Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Underwater Volcanism Confirmed

When does Robert Felix get his Nobel prize? I want to book a flight for the awards ceremony.

It is suboceanic heating, not heat from the surface (there isn't any) that you should be worried about.

Neanderthals are going to look back at this flash-in-the-pan 38,000 year grasshopper Holocene season someday and they will all laugh at how ridiculous it is. The era of the savage manboons when the Saps beast believed he had genocided the entire race and gangraped their women will just be a distant memory of a brief period when Neanderthals were not the natural inheritors of the planet. "They thought they had destroyed us but we merely hitched a ride on their genome for a while. When the cold came back they all perished very quickly because their fundamental impulse was to fight with one another instead of loving and cherishing each other and working together to survive. The snow covered them and all their battlefields, including the nuclear ones ... and they just ceased to be. Neanderthals were as resilient and hardy as ever and as they often do, simply filled in the absence of their inhabitations. The thing about our kind is that we tend to make it all look so easy. Turns out surviving at 300 degrees below zero takes a lot of brains, honesty, good character, conscientiousness, attention to detail and determination. Homo Sapiens failed that test miserably."

Billion Dollar Swindlers : Higgs Boson Doesn't Exist

A rough estimate is that this huge con game over the past forty years has netted well over 30 trillion dollars from the rubes and their nations. That kind of cheese can buy a lot of tacos.

Where's that hoverboard, bitches? I bet you if that money had gone to real scientists instead of these greasy gypsy rascals I'd be gliding around on that thing right this instant. Right now. Big high-top basketball shoes zooming all over the place. Be careful, you know those things don't work on water, Marty!

Notice how scientific advancement was roaring along after World War II to the extent this stuff was fully expected by 2015 in the sequel? People began to realize the current demographic that controls science do not seem to ever produce any tangible results of any kind, despite one week after another for decades of their breathless press releases. Meanwhile, the world still runs mostly on the stuff that was finalized in 1955 including solid state electronics. No real advancement to be seen at all. If anything, tech other than computers and some military applications appears to be slipping backwards.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Obamination - A Land of the Dispossessed

The 'Stain slides into third world status overnight.

Kwanstainia is becoming one gigantic tent camp coast-to-coast.

Mexico has produced a solution for the homeless problem.

Nobody will know Amerikwa died when it is forbidden to even speak of it.

San Francisco Soon To Be A Gangster Paradise

The loss of thousands of years of enlightenment and advancement.

The introduction of democracies worldwide coincides perfectly with the mass manufacture of firearms. The common man is a deluded fool who will go back into his chains like a dog at the hands of the same old psychopaths who formerly ruled the entire planet with little to fear.

New Jersey races back to barbarism like all the others. Oswald Spengler was right about Sapiens. He was born on his knees to be a slave and that is the way he will die. Homo Sapiens is a domesticated animal, not a person of real standing. It wants to serve because it is made to serve.

When psychotics rule, victims are not allowed to possess arms for their own defense.

Cops destroy innocent man's entire life, ruin his family, abduct his children - judge requires them to pay him one dollar for fabricating evidence and giving false testimony without a conviction. All this over an accusation of growing marijuana that was revealed to be a false tip by an anonymous source. ONE DOLLAR.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fall In, Troop - VA Disability Claims Found Shredded In Garbage

Kwanstainia will spend as much on Veteran's health as it thinks they deserve : nothing.

Anybody who enlists in the military in 2015 deserves whatever happens to them. It's a racket and it runs on warm bodies maintained at the cheapest rates until robots can replace them. That's all it is.

Doctors Brutally, Permanently Mutilate Woman : "Oops, Sorry."

Modern medicine is a crackpot profession identical to the stands you see at the carnival, where frauds, cranks and lunatics sell miracle cures that make you worse, instant fixes that leave you scarred for life and solutions that create more problems and greater income for their rackets.

They always say we should shoot all the lawyers on the first day of the revolution but this would mean some doctors might get away. I say they all go on buses with floor leg-irons that are driven by Google navigation over a cliff into the ocean. That's my idea of a world looking forward to a brighter tomorrow. The life expectancy age would improve within the week. We'd have a lot more seniors to take care of, that is for sure.

