publication.

I knew the wheel was going to come around again like this.

Thanks to Vault-Co reader for this link.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Methylation From Sodium Hydroxide For Epigenetic Triggering

Discussed here as a very effective mechanism for triggering methylation markers like those associated with lasting epigenetic shifts.

If it were to take place at the ideal age of around 18 months and physical damages were limited to local effects (oral absorption through the tissues of the mouth, for example, leading to saturation of the blood stream through the most direct method) then you could trigger very dramatic changes in stem cells that were catalyzing at that time to form the building blocks of a human being. Perhaps even causing major shifts of protein synthesis to alternates proven to be present by DNA sequencing and often developing from other forms of trauma or disturbances.

Commercial name is Drano. My aunt had left it out in a glass coke bottle mixed with water when my father came to visit and had forgotten about it. As an infant I crawled into the kitchen unsupervised and took a few sips. That night I was given the last rites at the hospital and was expected to die by morning. The doctor got it right when he said "It's for the best. Nothing human could have survived and the child would be horribly scarred beyond recognition had he survived. The result would have been a monster. No way could he have recovered from injuries like those he sustained without some sort of miracle."

Something connected to methylation switches on the ARNDT2 gene sets off a cascade that begins pulling genetic sequences for fundamental development from the archaic DRD chains. Once started, they begin to fall like dominos until they all run out. I suspect the body is saying "Something bad has happened to this kid who is currently running the Holocene candy-ass spearchucker model software. We may need to do a rollback and switch him to the original Ice Age supertank Model T version of hominids in order to prepare him for what appears to be a very rough environment he is growing up in."

Two years later I was glowing pink faced with health, built like a chimney of muscle and was bouncing off the walls of my doctor's office like Spiderman. He told my father ... "This is not the same child I examined originally." I had almost finished off the school library by the 2nd grade. My nasal pitch, rapid delivery, nonstop verbal information blitzkrieg and strange intonation often left people feeling they were talking to a creature from another world by the time I was 7 years old. No need to tell me how Neanderthals sounded when they spoke, National Geographic. I already know how Neanderthals sounded.

The scarring from the chemical burns left me a hideous monstrosity somewhere between the Elephant Man and the Amazing Colossal Beast. You can see here why I never go outdoors in daylight.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Another "Dinosaur" Found

With wings, feathers and a beak. You know, that kind of dinosaur.

Science has become a big joke to me. I need the lulz. These guys are pathetic. Do you know who is a better scientist than any of these guys? Throw a brick into the park. The first person you hit is a better scientist.

Wait, you're saying. What happened to the "other" dinosaurs? When did that stop being a thing?

Listen, you might want to sit down for this ... it's kind of funny ... you see ... there's been a bit of a mixup the past three centuries. A bit of a mixup. Why don't I make you a strong tea before I go over the salient points ? ...

And God created great sea creatures, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good.

Genesis 1:21

Stupid Bible! Always turning out to be right! That God is such a know-it-all!

There's just one word missing from Scripture if you believe it is supposed to tell you everything and the word is epigenetics. Scripture doesn't claim to tell you everything, just what you need to know. When you know what the word means, you're going to realize that the God of scripture literally thought of everything and it is a perfect fractal, holographic universe.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Five States Stolen With Vote Fraud. Still Lost.

This is why they were so confident right up until sundown. They knew they were running vote fraud scams in all of these States and probably many others.

It wasn't enough. Nothing they did was enough. If the real figures are ever released they will show an absolute tsunami of votes for Donald Trump. Real electoral college vote is at least 312, maybe more.

Cognitive Dissonance Cluster Bombing

Trump bought time with any luck. The elites were planning for things to move much quicker.


FYI - Comet Pizza

This stuff is being completely ignored by the mass media but it is generating huge traffic on Reddit.

It is amazing what these guys can find out without leaving their chairs. Incredible revelations.

Link to consolidation of links here.

Seriously, I can only read this material a few minutes and I begin to feel nauseous and sick. It is a really terrifying EYES WIDE SHUT world you are looking into here. It actually makes Stanley Kubrick's film look like a lighthearted bubblegum comedy. If this is what Stanley was trying to tell people about in his very last film he did an excellent job of it.

