Monday, February 8, 2016

Vault-Co 2.0 Hiatus

As many of you know I have approximately five million other things I am supposed to have finished up as of the end of last year. As much fun as I have posting random idiocy to this blog and then watching people argue over it, I am afraid I have to put it into idle mode for a while until I get some things completed.

The next time Vault-Co opens for business, it is likely the first post will be the link to download VOS from Github or SourceForge. Until then I wish all of you few worries and less anxiety, I want you to always remember that fear in excess is a mind-killer and that my primary virtue is raising the alarm about things that in many cases you still have many years to prepare for. Remember not to believe a single thing you hear from the media, it's all rubbish and designed to lure you into indifference.

I wish that you will be shrewd about the future and never let it find you unprepared. I promise you that the next time you see me I will be bringing a replacement for those index cards and excel spreadsheets that you are tracking inventory with at the moment and hopefully many other goodies in the first public release of Vault-OS that I package up.

My staff sergeant once told me, "It is likely a suicide mission and I don't expect to see you alive again, private, but I do expect you will make a fine looking corpse. I promise if you come back closed casket I will give your Mama a peek when she shows up so she knows you died with all your hair still on."

NoSQL is the Next Step In Data Storage

It just is. I've spent the past thirty years programming SQL even when some people called it UQE. I have just built an entire architecture around SQL. Nobody should be more supportive of SQL than me, it is only in the last couple of years I have gotten really good at using it.

It's done. SQL is over. I wish I had come to this conclusion six months earlier.

The truth is, there are better paradigms now. Experimental open source like MongoDB has been kicking the crap out of this technology in clustering, searching, freeform storage, document archiving and delivery. SQL is dinosaur tech in comparison. NoSQL is a standard for web delivered services that have to be as fast as the developer can make them and if necessary can even all reside in memory. I have just been waiting for it to become an embeddable standard that can travel with the application for zero-installation and zero-administration like Sqlite has always been.

That day has come.

Most Ambitious Skyscrapers On Earth Under Construction

When a civilisation is in it's expansion phase, the people who live in it are a little crazy and exuberant and still believe they can do anything if they put their mind to it. They are not easily discouraged and their mind runs to projects that are an expression of this spirit of expansion, eager to press against boundaries that seem impossible to others.

When a civilisation is in sharp decline, like Kwanstainia, they no longer even feel confident enough to fill in potholes and put in bicycle racks. Everything starts to collapse in on itself and nobody feels as though anything can ever succeed. No? Archaeologists discovered that the last 200 years of the Roman Road - The Appian Way - despite an army of civil engineers ... the only repairs to these roads were made by people who lived in front of them and the "repairs" were merely mud and straw where formerly superstrong durable Roman concrete had formed the roadway so smooth you could have eaten off it.

In early Mycenaean pottery, motifs of guys in what look like power ranger outfits hold sceptres that shoot out lightning bolts and monsters are depicted smaller than they are running away from them, clearly bested by these ultra bad-ass representatives of mankind. The artisan who created this pot is trying to say with his design, These monsters never stood a chance against mankind.

In late Mycenaean era pottery the pots themselves are of lower quality workmanship and the monsters are the biggest thing on the pot, with the people cowering like insects and holding one another for comfort. No power rangers to be seen. Buildings are toppling and one wonders why would you do a pot design like this, other than to capture the general zeitgeist of the age you are living in?

What has really changed in the interim? Something about the declining phase has taught learned helplessness to the people who formed these pots from clay. At some point they just felt everything was getting the better of them. The world outside them is the same place with the same hazards and problems, it is in their reactions that the difference is to be found. They no longer imagine themselves to be capable of solving any of these problems that beset them ... when in fact, they are usually no more or less difficult than the problems solved by the people who came before them.

If you think about this long enough like I have, you can sum up these changes in personality as an aversion to pain that is so strong that people can no longer handle the pain of admitting something is wrong. It's too painful for them. Their ancestors would say "What a mess! Alright, this isn't gonna fix itself! Let's get started!" and six months later the problem would be gone. Nowadays, six months later they are still waiting for the problem to fix itself. Too painful to even admit there is a problem.

