Friday, August 7, 2015

The Two Children of Grimaldi

This is a really interesting photo of two children recovered from a grave in the last 12,000 years.

They forgot to call the melonheads the result of head-binding, somebody slipped up and referred to it as a "mutation," shazzbot there are a lot of those in history. What do you call a mutation that has offspring? A species. These two never made it to reproductive age.

If you look at the ancient sites of the Boskonians, they are buried in elaborately constructed tombs that are so old they can't even date them. Revered as "gods," untouchables none dare challenge. Clothed in raiments and gold. All of these remains vanished after being extremely well documented with detailed line drawings and maps in many books from the early 1900's.

As you move forward through history you see more and more evidence of revolt against melonheads. Melonheads spiked through the heart after death like vampires. Melonheads dead from violence and buried in a shallow grave. The manboons becoming more and more difficult to control. After a golden age and resurgence in Mesopotamia and Sumeria, there was a sudden massive slave revolt or series of revolts. These were so revolutionary that all the Sargons (Royal Houses of the Children of Serpents) were sent into exile. After a thousand years one of these bands of gypsies shows up in Egypt as the Hyksos. They spread into Europe where they are reviled by everyone that meets them as "those serpent people" and "the children of the devil himself." They change religions at least twice and what is really odd is they turn to worship of bulls (the kind of cult you would expect from Neanderthals) followed by a return to serpent worship as in the former days (the only true religion the melonheads ever had.)

In the last thirty centuries, you can scarcely find a Melonhead that has not died from violence. They appear to have died at the hands of locals throughout Europe. All the red-haired melonheads in South America were buried standing up and were probably alive when it happened, a horrible fate that you wonder what motivated those who did it. Even stranger when you see how much head-binding was practiced by the locals to emulate them. What triggered this massive pogrom in South America and an uprising that displaced them so rapidly?

If you read the article above it discusses the teeth of both children and describes them as being nearly adult sized and extremely healthy. These children were thin, tall and likely strong for their ages as well despite their lithe appearances. Perfect kids of the ruling class.

I know what you're thinking. Where did all these rulers of Grimaldi go? If melonheads once ruled this region what happened to them?

Who said they went anywhere? They never budged. Oh, sure the official story says they go back to 1297. Do you really think they were fishermen or tailors before then?

Help me to identify this guy. It's a real brain teaser and I am stumped. Melonhead, Neanderthal or Sapiens? It's a puzzler and I can't decide.


scipioafricanus said...

It does not take much intelligence to realize that head binding does not change the internal volume of a skull. It should be really easy to measure the cranial volumes of the melon heads. Then again, when people reject the source of Truth, the are easy to convince about the silliest kinds of lies

bicebicebice said... Previous swedish prime minister, dealt the country its deathblow.

Here is his friend, who runs a newspaper propaganda rag called Expressen,

The only weapon they have, as u said, is social engineering, but it is the only one you need, saps are nukes on two legs.

FrankNorman said...

Tex, if they're so smart, why do they worship animals?

I suspect the answer is that they don't really believe in anything, but value religions simply for their utility in manipulating others. As for how they stand before God? They don't think about it.

Ave said...

Albert II is clearly not Neanderthal due to his sour, neurotypical facial expression.

That said : what went wrong ?

This was his mother :
And this was his father :,_Prince_of_Monaco#/media/File:Prince_Rainier_III.jpg

Both parents have very distinctive, charismatic faces, and their son looks like some random Senior Partner in a soulless US corporation (which may actually be closer to his actual position in life than that of a prince).

Actually , this is his mother in 1972 :

Much closer to what her son is looking like right now. OK, it's just the aging thing, silly me.

styrac1 said...

Been delving into Gothic history lately and discovered some interesting facts.

The Gothic nobility was of an entirely different stock than than that of the Goth commoners and had arrived "from the sea". They are described as even taller than the Goths(who were a tall race themselves), but leaner and less bulky, and also darker, brunette or red haired, compared to the Goth commoners who where towhead blonde. The Romans were said to spot the difference on sight, and often took slaves from the commoner class but NEVER from the elite. This class was born to rule and were never challenged. Unlike the rest of the Goths, they had the memory of Rome when they first arrived in Scandinavia in the first century B.C. and may have originated from North Africa, in the site of Carthage, Malta, and the old city of Syracuse in Sicily.

MycroftJones said...

Small eyes in shallow sockets; melon.

But that jaw... that is real melon jaw. Just look at it. Huge. Tex, that comment about the children having adult size teeth; Koanic hasn't acknowledged a melon jaw before, chalking it up to higher testosterone. I don't have the processing power to analyse these things. Melon jaw is something I noticed through the gut. And that photo has real melon jaw. Melon's power is in their mouths, their ability to speak.

I compare my bees to their queen; it is just like cro-mags and their melon rulers. The queen bee keeps the hive together with her pheromones, and with her song. Who knows what reality she is planting in their heads, what little dreams bees dream during the long winter.

styrac1 said...

10,000 year old Melonhead monolith found underwater off the Sicilian coast:

bicebicebice said...

We need to build more pyramids, ziggurats, monoliths, obelisks, and shopping malls, said no neanderthal ever.

In other news,

Sitara said...

Tex, explain this plz as the doctors are all baffled:

Could this be a variant Thal, or a thal with a thal version of minor gigantism? Only his arms/hands are affected, no other body part.

Sir Sweetstick said...

Why did Neanderthal tool development/invention stall out so early on in their existence?

Texas Arcane said...

@Sir Sweetstick

Sure you are talking about the right weapons? More importantly, do you trust scienmagists to tell you if they had taken credit for Neanderthal weapons of superior manufacture and attributed them to Homo Sapiens?

Like "Out of Africa," you start with an assumption you may not know is no longer credible.

I don't have time to write an essay, I am supposed to be asleep.

Start by looking up Neanderthal tar - the bitumen they coated their weapons with.

Texas Arcane said...


Just to get you started :

Homo Sapiens tries to duplicate chemical compound mastered by Paleolithic Neanderthals, fails miserably (of course).

I could have predicted this in advance. I know from working with them in the modern era that Homo Sapiens simply lacks the brains and attention to detail to handle complex tasks of any kind, period.

Sir Sweetstick said...

Just read an article where the tool artifacts from very early Neanderthal settlements were virtually unchanged from those found in later settlements. Was interested to hear your take on that.

Texas Arcane said...

@Sir Sweetstick

I am familiar with that paper. It was the dominant opinion - over forty years ago in the 1970's before they realized they had actually been mixing up Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon camps for over a century of bad science. Why did they assume they were looking at their own camps originally? Well, they had tons of high quality weapons, artwork, paints, jewelry, organized burials, textiles and musical instruments in those camps. Obviously, they must be Homo Sapiens camps because teh neo-darwinism said evolution was progress.

This is called Sapiens logic. Of course, journalists doing a quick search on Google before they write their articles continue to repeat and rehash this nonsense even until the Npresent day, over and over again. It has a life of its own. No matter how many times they are corrected, they will forget in 15 minutes and just say it again anyhow. Sapiens is like that.

Sir Sweetstick said...

Thanks for the reply :)

bicebicebice said...

styrac1 said...

Tex, speaking of Thal women, have a look at Rachel McAdams' identical Italian lookalike