Monday, February 8, 2016

NoSQL is the Next Step In Data Storage

It just is. I've spent the past thirty years programming SQL even when some people called it UQE. I have just built an entire architecture around SQL. Nobody should be more supportive of SQL than me, it is only in the last couple of years I have gotten really good at using it.

It's done. SQL is over. I wish I had come to this conclusion six months earlier.

The truth is, there are better paradigms now. Experimental open source like MongoDB has been kicking the crap out of this technology in clustering, searching, freeform storage, document archiving and delivery. SQL is dinosaur tech in comparison. NoSQL is a standard for web delivered services that have to be as fast as the developer can make them and if necessary can even all reside in memory. I have just been waiting for it to become an embeddable standard that can travel with the application for zero-installation and zero-administration like Sqlite has always been.

That day has come.

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