Monday, August 10, 2015

Jim Goad States The Obvious

When the obvious becomes radical fringe science it is safe to say your civilization isn't exactly roaring ahead in scientific advancement.

Jim Goad covers the basics here. It seems like rehashing ancient ground to me but I am sure some people will be hearing this stuff for the first time. I link to this article for their benefit.

P.S. Jim like all his generation gets it wrong when he assumes Cro-Magnons came out of Africa. They did no such thing. There are 14 haplogroups that signify African ancestry, the Cro-Magnon has none of them. Again, for those of you in back who may be hard of hearing, the Cro-Magnon according to DNA sequencing has none of the haplogroup markers for African ancestry. Zero. Zip. Nada. Nil. The Cro-Magnon appeared at the Southern tip of Europe as if he had been dropped from a helicopter in a crate that burst open when it hit the ground like the Nemesis Terminator from Resident Evil. Where the Cro-Magnon was before that, nobody knows because the evidence says he came out of nowhere. All we know is that he looks exactly like a Neanderthal that was stripped down and genetically reengineered to turn him into an unstoppable Neanderthal killing machine.


Grogard said...

Stupid peasants who built the country must be dipossessed and forced off their land into tiny but somehow more expensive condos, and attacking them on the basis of race has been the favorite tactic for the last decade or two.

As for the cromags, there is no real evidence of them coming from anywhere, only evidence of them pouring out of europe into africa and middle east. They may have been around in europe much longer for all we know, with neanderthals being "mountain people" and cromags being in the lowlands which are now under water.

Haplogroups from a few individuals doesn't really say much about anything. You could just as easily assume that modern haplogroups evolved from neanderthal lineages as anywhere else. If it has some other source then it's never been found. The one cromag that we have autosomal data for, indeed is pretty much exactly the same as a typical northern or central european, much like they just showed up one day all over europe at the same time.

Ja D said...

A good Goad.