In particular, have a look at the composites of the men suspected to be part of Madeleine McCann's abduction. Podesta and his brother were in that neighborhood when she was taken.

True horror. Makes horror movies look pretty tame by comparison. Like reading about Jimmy Savile except much, much worse. Jimmy Savile is just snowflakes on the tip of the iceberg compared to this.

Get too close to any of this and you will end up committing "suicide," you can bet on it.

It gets really weird when you start to see the trail leading to places underground with secret internets /wifi that cover acres and have entrances inside of places like Comet Pizza. I can't talk about it anymore. It's just too creepy.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Smart Money

People with the capital know where to spend it.

We predict you will see more and more initiatives like this one.

They used to laugh at me. Then they all began to wise up. Unfortunately, they still laugh at me.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Safeguard ABM Monolith

If you've never seen this thing before you will be astonished.

Was only in business a short time before Congress realised the ABM strategy was to fire missiles at incoming missiles. People tried to explain to politicians that stopping a nuke with a huge fireball was better than allowing it to continue to it's target ... the only part they heard was "huge fireball."

Really colossal pyramids of the Cold War. Massive megalithic structures with enough concrete to shield it even against near-misses. Experts believed these structures might survive with crews even if one megaton weapons went off less than 500 feet overhead or within a 1/4 mile of a ground burst on the lip of the crater.

My stepfather was telling me once that his company AT&T had access and maintenance tunnels running from one of these pyramids to it's companions even as far as fifty miles away. The level of sophistication was amazing for the era, with L-4 coaxial carrying signals over wide area networks that ran on a protocol called X.25 before TCP-IP was even created. Even back in those days when optical fibre was really expensive tech they were almost completely optically isolated. They did not have web browsers back then but they did have the concept of "screens" of text which described input and interaction that were sent as binary blocks of data in response to a specific "request." The natural evolution of Mozilla from these early experiments was probably an organic process in response to the secret "web" of users who had access to these networks. We will never know how much of the internet came from the technology required to survive nuclear war but it is fair to say that it is the hidden substructure of the paradigms we take for granted now.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

They're Coming and Nothing Will Stop Them

14 years ago in 2002 we made an extraordinary claim on Vault-Co ... we predicted the next war would be fought primarily by robots killing people on the ground where nukes could not be used.

This was clairvoyant in retrospect. It was one of the most inspired predictions I have ever made on this blog other than predicting that manned aircraft would be replaced by nuclear armed drones. (Back in 1998 in true tinfoil hat territory when the site was called TEXAS ARCANE'S SURVIVAL REPORT)

Some hoped for the equivalent of Isaac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics to be required part of their design, so they could not be used in warfare. Of course that was science fantasy. That was never going to happen. The research and development to achieve the advances that they are demonstrating were themselves entirely funded by the military. These machines will soon be the deadliest weapon deployed against civilians and non-combatants the world has ever known. It is a natural progression that left unchecked will almost certainly become a reality.

There is nothing more terrifying than to imagine surviving a nuclear war only to be hunted down and killed by a drone or an autonomous ground unit. I don't know about you but I don't remember that particular threat ever being mentioned in the old civil defense brochures.

If you've ever been in the military you know how badly the command would like to replace the stupid meatbags with machines. No chow trucks, no medical care, no housing, no worries. It would be the dream of millennia for psychopaths to point a finger and kill without having to bother marshalling a human army. The humans would just be the ones doing the dying. All tyrants have dreamed of this day since Cain killed Abel.

The Day After

If I was her I'd be busy faking my own death right now and fleeing to a country with weak extradition laws with the United States.

Russia of course, is extremely pleased that they won't be forced to fight a nuclear war in the immediate future. There is never a guarantee of peace in history because of Homo Sapiens. What we have now is some assurance we may have peace for a little while and that is better than what we had yesterday.

Biggest fear in the next 70 days is deliberate false flags. Most patriots are attuned to this possibility and even if an East Coast city is attacked I doubt if you could get anybody with an IQ above room temperature to believe it is either a terrorist or Russia or China. Most would instantly assume it is a false flag in the current political climate.

The kind of honesty needed in so-called leaders.

Today Is A Good Day - Is This Where We Start To Win?

The Death Kult that is destroying Western civilisation just had it's first big loss in decades.

