Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Melonhead Female Elite Discovered In Royal City In Russia

They lived behind a giant walled compound that kept out manboon slaves.

Always with the head binding. Not everything can be explained by head binding and the tradition itself of head binding speaks volumes about the likelihood there was an upper class of rulers just born that way.

This woman had a big brain. One wonders how easily she could think about things that modern people cannot even imagine. You have to contemplate this woman beating you in chess, repeatedly, where no modern woman could even stalemate you. Think about the different way she and her kind would have seen the world.


Edward said...

Still not convinced they were aliens, or even particularly genetically different. I think they are just what we could also be, with the right set of gene expressions created by hormonal conditions and environment.

What most of us are now is a very degenerate form of humanity, but since everyone looks roughly the same no one even knows what's been lost. We don't even seem to be capable of doing anywhere close to what we were capable of doing 100 years ago. Our great grandparents would be very disappointed in us.

Like I said before, big babies walking around, no one really knows any more what an adult is supposed to be like or be capable of.
If we are actually going to solve some of the problems we have created for ourselves, we need to figure out a way to get back some of what we once were.

FrankNorman said...

Tex, I'm a bit dubious about the "high intelligence" part. Having a big cranium wouldn't automatically make her a super-genius, it would depend on what was inside, and how well it was organised.
The "Melonhead" skulls I've seen photos of, whether the cone-headed European form or the longheaded Egyptian one, look as if most of the extra brain matter would be in the back part of the head, not the frontal cortex.
And for all we know, most of the inside of their heads could have been fluid (the human brain has internal cavities) with not much more than a normal amount of brain tissue around the outside.

So no, I don't think she could have beaten one of us at chess. More likely she was used to just saying what she wanted, and having other people figure out how to do it for her.

bicebicebice said...

Melon is worldwide, i never doubted it, i just hope they find some more giants as well.
I think Koanics starchilds musings could have some merit since Kepler-186f, the only one of the bunch who wasn't from earth?

Russell (106) said...

She Who Must Be Obeyed isn't just a fictional character :)

styrac1 said...


Aeoli Pera said...

Look up parieto-frontal integration theory. This phenomenon had to come from somewhere, anthropologically speaking, and this is the only contender we know of.

That is, the smartest humans today are so because they are 1) big-brained, and 2) well-connected between the frontal and parietal lobes.

Sam said...

Here's a picture of the skeleton.

The hips appear to me to be very wide. Also the ribs seem to be large.

A bit Christmas tree shaped like Jewish Women.

Ja D said...


Texas Arcane said...


If you accept that they ate 6000 calories of high quality protein a day they acquired through hunting and foraging, you're looking at about 8000 calories a day of vigorous activity including chewing which should have left them with highly ground teeth at the caps in order to acquire the 6000 calories a day of protein alone.

Instead in the Neanderthals we see they ate 6000 calories a day of protein which they somehow managed to acquired without expending half that to get it. They died with teeth that looked like they never chewed anything harder than bubble gum. They also don't show evidence of migrating with animal herds rather staying in one place for long periods of time and when they did go hunting it looks more like for variety and pleasure.

There is only one possible explanation for this phenomenon. They were herders and ate cheese and dairy products every day. This also explains why they developed the lactose gene mutation to efficiently digest these products. While the men herded, the women gathered tubers and starchy plants that are not grown in agriculture but harvested in the wild. They then boiled these every day (low energy cooking technique) and combined these two easily harvested staples in their diets. This would have provided them with nearly everything they need in their diets with occasional berries and wild fruits. Both bloom in large quantities in the wild in small areas that women can gather with little effort. One simultaneously admires Neanderthal animal husbandry as an innovation whilst conceding their agricultural skills were nil to zero.

This also explains the common bruising and contusions on their bones. These animals they had domesticated were not quite as tame as the ones we have today. When approached closely to milk or slaughter or pen or breed or groom they would have required great strength to wrestle and pin and hold each day. All this herp-derp science crap about Neanderthals jumping on woolly mammoths backs and trying to strangle them with their bare hands as a hunting strategy is comical fantasy about as credible as Baron Munchausen. The Neanderthals probably dealt with large aurochs in pens on a daily basis where even the females weighed over a ton and one man had to hold their head down while they were milked. We just assume their domesticated animals must be like ours and this is where the error lies.

After a hundred thousand years of Neanderthal sweat and selective breeding, they finally got the cows we take for granted today which stand there passively and wait to be milked. Their ancestors were likely a rodeo challenge every day to husband and control. The Neanderthal women would have admired strength in a race of herders who had to dominate large bulls with their bare hands and selected accordingly.

Texas Arcane said...


... of course they weren't "aliens."

Human beings are incredibly intellectually lazy. Labeling these skeletons "aliens" is just a get-out-of-jail free card for them to avoid thinking about all their other assertions concerning history and admitting they are all wrong.

The average person when faced with stark evidence that their ideas about the past are completely inaccurate will dodge the resulting cognitive dissonance pain by labeling whatever the anomaly is something "alien." See, now it's an exception to the rule.