When my father ran the marathon in Virginia with me about 40 years ago he had a pretty sore knee, which you would expect in someone who had trained hurriedly during a six month period to get in shape for it. It was really impressive that he completed it but as you might expect his knee was giving him some pain afterwards. He had the poor judgement to go to a doctor who promptly injected it with cortisone. If you think your knee hurts now, wait until the doctor gives you a cortisone injection. The swelling and pain went away instantly. It then put my father on a merry-go-round of repeated cartilage degeneration that ended with the doctor racking up some knee surgery, their famous follow-up for the old cortisone injections. No better way to generate knee surgery schedules than liberal injections of cortisone and the doctors knew it. My father's knee never really got better. The doctor of course got a sports car and moved up into a higher tax bracket which is what medicine is really all about. I think the doctor kept telling my Dad that one more knee surgery might fix it, he just had to get in there and stab and hack away some more, to make certain he got the last of the padding and normal knee cartilage that was "causing the pain." Sure it was.

Final Treason : Last Betrayal At the U.N.

The Kenyan will be acting on behalf of globalists, not the American people, when he addresses the conmen, swindlers and genocidal tyrants at the United Nations.

Barry Soetoro is going to try to sneak in as much treason as he can before being impeached. What some globalists call "an end run around national sovereignty."

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The New Arms Race : Apocalyptic Madness

The Russians are preparing to fight the Third World War with 4th generation nuclear weapons and under the water they will be deploying the ultimate doomsday robots - the mythical Russian shadow torpedo. We thought this thing would always be science fantasy when we read about it in the Sunday Supplements of 1968. Looks like the science reality will be much, much worse. Designed to "trigger tsunamis to wash the East Coast into the ocean" when deployed. Will they target La Palma in the Canary Islands just for the giggle factor?

Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Clintons : Delegates of Darkness

There are probably a lot of people that think this Hillary Clinton scandal is something new. It isn't. I've got a stack of books that I could build a small house out of and documentation going back 50 years that the Clintons between the two of them have gotten away with so much over the years it is impossible to quantify it all.

I wanted to post this as a tiny sample. Think of it as a single snowflake from an iceberg.

Barack Obama is really the completion of a long term plan extending back more than half a century. It can only exist when the real truth is heavily suppressed by anybody who can control what the public hear and see in terms of "news." Most people didn't know that Barack Obama's own campaign materials brag about his birth in Kenya a decade earlier. Most people who voted for Bill Clinton never heard about his long dalliance in Russia and close contacts he maintained for the rest of his life with founding communist party members there. If the public got any real news for a week starting next Monday, there would be rioting in the streets and open insurrection by the following Friday.

Most people who voted for Bill Clinton would never, ever be told his lifelong closest friend and college roommate was Strobe Talbott, the greasiest globalist shadow slinker in the history of mankind. This guy got outed by the KGB and Russian Secret Service as a "trustworthy source of intelligence" for years on State secrets in America and still didn't do any time! Good ole Strobe is best known for this famous quote when he crawled out from under that rock he slinks beneath for a couple seconds to say ...

"In the next century, nations as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority. National sovereignty wasn't such a great idea after all." –in Time magazine, America Abroad: The Birth of the Global Nation, Monday, July 20, 1992[14]

Strobe never did cover the democratic legal mechanism by which he and his trillionaire friends would cause this to come to pass but I am sure it is all totally transparent and aboveboard. You will definitely be informed after it is accomplished ... time permitting. Chances are you will find out when you and your family get the death's head relocation notice in the mail to report to your nearby work/reeducation camp for prompt job assignment, likely consisting of sewing together leather shoes for .40 cents an hour for the rest of your adult lives. There will be a fifteen minute break in the courtyard and poundcake with coffee served on State holidays renamed to non-religious generic celebrations like "Happy Sparkle Freedom Day."

25 Mistakes In Food Storage

Good article on things not to do when storing food.

I learned a lot of this stuff the hard way.

The dangers of mice and rats is always underestimated. They are very clever, resourceful animals who can eventually chew through almost anything not made of glass.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Adieu Kwanstainia

The country was as good as dead the instant they shot John F. Kennedy. It has been nothing but downhill ever since. This is what little it took to cower them all.

