Saturday, August 1, 2015

Eliminating All The Witnesses

I know it is from Sorcha Faal but you should read it anyway.

The Sorcha Faal site is trying to deflect attention at royalty in Britain so to this end gets 90% of the suppositions correct. That's good propaganda.

Clearly somebody is getting rid of all the people who provide clear contradiction to the official story of 9/11 and anyone who might have paper documentation to prove it. The Ladens were due to appear in court to produce actual documentation showing the CIA moved Bin Laden 24 hours earlier to Pakistan before the Twin Towers came down. This was confirmed in the mainstream media by Dan Rather and goes a long ways towards explaining why it is so important right now to slander Dan Rather in any way possible, they've got a new movie coming out of Hollyweird for that explicit purpose. I don't have any sympathy for Dan Rather but I know the smear campaign against him has nothing to do with right and wrong. He revealed too much on too many occasions.

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Sam said...

Queen Elizabeth responsible for 9-11? Please.I do take note of your noticing the witness elimination program.

They're also saying that the Vatican is the one running the banks and stealing all the money. Karen Hudes even said that they are hiding Melonheads at the Vatican who are running the show. I call this not likely. As the Chinese lady said when asked what held up the world,"It's Turtles all the way down." In this case it Jews all the way down. They're the instigators of 9-11 and a serious amount grief in all sorts of ways. Each faction of Jews is running their own little scam. The global warming scam, gold price manipulation scam, this scam, that scam. I don't believe they're all linked just a bunch of free lance Jew scams. However if one needs help from another they can ask and will get help from the global Jewish crime racket.

If you had a handful of people at the top not corrupt you could take all their asses down easy. They left so many clues and there's just not that many people in charge. The Jews whole game is just one big Milgram experiment. All would take would be a few people to say no and whole house of cards would come down.

The difficult part is finding someone to stop them. They have so much money it's difficult to ever move up into power without being a part of the problem.