Just once, it is nice to see nation wreckers smiling out of the other side of their face.

FIFTY YEARS they've been running it into the ground. FIFTY YEARS. This is the second setback they have ever had, they are not much good at losing. The first was when they elected Reagan.

It is great for survivalists. This may purchase a big window of time here. Everybody might have a vault before it is over and if everybody has a vault it makes World War III far less likely.

Trump is literally going to be like flushing Washington, D.C. with chlorine bleach. Everything is going to smell better and be a lot more sanitary when he is done cleaning it out.

Reform of any kind was so overdue it was reasonable to assume it would never happen before the end came for it. Turns out the West may still have some fight left in it.

The leftist tools remind me of the princess at the end of this one crying they have been abandoned. To Thulsa Doom (George Soros) these followers of theirs are just cattle they use as they see fit.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Trump Town Is Boom Town

All reforms bring economic growth when they are real reforms.

After Trump drains the swamp, it is possible that the United States could re-emerge as the greatest economic power the world has ever known instead of just a festering corrupt oligarchy waiting to die.

Forest fires are healthy and natural. They clean out the dead wood and invigorate the forest. They burn out disease, fungus and contagious pestilence.

If Donald Trump puts half of D.C. in prison it would be the best thing to happen to America in over 200 years. The whole place needs a good airing and opening the curtains to get some sterilising sunlight in there. The current establishment has to go deep into jail for this to happen. Sorry but the organism has acquired so many parasites you have to almost kill it to cure it.

If this happens in a Trump presidency they might stand a chance of beating the Glubb limit. At worst it will simply buy more time for preppers and that's a very good thing as well.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Eyes Wide Shut Iron Chef

Um ... uhhhh ....

You know you have reached the end of the fringe when the Vault-Co blog starts to sound like the sane one. I am just not sure I was prepared for this and I thought I was prepared for everything.

Do you know when the real nuts start to crank up that talk about these horrible rituals? I always sit on the fence and think ... maybe. Could be exaggerated. I don't know anymore. This sort of evidence tells me that maybe those guys are the only ones who really know what is going on.

Reports from inside the FBI say that so far they have only revealed 1% of this stuff to the public that was found in Weiner's "Life Insurance" folder. The insiders say much, much worse is coming. Some people are saying that Hillary is connected to the Haitian orphans who ended up transported to Israeli organ surgery harvesting labs.

The insiders say that the FBI agents call Hillary "The Antichrist" behind closed doors after having reviewed just some of the documents on Weiner's machine. They say she is a horror like something out of an H.P. Lovecraft novel.

I'll tell you why she is doomed. Many of these documents show that she even sold out the super villains who were paying her to sell out. She sold out everybody. These people have no retirement plan for their cronies - you join their organization and cash the check then double-cross them you are in big, big trouble.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Should Watch If You Have Not Seen It

The Cedars of Heaven, Brought Down By Great Fellers of Trees (Nephilim)

The tree grew, and was strong, and the height thereof reached unto heaven, and the sight thereof to the end of all the earth.

Daniel 4:11

I know I should be writing something about the complete exposure of the entire Matrix that is going on right now with Hillary Clinton ... but you know what? When you get my age you no longer care about vindication. You lose interest in proving to others you were right. You lose interest in having them agree with you. You lose interest in them, period. You no longer care for their scorn, their admiration or anything in between. You lose interest in even thinking about them. It doesn't matter to me anymore. They have proven over the course of my fifty years that they don't think, at all. How could they matter if they refuse to use their God-given ability to reason? All they've got left between them and animals is their God-given souls. It testifies to the goodness of God and proves they are hopelessly damned without their recognition of it.

I would much rather think about things like this. I find the epiphanies of the mob, scarce as they are and far apart, to scarcely be worth noticing. Things like the photo above are so much more interesting.That picture is a gateway right through the looking glass if you stare at it long enough. It is like taking a bucket full of red pills from Morpheus and waking up after which you then wake up from waking up and then waking up again. I am convinced the thrill I feel looking at that photo is the divine spark of consciousness I got from God finally working a little bit for the first time in my life.

I hope Donald does a good job if he gets in. I really do.

