Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Koanic Soul Viciously Beats On Innocent Girl

I pitied this girl because she is so far in past her intellectual depth she might as well be trying to argue with the monolith in 2001:A Space Odyssey.

I was tempted to come in to white knight and tell the poor woman she wasn't as stupid as Koanic had made it plain she was. All I can say is this : Ladies, if you crawl into a bull fighting ring and get gored don't blame males for allowing this sport in public.

Koanic is way, way out there. He probably thinks more deeply on some of these subjects in ten minutes than most people will do over the course of their entire lives. If you're Paul Reubens don't pinch Mike Tyson's nose. You will get a severe beatdown. I wanted to write this girl and give her a link to and tell her to surf there and never return but she insisted on jumping right in and vomiting up her received ideas like she was proud of mindlessly memorizing them all.

Koanic is right. As a person who used to believe in the gospel of Paul Ehrlich, I can assure you that the "overpopulation crisis" is absolute rubbish. The planet could easily support 100 billion people without breaking a sweat ... if they were the right people with the right governments. The only governments that would ever be responsive enough and flexible enough would be the ones with the greatest individual freedom and the least government intrusion. A 100 Billion socialists would all be dead in fifteen minutes. Such governments simply cannot think fast enough on their feet to solve any problems that come up.


automatthew said...

Wheat and tares.

Anonymous said...

I take my chivalry from Mortal Kombat: "Finish her."

- Koanic