There is no future where America survives. All futures end with America gone. As long as the truth remains forbidden there can be no solutions to anything.

The Kwanstain has been defunct a long time. Some people are only getting it now. It takes a nation a long time to dry rot out and collapse. It was a great country once but it has only been a husk for decades.

Nobody is bothering to maintain it. There is nothing left in Kwanstainia you could give away. Kwanzanians believe somehow everything is just going to fix itself. With an average IQ of 97, they are not going to solve their own problems so belief in a magical miracle force that will fix it all permeates the empty vacuum where the brains used to be on Americans.

The people trying to tell others that they should act now are the sorts of idiots who wait until all the lifeboats are away before deciding there may be a problem with the ship.

After hearing what they have done to their babies, perhaps it is better they go the same way as Carthage and vanish off the earth. Too much evil is not something that should be salvaged. The Kwa has done too much evil on the planet. Time for it to go. The common man will go back into his chains like a pig going back to his slop in the street. You can't change human nature. Man has no better angels and once all his virtues are gone he does not retain the virtue that would allow him to recover them.

Ditched ASN as an IPC Message Format

My early experiments with ASN were encouraging. I wrote a lot of support routines which then gave me the confidence to compile more complex message formats.

Once I got away from simple fixed length structures I immediately ran into problems. The documentation for the open source ASN compiler is nearly non-existent. The memory management is appallingly arbitrary and does not easily avail itself of fixed heap schemes like are often used to create stable embedded applications. After a couple weeks fiddling with it I ditched it and switched to JSON again. Less binary efficient but much easier to work with. I had been using JSON for over a year before I tried to get fancy and implement ASN message schemas. It was a mistake, I could not get it to work reliably without leaving fragments on the heap and corrupting stacks sometimes. The problem with ambitiousness is that it makes you shoot too high before you know how solid your model is.

I have always known it would work in JSON and have encountered no problems coding the message formats up with it. I have the current schema working end-to-end for hardware to communicate over the IPC which is implemented on all platforms as mailslots. The basic format of vanilla daemons which send a descriptive manifest of all their properties and capabilities seems to be working pretty well. At home I have finished off an end-to-end communication transfer and it turns out mailslots can issue acknowledge signals and error messages as well as any other IPC mechanism. So there is some assurance for example that if you issue a message to execute a command on a device or to write a value that you will get a receipt coming back from the daemon telling you mission accomplished or including an error message to help you figure out why it didn't succeed. This could be critical in a system where you do something like turn on a generator. You need a receipt from the daemon verifying the generator is now on and running. Vault-OS does not require the ironclad state transfers that are needed in airplane hardware but it does need to be reliable.

Although the Vault-OS server does not need a visual display to run the daemons could benefit greatly from all having some kind of common UI library to use for configuration and monitoring in a separate process. Right now I am imagining something similar to GTK-Server. X-Forms are now available for GTK as well.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

CO2 Is An Atmospheric Coolant

It helps to conduct heat through the water mantle and into outer space.

We've said it a dozen times on Vault-Co but here it is again from NASA.

CO2 does not provide any significant effect on climate whatsoever even at very high concentrations, unlike the historic lows we are in now. Cosmic radiation increases cloud cover at the same time the Sun goes dormant. This phenomenon, almost certainly somehow connected to our passage through the Oort Cloud, is what sets the clock of the climate over the eons.

This 12,000 year Holocene is at an end. It is more accurately called the Anthropocene because Homo Sapiens can't survive outside it. He's just not tough enough. The historians will record that he could not even get it right at the end of his own reign and was expecting global warming. Saps, the critter that failed at failing.