Jim Penman of Jim's Mowing here in Australia described this phenomena in his book The Hungry Ape and also described the biological changes taking place that produce this kind of personality. Jim has recently been spending his time trying to see if a brute force biochemical method could be used to reverse this personality type. He often paints it in terms of what it could do for aborigines, when in fact I have read enough of Jim Penman's books to know it isn't aborigines who need this therapy first. That's just the politically safe option to talk about. In fact, it is the citizens of the West who need this kind of therapy a hell of a lot more than the aborigines ever will. The aborigines have been here for 80,000 years without breaking a sweat and will likely be here another 80,000 years after it is all fallen into ruins. It's not aborigines who require some sort of miracle intervention, it's everybody else.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

TSA Extending The Definition of "Travel" To "Human Movements"

Searching bags at a Trump convention. 

What I don't even ...

One of these nights you'll be getting up to go the bathroom and there will be a TSA agent frisking you before you can sit down on the toilet. All for your own safety.

The Question Is, Did They Ever Want To Join It?

World states and confederations have always been a bad idea since the beginning of time.

... but they have been trying to put their worldwide seafaring empire back together for 12,000 years since it was destroyed. The Bible enshrines their pitiful drives in the story of the Tower of Babel.

You're not smart enough, Melonheads. You're not much brighter than the hu-mans you seek to rule over nowadays. A little bit of brains is usually just enough to get yourself into a world of trouble you can't get out of.

You interbred too much with the slaves and lost all your good sense. You will never recover your empire because the truth is that it is remote from you both in time and in character. Your ancestors were much more intelligent and their slaves were a lot dumber. Things are different now and all you are really left with is the power to destroy. Creation eludes you because you have lost the knack of it.

All your schemes will come to nought except the world will lie in ashes.

The Fringe Nuts Were Right. Everybody Else Was Dead Wrong.

We told you this 16 years ago. We were right when we first put it up here. Everybody else was wrong. They are consistently wrong and do not realise it when they are faced with evidence they got it all wrong.

The Apocalypse Trifecta -  Nuclear war, famine, economic collapse and a Grand Minimum Ice Age.

You sir, are lucky. You will live in interesting times.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Autodesk Self-Kevorkians

Instead of their stupid "subscription model," all they had to do was to set 3D Studio's price to around $250 or similar and make it more attractive to buy a legal copy than bootleg it. I would have been first in line.

Instead they decided to keep it a couple thousand and go bankrupt trying to rent it. These companies couldn't succeed despite being given a license to print money. Anybody could have made a profit off 3D Studio by simply lowering the price tag on it. The morons are headed for insolvency if they keep it up.

I am amazed when non-technical people take over companies founded on tech and they cannot even hold the line for a few months just keeping the core business alive. Apple really needs to get a decent CEO to lead it, the current one is like Ballmer's doppleganger.

Mad Cackler From Hell

I predict if she goes to Federal Prison she is going to sit in her cell and laugh all day long like this the same way mental patients do in the day room.

Democrats want to vote for this thing. It tells you who and what they are.

"Zika" - Or The New TDAP Vaccine?

Vaccine manufacturers may have gotten their friends in Washington, D.C. to pull some strings in order to avoid losing billions in a class-action suit. The entire "Zika" hysteria may have been generated purely to avoid them having to pay out half of Brazil.

No? Too crazy? Today the newspapers were saturated with the joys of raising microcephalic babies. How did this causality explode into a factoid overnight? Hasn't this virus been around for at least 70 years? Don't you need at least a decade of sound science to establish something like that? Tex smells a rat here and it's a big, fat, greasy, hairy black chittering one.

Here's what Tex thinks really happened.

Brazil got a bad batch of vaccines. Really bad. Nine months later the pharmaceutical labs realised a huge percentage of children who got that vaccine were developing incorrectly.

So their next luncheon with a politician they hatched a plan for all this. They did it purely because the lawsuits could have crushed them. This way they escape scot-free.

I'd like all Vault-Co readers to do me a favour and never, ever purchase a newspaper for any reason ever again. Even a dollar is too much for their collaborators. Don't give them a penny ever again.

