Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Medicine : If it Works, It Is Illegal

I heard about this incredible natural treatment a couple years back and didn't know whether or not to believe the hype. I wonder now.

Goleic - This Stuff Works Too Well To Permit It To Be Sold Anywhere

GCMaf Time Lapse Photography

If the paranoid delusional fantasies we promote here at Vault-Co bear any resemblance to the real world then this stuff will soon be banned and made illegal all over the planet. The point of medicine nowadays is to reduce population, not keep them alive.


bicebicebice said...

They recently backed down on fluoride in Sweden, saying it was bad, hehe.
So, now they are gunning for colloidal silver, wanting it banned as a supplement that anyone can buy.

"Medicine : If it Works, It Is Illegal", indeed.

August said...

One of the things needed- home labs were we can make this and other stuff. I've been hearing about how coffee is the most sprayed crop- so I start thinking maybe I should change my brand, buy organic, but it seems to me it ought to be trivial to just test the coffee I have and see if it has stuff I don't like in it.