A chart of warming cycles from the EPA itself going back 800,000 years.
Increases in CO2 always trail after increases in heat by tens of thousands of years.
Spikes in CO2 always precede roller coaster drops in temperature.
Heat cycles are a brief transient affair. Cold is the normal condition for earth.
The Neolithic revolution was no such thing. It was a warmer climate combined with the expeditious use of the Neanderthal slave caste to do all the technical work and problem solving. When you know the truth, it becomes obvious that Homo Sapiens is not good at anything and responsible for nothing other than enjoying screaming and fighting and then rioting afterwards. It is behaviour that is deeply burned into his genome. It is the only thing that he finds hormonally rewarding. Outside of those three he is nearly useless for anything else. Trust the Neanderthals when you need a job done right. For everything else, I guess Saps needs a make-work vocation of some sort to make him feel relevant where he pretends to do stuff. Kind of like those work camps where they teach retarded children to stuff rags into bags. So Saps dominates professions until they realise they can't sell meetings and birthday breakfast celebrations and are nearly out of money. At that point they go hire a Neanderthal to do the work they were expected to do over the last ten years and keep the company solvent a little longer. It is at this point that Dr. Laurence J. Peter said that permanent staff insist on sending that person packing. Five thousand companies tracked over five years and I can summarise the entire book for you so you don't have to read it. Dr. Peter said that the Neanderthals do everything. Anything else is only theatrical or appearances. The Neanderthal secretly carries the entire Sapiens society on his stout back and almost no one ever figures it out until he or she is no longer available.

For this reason, always hire people who have the exact opposite qualities that everyone else looks for if you want to get it right. When I am in charge of hiring I always look for high IQ, socially awkward neurotics with low self-esteem and insomnia. My ability to hire the very best candidates missed by everyone else is uncanny, I have scored big so many times now you have to wonder why the nation just doesn't put me in charge of everything since the meritocracy is the only social organization that works, period.

I have noticed that the already scarcely reliable Wikipedia has shorter entries for the most critical thinkers of the previous century week to week. Somebody is trimming them until they can be eliminated altogether. On the other hand, the Kardashian page just keeps getting bigger.

Hillary Being Trained To Mimic Humanoids

She is progressing rapidly learning how to use her face appropriately when outdoors.


Monday, September 21, 2015

Vastly Improved DIY Geophone Sensors

This is a link to a .PDF file with a field tested, verified design using any old magnetic speaker.

A couple years back we linked to a design using the same principle but much cruder than this and without any sensitivity testing by the author.

One of these mounted with a solar panel to power it and a fiber optic connection would make for a brilliant EMP proof intrusion sensor on your grounds. In addition you could use it to monitor ground shock of any kind.

I purchased no less than four PC/104 boards with 42 pin digital switches for the purpose of building grids of these sensors that can actually locate an intruder precisely using triangulation between posts. My ambition was to build a detection grid for Vault-OS that nothing anywhere could ever penetrate unless it could float without touching the ground. I did some crude experiments with these up in Queensland but I was hoping for a better geosensor design and here it is.

The great thing about this design is maintainability. You may not be able to replace an expensive custom geophone sensor after the apocalypse but you can always find an old speaker for certain no matter how many you need to fix.

There Is Nothing The Left Hates More Than Religion

... unless the priest is preaching radical communist ideology.

Baby ass can breathe easy for one day today as this fraud is occupied at the White House. Back to buggery in all its resplendent forms for the rest of this week. Nobody knows God's will better than the head of a child sex racketeering empire.

Power Down Procedures for Koch Brother's Mandroid Unit

Scott Walker realizes nobody cares, least of all him.

We blogged when they threw this animatronic into the race with great fanfare like he was somebody significant so we thought we owed it to him to blog again when he dropped out a short while later.

Keep trying bros. Next one needs more hair product.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Trust Doctors

... because they have the power of scienmagistics!

If a serial killer killed thousands of people he'd be a monster. These guys just send out a form letter offering free blood testing. Sorry, bro, my bad. I completely skipped all known medical procedure regarding sterilization of our instruments. Everybody makes mistakes, lets move past this.

This might be a good time to tell you about some of my other mistakes and little fibs, bro.

Seismic Activity Unprecedented In Chile

Phoenix Five Earth Changes Bulletin
2014, by Michael Wells Mandeville

Bulletin Item: Seismic Activity in Chile Is Breaking Records

There are Class 4 & 5 quakes virtually every ten minutes in Northern Chile.  This is another world class major rupture in the Earth's crust, this is this year's Great Event. I think that Chile is very lucky that the rupture is "slowly" cracking the Earth with frequent comparatively modest activity rather than more dramatically breaking the crust in a Class 9 mega-event.  

