Monday, February 1, 2016

You Gotta See This One

So fake it is mind boggling. Must see to believe.
I thought for sure this one had to be real. Nope. Now that I think about it, was clearly timed to intersect with policy. I just didn't think the Obamination would stoop this low.


bicebicebice said... hehe

Edward said...

Well possibly, but they only gained those artistic/creative abilities by interbreeding with the Neanderthals, and picking up a few useful mutations that changed the usual structure of their brains.
I still reckon that MIS has a lot to do with it.

Texas Arcane said...


The ultimate LULZ are that all those caves were painted by Neanderthals and half of them have been conceded as such several times by the people who manage them. Saps is like a retarded child pointing to the Brooklyn Bridge and telling people he built that.

bicebicebice said...

What is that thingamajig called "Bruuklin brydge"?

Sam said...

I've noticed a lot of fake "aliens are invading" stuff lately. There's a former NASA scientist that says the atmospheric readings of Mars show high levels of gas isotopes that shouldn't be there unless Mars was hit my multi 100 Megaton bombs. Now there's a new telescope finding that there may be a partial Dyson sphere around a star. And never forget that Wernher von Braun said that the gov. would some day say we were under attack by aliens to control us. Here's a link to a guy who watches the FED and other powers that be talking about aliens.

The bitch of the situation is we have all this effort into feeding us complete bullshit. If these people and all the money they are spending could be put into making life better then we could all live in a paradise and never worry about anything. (Yes I know we would make up something to worry about but that's another subject). I really don't understand this obsession to control everyone. I think it shows them to be seriously mentally defective.

Texas Arcane said...


We'd always have problems but compared to now we'd live in an earthly paradise.

Right now the sum total leadership of the planet is doing everything in their power to turn our lives into hell on earth and that is no exaggeration. That may be the least to worry about if as I have suggested they are just planning to kill almost everyone and live with 300,000 of their fellow Neocons on a sterilised globe.