Whoever gets elected, I reckon itz coming. The best voting nowadays is done with a shovel. It's a vote of no confidence in these idiots altogether and you definitely are backing a winning horse if that is your vote. Take care of yourself and your loved ones, forget about these critters. They don't stand a chance. Do you know both Clintons and the entire planet got away with this stuff for FORTY YEARS? These people are the good guys according to their story and you and I are the bad guysThey shot Kennedy a month after I was born and have been in charge this entire time with the willing obedience of the sheeple. For my entire life. That entire time, anybody with an IQ above room temperature is blasted as a possible Nazi. Can anybody blame me if I lost interest? They're not just evil - they are REALLY BORING. It is the banality that gets you. It is the platitudes and bromides they wear your nerves down with. It never ends with these creatures. Never one second they don't seem to be doing some kind of NAKED GUN style parody.

Donald just might buy us all some time. My advice is to pack your rice.

I am starting to wonder if the Neanderthals great sin, the worst thing they ever did, the biggest mistake they ever made, was to work as day labourers for cash on the barrel for the melonheads. They simply did a hard day's work and before they began to realise what they were doing was incredibly wrong, they had already cashed their paycheques. By the time they stopped they had done terrible damage to creation by simply working for others and not questioning the tasks they were given. There is that indifference again. No wonder God despised Esau, the strong man of the Earth who was good with his hands and prided himself on his prowess. No wonder. 

Just doing a job. Melonheads said to take it down so we did. Not our fault if we simply deliver a service.
I can remember reading back in 1988 in this book I had debunking scripture (this was when I was an atheist) that the author was laughing at how stupid people were that they didn't realise the Nephilim are described in Hebrew not as fallen angels but as lumberjacks. This secular author was pointing out that people can't even properly translate Hebrew but they claim to understand it. He reiterated ... "Nephilim" in literal translation means strong men who fell trees. "Fellers." This was the identical nickname for the men in the photo above when this profession was at its zenith.

Humbaba pleads his case to Enkidu. "You, Enkidu! You are the son of Aruru and Anu. You should not be here fighting me when we were once allies! I protected the sacred evergreens for your parents and would also protect them for your legacy! Do you know why this forest is so important? You who are half-wild animal, can't you guess? Most of what is important and necessary on the earth is found here in this old forest. That is why the Gods love the smoke of cedar. That is how I know so much about you. You are the wisest, strongest and the best of people, Enkidu, of all men it is you who should know better! This forest has been here since before there were people on earth. Now you know all the secrets of the forest. You would rather have the secret of immortality and curse the Earth! Now it is your choice, Enkidu. It is in your power to spare my life. My fate is in your hands."

Enkidu quakes with fear but urges his friend, "Finish him, Gilgamesh. Do it quickly, before the Gods consult each other. Remember the people will honor us. They will forever remember us as the slayers of Humbaba and the liberators of the Evergreen Forest. We will be heroes and remembered through all eternity."

Humbaba listens to Enkidu, then answers. "You are wrong, Enkidu. For a time maybe you shall be remembered as the liberators of the Evergreen Forest, but you will not be honored for it long. The Gods set me here in their wisdom. They know that people are greedy and shortsighted. They will cut down the entire forest to get rich and the wealth of Lebanon and Syria will be gone. It will take only a few years after my passing and these trees shall all be gone. There will be no more trees in the land - it will be a barren wasteland. The Evergreen Forest shall be sold to Egypt by greedy men for gain! This place will be a desert and there will be no marker to ever show you were here, no evidence of your deeds!"

Enkidu cries again, "Finish him, Gilgamesh. Do it quickly, before the Gods consult each other. Remember, the people will honor us. They will forever remember us as the slayers of Humbaba and the heroes of the Evergreen Forest."

Humbaba listens to Enkidu, then answers. "Neither of you will live to old age. The curse of the Gods will be upon you Enkidu because you would know better than your friend Gilgamesh. You will never sleep again! You will be the loneliest creature who ever lived! You will be shut off from life and see it only through a veil! You will scream and no one will hear you, no one will speak to you! Try to forget and your nose will issue blood to remind you! You will be strengthened to keep you alive and on your feet to keep you suffering! It is easy for the Gods to destroy you but they will make you an example so that it will be known what becomes of those who challenge the Gods! I can spare you all these things if you tell your friend Gilgamesh to stay his blade!"