Quake activity is propagating in other locations in South America, Central, and North America along the western edges.

As predicted here and nowhere else, a Class 4 struck today on the Juan De Fuca plate margin off the northwestern tip of Canada's Vancouver Island. (I can not predict exact locations nor magnitudes, only the higher than average probability of increased quake activity in certain regional zones based on pattern sequence of seismic activity originating in the Mid Atlantic Great Rift).

I suspect very strongly that more quakes are coming.on the western edge of the Americas during the next 12 days.

Best Wishes, Michael Mandeville
from the mesas of Arizona; mwman@...
To access the Yahoo Archive and Membership Control Site, go to: 
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unsubscribe by clicking on: 

Snowden is a Government Plant

Misdirection. This is what they teach them in cointel. Always try to direct people's attention to some straw man that is completely off-topic.

We hear that Snowden is sitting on top of this volcanic white-hot caldera of State secrets and yet whenever he speaks we get this pedestrian, boring orthodoxy gibberish you can find anywhere in popular culture. Same for WikiLinks. You'll notice one nation is always left out of WikiLeaks no matter how much corruption they claim to be exposing. One nation is beyond reproach and nobody there has ever done anything evil, you see. That's why it is not mentioned by WikiLeaks.

For example, we have coordinated legislation in three different Western nations supposedly "self-governed" in an attempt to make vaccinations mandatory in addition to absolving vaccine companies from all liabilities. Ever hear any background on stuff like this coming from Snowden or WikiLeaks? Of course not, they are manufactured opposition. You can guess what is important by watching to see what they avoid ever discussing.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Was the Titanic an Insurance Fraud?

I always wanted to post a blog about this story but kept forgetting.

There is significant evidence that the Titanic was a badly damaged Olympic that was rammed into an iceberg deliberately to collect the insurance money. They planned to take the passengers off on a nearby steamer but it never showed.

You may have wondered like me how the ship was smashed into an iceberg that could be seen from thirty miles away. That part of the story was always a bit dodgy sounding.

Sorry if this ruins the James Cameron fantasy for you.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Power of Scienmagistical Analysis

The killer had a special gun that drew no blood, had no shell casings and doesn't hit the victim until about four seconds after it has been fired from two meters away. Funny how I once saw a 350 pound black man knocked through a wooden fence by the impact of a .44 but this super bitch doesn't even flinch when hit by a supposed hollowpoint at two meters and doesn't appear to even bleed then she proceeds to take off running. I can't believe the "killer" could actually kill this superhuman invulnerable journalist woman. We really could have used her in the first Gulf War, I am sure she could have fought the entire campaign by herself singlehandedly with all her superpowers.

ADA Scientimagistics Explode Forever

The facts say these "doctors" don't know what the hell they are doing. Period.

A Neanderthal diet makes well. Saps stick-insect carbo syrup kills. These people basically eat melted down bones made into gelatin and poured into molds with corn syrup to look like food and they think this will make them healthy.  Saps. Saps never learns.

Trust doctors, don't listen to raving bourgeois nuts like Tex.

Nobel Prize Is Utterly Discredited As Institution

Like everything else nowadays. Run by clowns.

Trying to control policy with it's awards proactively before they are earned. Alfred Nobel would dynamite the entire building in Stockholm then go home and sleep like a baby.

Trump Claims Bears Pee In The Woods, Corrected By Ben Carson With Usual Rambling Cliched Ambiguous Ad Hominem Drivel

Neither of them mentioned that the vaccination is a trillion dollar growth industry which shows no signs of ever tailoring the schedule or reducing the number of vaccines children get. It is about money and if they get their way they will be giving hundreds in the first trimester before the child is even born and thousands if the child makes it to the age of ten. It is about money first. That's the main concern. Given a trillion dollars you could discredit anything. People could claim the Sun rises in the East and you could get a million scientists to verify it actually rises in the West and that it is a popular misconception that it rises in the East in the morning.

Remember owing to an act of Congress no vaccine manufacturer can be sued. If they wanted to inject kids with cyanide and make it mandatory there's nothing you could legally do about it. If you really believe that any human institution can be given that kind of power you probably deserve what happens to you but your children still deserve to decide such things for themselves. If you think it is okay that strangers can force you to stick needles into your babies without any right of refusal you don't deserve any freedoms.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Melonheads in North America

Somebody needs to break into the basement of the Smithsonian and take some photographs.