"Aliens" is all about avoiding changing any of your base assumptions. The average human prefers any idea not because it is true or false but because it flatters their vanity and keeps them from having to do any painful thinking on the subject.

One basic assumption we are taught from the cradle is that there is only one "human" race.

It's a lie. There were at least three major types of hominids and there are probably more than that we don't know about. The evidence is overwhelming for melonheads, 'thals and saps. Some people would rather believe in aliens than admit maybe they got it all wrong.

Edward said...

It's not that complicated either, it's just that we seem to have a nasty habit of applying 'labels' to things, placing continuous variables into discreet categories, which are not an accurate reflection of the underlying biology.

People are different yes, but those differences just fall along a continuum. (Well it's more complicated than that, there is more than one variable at play, but to simplify things somewhat..) There is a 'melonhead' end of the scale of people who like to play social status games, manipulate each other and order other people about, they respond best to an authoritarian style of leadership, and a 'thal' end of the scale of people who basically like to stay in one place and create artistic/technological artefacts, who seem to like the idea that they are all roughly equal, and what you call 'saps' are just the people in the middle, who develop without the benefit of much of either set of innate drives/capabilities, and end up being both socially manipulated and labouriously taught to make use of technologies that they haven't a hope in hell of either understanding or replicating, and they make up the bulk of the workforce. It takes a good mixture of all three types to create a thriving civilisation.

Putting on my megalomaniacal hat for a moment..
If you've read Brave New World or whatever you'd have seen it there. The people at 'the top', whoever they are, who seem to have a much higher worldview/perspective than most of us, would probably just say things like. "Oh, we need to order up a new batch of Brachycephalics to do task A over here, and a batch of Dolichocephalics to do task B over there".

Now we don't actually have explicit baby farms as such, but if you were running the whole world you would soon note that a given isolated population tends to maintain a rough stasis, Brachycephalic parents produce Brachycephalic children, and bring them up in a Brachycephalic culture with appropriate expectations. Dolichocephalic parents produce Dolichocephalic children and bring them up with another set of expectations. With enough forward planning you can gradually shift a whole population/culture in one direction or another in relatively few generations by altering the staple diet, the social environment, and whatever worldview you present to them through the media.
Essentially the same genes will allow you to create either bracyhcephalic or dolichocephalic individuals, depending on the initial conditions in the womb.

Doing things the natural way you'll always get a few outlier neurologies produced through minor variations, but you can then invent a few complicated sounding psychiatric 'labels' for them, schizophrenia, autism, bipolar, borderline personality, whatever.. to keep them living on disability benefits if you have to or failing that locking them up so that they don't cause too much trouble for anyone else. It's not a case of better/worse, it's just different, and each type will have their own uses.

You probably need a few of your own people, those roughly in the know about what's really going on living on the inside, to help maintain the overall system and keep things ticking over nicely.

Texas Arcane said...


This is what I am talking about, Edward. You are saying something because it is conforming, accepted, a traditional response and adheres to group expectations.

Unfortunately, it isn't true. You would rather play it safe and say what is acceptable. You are afraid of being ostracized more than you fear acting on information that is false.

There has been a lot of inbreeding and each of these three types has a spectrum across it of several different types.

The question is, how much real bleeding of qualities do we see between the three groups.

My answer is none at all. That's a pretty severe distinction after all this time.

You can't make Sapiens into thinkers. You can't make melonheads into social clods and you can't take the excellent out of Neanderthal wherever it appears. These are huge gaps in traits and they constitute a breeding population that if isolated would develop along those lines even further.

It still remains true that Sapiens and Melonheads need Neanderthals (especially since Melonheads have only about half the genius they once did and it tends to be purely social engineering) it also hasn't changed that ultimately the Neanderthals don't really need anybody. If you took the Melonheads out of Sapiens society, the Sapiens would still prey on the Neanderthals and use them to do most of their brainwork (Greeks/Romans) but if you took the Neanderthals out both Melons and Saps would probably starve to death and revert to primitive king states once again. It's the magic 5% of the Thals that makes it go right when it still goes right somewhere.

MycroftJones said...

Tex, did my comment vanish? It was about "melon jaw" and the social structure of honey bees.

KW Jackson said...

Salting "shows" with bilge, like aliens & magic drugs, allows you to continue unmolested by the power structures.

IMO, Thals mostly made yogurt out of the milk.

Thals made beautiful tools out of jasper. You should buy some and leave them near your sleeping place. ;-)

There are three levers in minds that the current power-structure uses to keep its base.
1. Dunning-Kruger Effect. This is why most don't admit they're wrong. They over-estimate their intellect.
2. Millgram Experiment. The higher your formal education the more likely you will kill someone just because of the order-giver's perceived status - you probably won't even try and validate that status.
3. Stockholm Syndrome, captures the rest with threats forcing their inculcation into providing appeasement to their "captors" (the current power-structure's figures & representatives).

You posted that in "The Two Children of Grimaldi" comments-section.