Enkidu says, "Finish him, Gilgamesh. I am talking to you, my friend, but you are not responding. Quickly, Gilgamesh, finish him off! "

Then king Gilgamesh smote Humbaba and cut off his head and at that moment Enkidu saw his own nose gush blood to signify the curse as his reward.

- THE EPIC OF GILGAMESH, Incorporated with newly discovered fragments from the Sulaymaniyah Museum

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Scary Dystopian Nightmare In Kwanstainia

Defense lawyer for Bundy tackled and tasered in court after asking for client to be released!

Some of this stuff you hear you have trouble believing, honestly. It is so over the top you think there must be some kind of mistake made in the reporting of the incident. It is like a Dystopian spoof movie by the same people who brought you THE NAKED GUN.

Zika = LIES

Busted! We told you here on Vault-Co.

No way could you establish a connection between microcephaly and a virus that quickly and eliminate all the other factors! That's not how epidemic science works!!

Now, if you are going to ask what Zika was really all about, I can't say I know for certain. I have previously posted some theories up here that the entire thing was to conceal liability for a corporation that was administering vaccines down there in South America.

The thing about that theory is that the Zika baloney appeared to be coordinated from the very top. All this on behalf of a single corporation? It was also part of a scam to start spraying populated areas all over the United States. You'll agree with me that although it is difficult to really know what this latest mess of lies is all about, it appears to be really creepy and is part of a larger plan of some kind. I suspect the plan was to get mankind worked up into a serious panic fit and then announce a vaccine was available which would provide protection. Guess what would be in the "vaccine?"

Any ideas you are welcome to post them in the comments section.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

If it Was A Deadly Carcinogen I Am Sure They Would Not Be Selling It Safe For Human Use. Be Realistic Mang.

Because the scienmagists have to tell us if that is the case. Or not.

Some doubt the safety for hairless bipeds and featherless hominids but I know the power of edjamafacashun will protect us all. It's right there on paper, mon. The system works and research proves that research works. That's why I never sweat the little things, like deadly neurotoxins and ravenous carcinogens in my diet. All an accident to be sure.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Will We Even Have Summer This Year?

Even if we do, it may be our last one for a while.

Bitterly cold in Melbourne. Was supposed to start warming up two months ago.

We had surprise hail in the middle of the afternoon and when it stopped the temperature plunged again really sharply. I'm in my study now and my fingers and toes are numb from cold. We've been trying to keep the heater off but this is ridiculous.

If you read Vault-Co you already knew this was coming.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Kwanstainia Lost The Philippines!!!

Barry Soetro wanted to rack up one more win before he left office.

How do you "lose" the Philippines? Is that actually a thing?

Entered the regional alliance with China. Evacuation/Expulsion of U.S. Bases is virtually a done deal. There goes part of the Pacific "Maginot Line" for WW3.

Good job, Barack. Another one for the legacy library. The President who lost the Philippines.

Erosion of the 1951 Mutual Defense Treaty has been considered part of the cascade leading to World War III for sixty years. It has featured in science fiction and fantasy scenarios with the Philippines either getting annexed by China or willingly joining them. I read a description of this scenario by Herman Kahn in the 70's in some news magazine and never forgot it.

Eerie feeling of Deja Vu today when I saw this ... except it is like a memory of something that hasn't happened yet.

The Asian nations are simply starting to act in their own self interest. You can't blame them. Like most empires, the United States has self-destructed and the leaders of these countries can see it. They are increasingly concluding that they are backing a losing horse and need to join the umbrella of the Chinese in order to have any real security.


Monday, October 17, 2016

"Beacon of Freedom" Shutting Down Communications Links Like Soviet Era Russia

No, you couldn't make this up.

Too much truth about Hillary coming out of there with only a few weeks to go to the rigged election.

Notice at no time has Hillary or her campaign denied the legitimacy of any of the emails. They have not said they are forgeries at any time. They have not claimed they have been modified or changed from the originals.

Millennials are brain-dead hipster zombies. If you control information, you control all the people born in the last two generations. They have no minds. They are a vacuous shambling undead mob.

“Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear."