Package Ventilation Kits For Civil Defense!!

These things are utterly amazing. Where can I order one?

Sorry, they are only in museums now. A remnant of an era when the nation-state looked after its own citizens instead of people who didn't live there.

A fantastic idea to drive ventilation systems when power goes down. I tried the air pump from American Safe Room one time and I doubt it would be possible to design a more awkward form of manual ventilation. I am pretty sure one of these could be built from scratch with a little work. Looks to me like it is a fan blade attached to a stationary bicycle here. You would use cheap mylar duct tubing nowadays instead of the fragile looking plastic bag. I just remembered I had a nice reclining exercise bike I kept on the porch in Queensland for this very purpose - I had it in mind as the basis for a generator or ventilator or both. We gave it away when we moved.

Now It Is So Obvious Homo Sapiens Could Figure It Out

Nobody likes an I-told-you-so,

But Vault-Co told you so 15 years ago. Just saying.

This comes at a time when four supervolcanos directly implicated in previous mass extinctions are vastly overdue for eruptions. Any one of them could trigger a 99% decline in the planet's population in a few months leaving only regular Vault-Co readers surviving. Always put that baffled air intake a little higher in case you got some ashfall in your region. Also make sure you have an exit that can't be blocked by volcanic ash that has dried like solid concrete.

Cancer Corps : Targeted Assassinations By Executive Order

No coincidence.

I would bet you anything they isolated the fungus that acts as a trigger for cancer 20 years ago and didn't tell anybody but passed it along to the military for weaponization.

Criticize Kwanstainia or Beany Babies too much in too public a forum and sure enough, you'll get cancer when it looks like you are starting to make inroads.

Carters melanoma appeared suddenly and was very aggressive and metastasized before even being diagnosed. Somebody at one of these press conferences offered to pass that fresh coffee down to Jimmy. Just opened a small capsule of powder in it behind the table and passed it right on down. There's your coffee Jimmy.

Baby Buggery Island Pays Tribute To Brussels Burrowing Boreworms


Also known as organized theft of the treasuries.

The British wonder why commie Corbyn got in. He cannot possibly be worse. If I was British I would have voted for a tennis ball with the word "WINNARZ" written on it over any of the other candidates.

This money pales besides the figures paid out to foreign banks in Kwanstainia without congressional approval. Trillions to shadow bankers who don't even inhabit North America.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Keep Those Vaccines Coming Along With Cheap Coffins

Every flu shot is a winner.

Bumping off old folks, vanguard of the useless eaters according to Kissinger. Not generating any tax revenues and sucking off pensions, they are at the top of the list. They would like to liquify their corpses and feed them to livestock as man syrup but there are still grieving relatives wasting good money on burials for these codgers.

Kwanstainia Is A Supervillain Stronghold

Positing bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

They should move the entire United States into a dormant volcano with a secret door that opens in the caldera and then get everybody matching jumpsuits with some kind of evil insignia on the shoulder bands.

Our hideously evil deeds are a "national security" secret. Even James Bond can't read them. Good old Barry Soetoro's "transparency in government" at work.

12 Natural Antibiotics

Good roundup of products that outperform commercial antibiotics in controlled, triple-blind studies.

That coconut oil is amazing stuff. Sipping a glass of it with tea right now. It has become a part of my daily routine. Boosts brain function, I can feel it kick in almost immediately.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Nobel Laureate Attacks State Theocracy

Incontrovertible is what the Vatican teaches. There is no such thing in science.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

When Winnarz Win

The Media Is Composed of Clinically Mentally Ill People

Terminal madness of the End Times.

I suspect if there is one thing this harridan hates more than men, it is pretty girls with beautiful children.

The Grand Theatre Called The "Clash of Civilisations"

Hint - none of this is real. Not a single word of it. It is all invented out of whole cloth.

Keeping 'em scrambling to see anything clearly in a hall of mirrors. Masters of misdirection, deceit and deception.

