Friday, February 5, 2016

"Zika" - Or The New TDAP Vaccine?

Vaccine manufacturers may have gotten their friends in Washington, D.C. to pull some strings in order to avoid losing billions in a class-action suit. The entire "Zika" hysteria may have been generated purely to avoid them having to pay out half of Brazil.

No? Too crazy? Today the newspapers were saturated with the joys of raising microcephalic babies. How did this causality explode into a factoid overnight? Hasn't this virus been around for at least 70 years? Don't you need at least a decade of sound science to establish something like that? Tex smells a rat here and it's a big, fat, greasy, hairy black chittering one.

Here's what Tex thinks really happened.

Brazil got a bad batch of vaccines. Really bad. Nine months later the pharmaceutical labs realised a huge percentage of children who got that vaccine were developing incorrectly.

So their next luncheon with a politician they hatched a plan for all this. They did it purely because the lawsuits could have crushed them. This way they escape scot-free.

I'd like all Vault-Co readers to do me a favour and never, ever purchase a newspaper for any reason ever again. Even a dollar is too much for their collaborators. Don't give them a penny ever again.


Aeoli Pera said...

Who still buys newspapers?

Sam said...

Yeah something stinks and I haven't bought a newspaper in over a decade.