Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Monsanto Needs Body Armor and a Helmet

... because they are supervillains on par with Doctor Doom.

Monsanto is cackle-out-loud-as-their-plans-come-to-fruition evil. They are taunting-hero-with-monologue-while-death-machine-warms-up evil. They are the stuff of comic books.

You don't understand Monsanto until you understand that corporate policy strictly forbids any Monsanto food or Monsanto-harvested ingredients to be served in their corporate cafeteria. No, I'm not making that up. Their own executives refuse to be served anything that came from their agricultural products.

I just want to leave you with one important thought.

There seems to be a connection between Monsanto and the Norway Doomsday Seed Vault. An actual funding connection. Think about that.


bicebicebice said...

Takuzdwa Aywok said...
..Strangers we are.
Looks like Arabs used to have Thals among them as well.

Ron said...

Actually Victor V. Doom would never have involved himself in something like Monsanto. He was always into running Latveria as a totally independent third world closed off dictatorship. What you are describing is more the kind of thing Reed Richards or Tony Stark would have gotten up to.

Also, the Doom 2099 series showed that Victor V. moved on from his petty dictatorship and muahahahaah control the world schemes when he woke up in a Latveria that had been taken over by Alchemax (the Monsanto of 2099). At which point he declared a holy jihad against all the Mega-Corporations that culminated in him taking over the United States and restoring a proper constitution.

Seriously Tex, I thought you Thals would have had all this covered.

Edward said...

I'm not sure where you sit on the political spectrum, then again I seem to shift around a bit too. If you are in favour of right wing conservative policies, free markets and small government, who do you propose to give the power to take on large organisations like Monsanto, or protect those that are seeing their livelihoods destroyed by the actions of said corporations? If all the existing politicians are already in their pockets, who has any power or authority to do anything about these things?

I suppose we say well we have the power to damage them by not buying their stuff, and that's the action of the free market and doesn't require a centralised authority. But their having the wealth gives them the power to manipulate and misinform the free market and cover up their egregious behaviour through legal sanctions.
If there is no one to step in and put a stop to these things, how are we supposed to stop them poisoning everyone?

Or is the answer just to say that it's all going to hell anyway, so let's just build a vault and protect our own families?

Texas Arcane said...


Do you know how much interference the government and media have to run for Monsanto to keep it from being burnt to the ground or people simply not buying anything from them ever again? The government has used force to protect Monsanto from lawsuits and worse for decades.

Edward said...

So, why are they doing it? Are they just corrupt or is there a bigger agenda? How have they been persuaded that it is the right thing to do? That's the bit I just don't get, doing something that is knowingly evil and hazardous for the masses just for money. There are surely better ways to make that kind of money than that if you are that desperate for it.

What is the solution to out of control capitalism that's more powerful than any government? Just less government so that they aren't as well protected?