If there was any real threat would it be necessary to invent it at all? Couldn't you just look the other way a couple of times? Rather all sides seemed to really be controlled by the same side.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Steve Jobs Is Dead

Reality is not egalitarian.

There is no such thing as excellence contained within a brand. There is only excellence in individuals. What's in a name? Apple was only Apple because Steve Jobs came back after being thrown out of his own company. As long as he was back, Apple was Apple. Now Apple is just a name.

The scatterbrained clowns who took over at Apple have their heads so far up their asses they can't see daylight. Focused on everything except their jobs.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

The "Hypercane" - 500 MPH Winds

Theoretically possible. Here they postulate an asteroid strike causing oceans to heat far above the norm - ignoring the fact that subsea volcanism is quite adequate to do the same job and worse.

500 Mile per hour winds. I wonder how many times in history this has happened before and effectively wiped out its own traces and so pulverized mankind that no organized memory of the event was written down, surviving only as oral mythologies? The Aztecs have a lot of myths about apocalyptic wind events reducing mankind to the level of animals.

Syria Refresher : O'Keefe In 2013

Epic rant as usual by O'Keefe in 2013. I enjoyed the lulz watching Daddy Warbucks on the right fume and try to come up with some kind of rebuttal. They wisely edited his responses out because they were the usual gibberish. Just hot air escaping his Neocon piehole.

Windows 10 "Upgrade" Not Optional?!?

FRAUD!!! Show me in my license for Windows 7 where I agreed to replace the operating system I bought with another version installed remotely by Microsoft?!?!? I never agreed to this!!! 

Scumbags lost my business for life over this. I swear I am going to move to OSX and Linux in the future and get away from Microsoft permanently except for legacy embedded software.

FRAUD!! FRAUD!! FRAUD!! FRAUD!! Microsoft is sabotaging their own paid software!!!!

I am going to have to go through again and make sure this garbage is uninstalled after which I will turn off all Windows Updates permanently for Windows 7. Dirty ratbags blew it this time. I've taken a lot of crap from Microsoft over the past 25 years but this is it, they're done.

Fox News Imagineers

Hillary has tons of support from wealthy AIPAC donors so she gets a reality upgrade.

It is ridiculous to talk about "democracy" when the entire media and political system is owned and controlled by a group of people who possess two passports. It's ridiculous. This same group donates 3/4s of ALL political campaign funding in the United States and Australia. Anybody who thinks they don't expect anything in return for that money is living in a fantasy world. Anybody who thinks they are paying for the best interests of the nation to be observed needs to be institutionalized.

Here we are given the impression that Hillary is still in the race. She isn't. Popular support is close to zero. I bet you the small group of people in that photo came purely for the snacks and free drinks.

Increasingly the West is identical to Stalin's era in the Soviet Union where reality was created dynamically in manufactured narratives, photos and films that could even change retroactively.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Vault Of The Future : My Home Town Producing Cheap Solar Rolls!

This is what I have been waiting for! Looks more durable than solar paint and cheaper. Doubtless mass production of these will bring the price down enormously. Imagine if a storm damages your panels and all you do is get another roll to replace them with and tack it down.

My ideal shelter power system would be solar, wind and biomass generation in that order. The incredible thing is that all three of those systems have the most promising next generation work being done right here in Australia. For power storage I want nickel-iron Edison batteries that will last 200 years wired in series.

Agenda 21 : Delicious Bug Slurry Big Gulp

Critical roles in global management will continue to eat grass-fed burgers and fresh produce. Everybody else will survive on liquified puree mealworms.

Actually, I am dying to do a special Vault-OS project on a custom designed temperature controlled feeder tank for mealworms to use in permaculture feeding fish. I just wrote it down on a potential list of "killer apps" for Vault-OS I want to work on as soon as I release open source. Permaculture fish in a small system will grow like crazy on mealworms and duckweed, apparently. There is possibly no better way to keep the fish fed on low energy harvested food than mealworms which are also very renewable and low maintenance.

If You Don't Hold It You Don't Own It

The metals industry is a huge ponzi scheme selling air and dreams to fools.

Every single time one of these vaults is audited they discover it is empty. A piece of paper with your name on it means somebody else is probably holding your gold and silver and you will never see it again. Word to the wise.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Australia Did Nothing and Broke Even

This is really amazing when you compare the results with Australia.