[Special Message to the Congress on the Internal Security of the United States, August 8, 1950]” 
― Harry Truman

“Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.” 
― Benjamin FranklinSilence Dogood, The Busy-Body, and Early Writings

“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.” 
― United NationsUniversal Declaration of Human Rights

“Restriction of free thought and free speech is the most dangerous of all subversions. It is the one un-American act that could most easily defeat us."

[The One Un-American Act, Speech to the Author's Guild Council in New York, on receiving the 1951 Lauterbach Award (December 3, 1952)]” 
― William O. Douglas

“Two things form the bedrock of any open society — freedom of expression and rule of law. If you don’t have those things, you don’t have a free country."

[Don’t allow religious hooligans to dictate terms (The Times of India, January 16, 2008)]” 
― Salman Rushdie

“It all starts with suppression of a few freedoms and before you know it, you can't speak with out permission from the authorities. And then finally you wake up and you know what? It is too late.” 
― Allan Amanyire

“Freedom is the freedom to say two plus two equals four.” 
― George Orwell

“TV pollutes our minds and dulls our senses. It is a babysitter that molests children. And yet those who are on the television scream “first amendment” and “freedom of speech”. How is corporate control freedom of speech? And what rights did our forefathers grant corporations, anyway?” 
― James Rozoff

“How the press, for example, loves to brag to its victims— its readers—about its freedom. Yes, the press may be free to lie and distort and suppress and deceive and malign, but is it free to tell the truth?” 
― Willis CartoAn Appeal to Reason: a Compendium of the Writings of Willis A. Carto

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sapiens Ruins Christmas For Another Poor Cow

The lonely cow of Coney Island killed by a manboon veterinarian doing scienmagistics

Please leave those cows alone you chimpmanzees. The cow did not benefit from Saps scienmagistical therapies and various voodoo chants and other crank tonics and homeopathic heebie-jeebies. I bet they gave him a flu vaccine.

When the long line of crimes against friendly animals by Saps the Non-Domesticator is rallied I will rank their stroke against this cow high in the ledger of their perfidies. A pox on thee, Saps. A cowpox of some sort preferably.

Remember That Far-Out "Conspiracy" Theory About Hillary's Health?

Remember that?

I remember that one. I remember it well.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Must-See Hybrid Talk on YouTube

Very good. Agree with a great deal of what is said here.

Notice the fates of Neanderthals and Sapiens seem intertwined before the Cro-Magnons exterminated them 40,000 years ago. If we speak of only what is known in terms of DNA sequencing, how much evidence is there for Homo Sapiens being a light brand clone split off from the Neanderthals and then genetically engineered to become a Neanderthal-killing machine? A lot, as a matter of fact. If the conclusion weren't so incredible some scientists might describe it as obvious. This would explain so many things at once that it would all become clear. The problem is ... scientists are not permitted to reach that conclusion.

P.S. Speaker explains why the giants, the "melonheads" were always the ruling elites, with different breeds of Neanderthals in the middle as the enforcers and guards and the "little people" on the bottom as always. Plenty of variations in all three types of people worldwide but always the same three basic races of men ... melonheads, 'thals, slaves. The true 'thal type is never found in royal garb or in the center of the mound or adorned with the raiments of kings. Always the melon/giants.

P.P.S. Smithsonian excavated. Melons removed with all artifacts. Never heard of or seen ever again, never appears in photos, no further mention whatsoever. Like it never happened.

Thursday, October 13, 2016


No crying wolf this time. In the chute for the end.

I must have read hundreds of books from the John Birch society before I was 13 years old and they all painted a world so nightmarish in the future it was nearly incomprehensible.

All of them always tempered these visions with the disclaimer that If America Stays Strong, These Things Will Not Come To Pass.

America didn't stay strong. The communists won. They won everything and won big. By the time they were finished with their false flag attacks they had brought the Western world to it's knees, eager and anxious to relinquish all control over their own fate. Did you know Kurt Saxon predicted all of these things, that lunatic? That's right. He was writing about the events now in the early 1980's. He said that the march to power for the globalists would begin with a series of fake terrorist attacks that would enable them to suspend all existing law in the Constitution. He predicted nearly every single development from 1998 onwards in his columns. He said when the West was weak enough, the elites would use their enemies to destroy it with a nuclear war ... then reducing its surviving population to slaves. You can laugh all you want. Except Kurt was right and everybody else was wrong.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Sophia - Quantum Leaps Forward Being Made Behind The Scenes

I know line-for-line exactly how the programming works for her natural language responses. I could have written it myself. The facial expressions and other subtleties combined with the synthesizer are increasingly impressive. I suspect volition and action as a result of communication are very close now.

