Monday, August 10, 2015

Post-Game Analysis

If only they had just run straight up the middle with the ball.

I had a good laugh at how they are warning this could be a "serious threat" to the next generation's cognitive abilities. The seven point variation in IQ discussed in the article has already happened and was nothing short of apocalyptic. These guys are sitting up in the bleachers in an empty stadium with wild dogs and tumbleweeds blowing across the field expressing their regrets. It's a half century later. Too late for regrets, this is all epilogue now.

The John Birch society got it right before it got subverted from the inside and neutralized. The original John Birchers were dead right about everything.

This man is without question the greatest American patriot in the history of the United States. I salute you Colonel Ripper. The fact you were a parody is testament to the threat you posed to the existing order of things. Close the base and give the failsafe order, Colonel. Anyone attempting to enter the front gate is to be shot on sight. Now we got those commies by the balls, Mandrake. I can longer stand by and watch in horror at the communist infiltration of our precious bodily fluids. A good nuclear war will clean all of this right up.

That man right there is the patron saint of Vault-Co. A small photo of his face should be mounted on the door of every Vault to serve to ward off evil commie spirits. God as my witness I'm going to mount a huge 1 meter wide photo print of this guy in my new command center when it is ready with the caption below it : "IN MEMORY OF OUR FALLEN HEROES."


Takuzdwa Aywok said...

no problemo
i havent got a vault yet very sadly so ill just put him as my desktop backgound

Edward said...

Yeah, a highly technological society can end up damaging it's own viability, particularly if those in positions of influence are more concerned about protecting their revenue streams and reputations than they are about solving actual problems.

Grogard said...

In 5000 years people will marvel that the ancients show signs they understood brain surgery and advanced dental techniques. Everyone outside of the far east will speak some sort of english derived language, and fringe nut conspiracists will point to fragmentary writings and make insane claims that English people used to look and act much differently than they do today. They will chalk up the fall of western civilization to floridated water and vaccinations and low protein high sugar diets the way we look back at the romans using lead pipes, goblets and lead acetate.

Texas Arcane said...



"Ha ha! Stupid Romans using lead everywhere, no wonder they were so crazy poisoning themselves with heavy metals!"

(Sap on some days gets 12 times recommended dose of mercury over a year in a single day from vaccines, tuna and contaminated eating utensils plus formaldehyde from aspartame and fluoridates his own tap water)

"Har har! No wonder they went totally insane and didn't even realise they were killing themselves! Har har! What maroons!"

Texas Arcane said...


My brother once you have occupied Israel and made it into your homeland you will discover they have one of the best civil defence programs in the world. Everyone knows jewish girls prefer big handsome black men so you can survive the apocalypse in style while enjoying sexy time with your new jewish bride. It is inevitable and they were right, you were coming for a better life ... theirs.

Takuzdwa Aywok said...

@Texas Arcane

Didn't know about their civil defence program! Well, this is EXCELLENT!
It's like G-d intended it all.

Naturally! Jewish girls, even if they often don't admit it, prefer big strong healthy black men to feeble weak cowardly Jewish men, but above everything, the Jews of today have got nothing to do with the ancient hebrews. WE black men are the ones who are responsible for the pyramids and we are the original hebrews, the ones of today are only pretenders.

Still, I am very fond of Jewish women, particularly their noses, and Israel is a rich and beautiful country, and it is not a reason for me to look forward to "genociding" them.
Instead, we should do as nature intended, and we should mix the african stength and healthiness with the Jewish beauty. We were MADE for each other. This is something that G-d intended.
The problem is, there is still a certain anti-africanism in Israel. And my job, as a scholar and a gentleman of African descent, is to look forward to fixing that, and so far, it is going very well. This transformation must take place.

May your dreams be accomplished, my Thal brother, and may you survive the incomming apocalypse, and may everything go well for you as intended.
I will be thinking about vault-co and this blog and you in my Israeli bunker, and tell my african brothers about you, all the while courting magnificent Jewish beauties... Particularly the religious ones.

What is excellent, is that there are Jewesses of many origins and ethnicities, all with differents skin color and facial features, so it is guaranteed that the vast majority of us will find a Jewish woman that they will deem as good looking and attractive. Personally, I feel very attracted to the hungarian, polish and russian ones. The idea that they are descendants of the Jews who caused communism excites me in great magnitude.

Takudzwa Aywok, Congolese Scholar, Militant for the #OBI movement
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Grogard said...

To keep it in perspective, if you nuke yourself nearly to the point of death via lifelong lead poisoning you will only drop a single IQ point.

Mex Arcane said...

"That man right there is the patron saint of Vault-Co."

Cleveland from Texas.... which one of us is the parody again?

Instead of canonizing the fictional Colonel Ripper, you ought to hang a portrait of Dorian Yates. Winning 6 consecutive Mr Olympia titles, he was a friend and student of one of your idols, the late Mike Mentzer. Arguably the greatest athlete in body building history. From his wikipedia: "Yates has advocated alternative treatments for cancer, including the use of cannabis oil. He has also made statements in interviews concerning the negative health effects of sodium fluoride additives in tap water and the discovery of cancer viruses and sterilants in some vaccines" in addition to calling for a new investigation into the 9/11 attacks.

The guy was such a monk, he declined several lucrative supplement endorsement contracts and tv interviews, in order to maintain his privacy. A true 'pithecus in body, mind and spirit.

No need to look to fictional characters when there are real life Tha-.. Australopithecines still walking among us.

Ja D said...