Australia is alone out of all the post-industrial nations on Earth in having posted almost no productivity improvements whatsoever in the past 40 years. Australia has apparently not benefited in any way from the introduction of computers into the workplace. Australia scored second last behind Botswana in 2010 out of more than 50 nations in overall productivity metrics. It is difficult to imagine a more abysmal performance.

Meanwhile the rest of the developed world has vastly increased productivity and profits to both shareholders and company balance sheets. Their reward? Nothing. Their wages and salaries have not grown in response at all. With increases in the price of living and inflation their earnings have shrunk substantially and more and more of it goes to basic needs with nothing left over.

So it would seem that Australia's policy of striving to be the laziest white men on Earth has proven to be a secure course of action. It would appear they have conserved much energy that might have been wasted increasing profits for their employers. What they are saving all that energy up for, nobody knows. You'll have to excuse me, I think I will go and lay down and watch the cricket. Writing this blog post has exhausted the meagre store of iron in my blood and I have to rest now for a month in order to replenish it.

Humans can't think. They can't. They can only emote.

I knew they were stepping up the war in Syria the instant I saw that little boy in the surf.

Boom, a crisis even in Australia, oy vey such a crisis itz. You'd think we have people pouring over our border here. Except we're on an island continent which has no border. To be panicking wildly, itz, we must. Let's run around waving our hands screaming maniacally without being certain what it is exactly causing us to scream.

I would be willing to bet that refugees of all ages have been drowning in the surf off Europe for decades. All of a sudden, it's important.

Every single article in the papers here in Australia ends with a small paragraph, almost an afterthought, about how Abbott will now step up bombing and airstrikes. Like a footnote. This looks like the start of a war but it is being framed as the drowning of an infant refugee. Still ... it looks like another war being started.

This stuff works because Lord Enki built the Lulu to have no soul and no mind of it's own. With wires cut between the left and right hemisphere of the brain that poor critter doesn't know its left from its right. It only knows what you tell it to think. Right now the authorities are telling it that we must open another front somewhere. This is an emergency. Strangely enough, the war that led to the crisis itself was also an emergency requiring us to act without thinking. They will be bringing up the rearguard here with the first Typing Corps and Pundit Offensive. You may be leading the charge. We all have to do our part.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Power of Edjamafacashun

Nothing can stop the winnarz

Lothrop Stoddard in THE REVOLT AGAINST CIVILISATION in 1922 pointed out that your nation could lose all it's bridges, all it's buildings and all it's infrastructure and as long as you still had the brains that built them to begin with ... you could have it all back in ten years. If you ever lost the brainpower responsible for all these things you would not get them back in a thousand years. Where Kwanstainia is going it won't be coming back from.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Monsanto Planning To Re-Engineer Biosystem

They are working on a species of flying ant to replace the bumblebee.

You know, like the start of B-Grade science fiction horror movie.

I can see where this is going.

The Fifth Trumpet2He opened the bottomless pit, and smoke went up out of the pit, like the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by the smoke of the pit. 3Then out of the smoke came locusts upon the earth, and power was given them, as the scorpions of the earth have power. 4They were told not to hurt the grass of the earth, nor any green thing, nor any tree, but only the men who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads.…
Revelation 9:2-9:4

Scare A Kwanstainian : Lock Him In A Library At Night

... Kwanstainians think a hoodoo goin'ta get'em!!

A Kwanstainian would run a country mile to escape a book!

The incredible thing is getting a 12 year degree and graduating with literacy that used to get you held back in the 3rd grade a hundred years ago. It takes a lot of yapping' to dodge all den hanted books but dey know itz the only way to avoid dem spookies!

Quit hidin' in deya, Kwanstainian! Time 'fo yoo to be readin' yo book!!

When Winnarz Win : A Kwanstainian Adventure

Fake economy, fake country, fake lives, fake existence - time has come to pay the real debts.

Keep thinking positive - especially because it is only the first day of September!

These thieves never saw that coming. Honest.

Well, it is time for a Vault-Co favorite to help you keep looking up :

Tuesday, September 1, 2015