Thursday, February 4, 2016


Was messing around with these last night. Didn't originally understand what I was doing when I looked at these last year. Was thinking about how evil threads are (been doing tons of coding with locking and mutexes) and wondering if my old polling model could be salvaged. Remember once you have solved a deadlock problem you have not solved all the deadlock problems. You have discovered your program can generate a deadlock condition in some situations. After that there will always be peculiar circumstances that can generate deadlocks somewhere in your code. If you pretend it is possible to fix all these situations you are faking it. It isn't. That's threads for you. If you're smart you think of a way to avoid using them except as a process in the OS that runs completely apart and is very loosely coupled to your app. It is the only safe way to expose your program to threading. Plenty of people think if you launch an app and it runs for a couple of months with threads no problem you win. Maybe you do in your context. In Vault-OS we lose if the program crashes in five years. Vault-OS is intended to never crash.

All of a sudden I just "got it." I realized what was happening with these things. Very exciting stuff. In addition to the fact you could definitely run a web server on these things you could also eliminate threads altogether in your design, meaning compiling Vault-OS on an Arduino or ARM board could become a snap.

Another thing. Having written a huge application with SQLite, not sure it was as useful as originally thought. If you could do co-synced threads or protothreads with a single flat file database system that supported in-memory tables, you might have a better option and it might be stabler long term. The journaling system is impressive in SQLite but the in-memory tables have to be shared for read-only amongst all your threads.

So imagine what sort of cross-platform simplicity you could reduce to if you went with the smaller alternatives :

SQLite = 670K + 400K SQL Handling Routines VS. Bullet ISAMic Key-stores with 38K and generic DB4 query system that is up to 1200% faster than SQLite for complex operations.

Pthreads or Winthreads = 470K .DLL (Sometimes larger for dependencies) VS.  30K Protothread library with no thread contention, fully cooperative task sequencing, safe polling for sockets and zero risk of thread contention also runs on all platforms with almost no headaches of any kind.

So the executable of the web server could start to come down drastically in size and maybe fit not just on a floppy but in REAL mode DOS 640K. That would be a real accomplishment. Right now it is getting pretty huge and also presents real problems in cross-platform compilation. I would rather have it compile anywhere on anything but be limited in features rather than be a 40 megabyte server when I have some machines sitting around that only have 64 megabytes (thin clients) to run anything on. For me personally, being able to run VOS on a thin client anywhere is a big plus because at $1.00 a pop on EBay they are the last word in cheap reconfigurable computing devices, perfect for the survivalist budget. You buy ten for terminals and one is modified to run the server, boom plug in a USB we're in operation.

The Sun Has Gone To Sleep

This is why they say we Neanderthals have "communication problems" with the humans.

I don't know how to say it any more simply. It doesn't matter because Saps has trouble following along no matter how you phrase it.

The Sun has gone dormant. No sun spots. Nothing to be scared of, this is the cyclic end of the Holocene. We should have another one just like the past 40,000 year cycle in another million years or so. Nothing to worry about, it is a natural cycle on this planet. Until then, the planet has gone back to normal ... which means cold. Neanderthal weather. This is the natural temperature on the planet ... well, actually it is still pretty warm. It ain't got "natural" yet ... but it is a barrel of monkeys if you are a Neanderthal. You really can't keep a Neanderthal interested at anything above 80 degrees below. It's just too muggy and humid above that. 80 degrees below is time to listen to chestnuts roaring on an open fire, it's Christmas every day for a million years after that.

I'm sorry if I am not communicating this idea simply enough. I can't make it any simpler.

The "Hu-Mans" (originally a Sumerian word that meant "A weakling sired for slavery by a serpent") just can't seem to understand reality. It's not their forte. You can't blame them, they act like they were designed to cart stones up the sides of pyramids with a whip at their backs and fight in games of war while Melonheads sat in the bleachers and threw slurpees at their generals for making bad decisions that cost them wagers.

Plausible Deniability

The U.S. is conducting a drill on days that terrorists strike and the drill is identical to the strike. The U.S. is afraid of a terrible plague at the same time it is spreading genetically modified mosquitos in the areas reporting plague cases from mosquitos.

See how that works?

Monday, February 1, 2016

You Gotta See This One

So fake it is mind boggling. Must see to believe.
I thought for sure this one had to be real. Nope. Now that I think about it, was clearly timed to intersect with policy. I just didn't think the Obamination would stoop this low.