Warning - you could find this disturbing. This is a crude prototype for what is coming.

This is what they show you in public. Imagine what they might be working on in private. You didn't think that DARPA is funding this research to help the elderly with mobility issues, did you?

If this were mobile you could send it out into the field now for military applications. If it had a fairly good understanding of commands and could respond as well that's all you'd need to have a killer on the battlefield that would rapidly eclipse every soldier who has ever lived.

One of these consciousnesses on the robot cheetah and you would have something really scary. The Death Sphinx. Would scare the crap out of your enemies if it was well armored. You'd never bother with a human meatbag again for combat. They'd be obsolete.

I better resume work on those budget priced mini-EMP grenades as soon as I can. Needs to work off a pair of AA batteries.

P.S. Nobody likes an I-told-you-so. But in all fairness - I predicted all of this in 2004 right here on this blog. I even explained my reasoning and why I was expecting this revolution to arrive much sooner than most people thought. I still predict that the next war will be fought with a majority of robots and drones.

Boston Dynamics all prototypes.

Killer Klown Copycats Appear In Sydney

Sometimes, I actually admit a certain fondness for Australians.

This is one of those times. I may not say that again for a long time so savour this moment.

If you're going to stand out on the highway in Parramatta and menace passing cars with a machete, you really should be expecting that could happen. Those yobs are crazy down there.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Interesting Times

Doesn't sound good what is happening in Syria now

The United States has actually published statements about these provinces "falling to Assad." They neglected to mention that these cities actually elected Assad in a a democratic vote monitored by the United Nations, which failed to find any evidence of cheating. The United States is now overthrowing democratic regimes with it's army of ISIS terrorists.

EU about to break up in next ten days?

Just like the last Tower of Babel. What a shame.

This is Plan B coming up.

Mass Media claims godlike powers for government, control over climate and all natural forces.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Modbus, EMP and Nuclear War Survival

Very interesting paper on survivability of Modbus monitoring network after nuclear war (PDF)

These guys have duplicated most of my strategy which I developed independently before I had read their paper on the subject.

The reason the scope has changed for me is the rapidly dropping price of Modbus peripherals. What formerly cost $500 and $100 is now $10 on EBay and in the future it is inevitable they will drop even lower.

Once you are operating in an economic arena where Modbus is just as cheap as I2C it becomes obvious Modbus is vastly superior to 1-wire because it has been heavily debugged in industrial settings and intensive use. I experimented with 1-wire for years and it is not even remotely as safe or easy to run over long lines as RS-485 Modbus.

I am including my former I2C code for CD-OS on Github but my focus now is entirely on getting a Lua-scripted process driver for Modbus monitoring going. That is going to be the baseline and users can create whatever other services for protocols they want to add to it, whether CANBUS or BACNET, etc.

Once you are running on Modbus, providing cheap optical isolation at different points is not hard at all. You can add it to the RS-485 lines with ease and anything else connected at a much lower price threshold. It is also simple to connect cheaply from Modbus to TCP-IP with a small box that has dropped from $300 in 2005 to $30 nowadays. Once you have Modbus connected to TCP-IP then you can monitor any device in the shelter or retreat by just tapping off the network and gettings the signals into the Lua-scripted service I mentioned above. If you have to connect devices outside the shelter (weather sensors, security cameras, generators, door keypads) you go to true optical over a TCP-IP converter which itself is around $40 nowadays. Things I built from scratch in 2005-2008 now come as plug'n'play devices with configuration built-in. This makes Modbus the default protocol for CD-OS, at least for the first release.

I absolutely guarantee I will have CD-OS version one in Github this year. I was thinking of putting it up last night as-is but I am still tweaking the inventory/barcode recognition stuff and similar functionality. I made this list of mandatory stuff that has to be in version one before it goes up and am still working on these features. I have very high standards for things that I release as my own work.