Monday, August 24, 2015


It is literally inviting 100% monitoring around the clock into your home!!

UPDATE : Knew it! My computer has been freezing and seems to be streaming data constantly since my last update from Windows! I knew it, I could tell by the lags in network access all the time! BASTARDS! If I didn't need to support Windows in MingW for the first release of Vault-OS, I swear I would uninstall this spyware and replace it with a Linux flavour! I thought Windows 7 wasn't too shabby before this and was hoping to keep it for a while.

Hackers have already discovered full webcam backdoors, streaming of all audiovisual data to remote servers and full archiving of disk contents to the "cloud" without even requesting your permission or telling you!!!!

I'm getting a prompt in Windows 7 right now trying to strong-arm me into an upgrade. I am worried that Windows Update is going to corrupt my Win 7 installation without telling me anything.

Screw Microsoft, time for the consumers to dump them. If any of these big competitors had half a brain they'd recognize this as a huge opportunity to offer an alternative and steal away most of their customer base.


Grogard said...

XBox does all that, too. I find it especially funny since people on the site you link claim conspiracy1! like usual. But even the XBox has done this for ages and been discussed many times and no one seems to give a crap.

Aeoli Pera said...

Hey, it looks like your comments went directly to my spam box. Sorry about that, mistakes were made, etc.

Eric Green said...

I'm in the same boat, I hate Microsoft and Windows more every day but I still need their stupid OS for a couple of projects. The next time I retool my home computer I'm going with Mint or Fedora. Windows can be run without its spyware updates in VirtualBox or similar if you need it.

Russell (106) said...

They've used the smokescreen of needing to analyze sounds for Cortana.

I don't know how they are going to try to justify it for Windows 7, however.

I installed Windows 10 for about a week, then wiped it and reinstalled 7.

Now I'm thinking of dual booting with a Linux distro like Manjaro or Mint again. Stable Debian is stable, but I've found it much better for servers than desktops or laptops.

bicebicebice said... :]

Luke said...

I've been using Mint on and off for several years and recommend it. Does anyone know if uninstalling the update on Windows 7/8 will actually work?

HalibetLector said...

I'd be careful even using some linux distros:

The state of desktop operating systems is a big bowl of shit.

Russell (106) said...


I had Windows 7 installed, then upgraded to 10. I didn't like it, so I wiped my laptop and installed 7 from scratch. After a million updates, the update for Windows 10 popped up. I went online and found instructions to remove it from the registry to prevent it from running. Once that was done I haven't had a problem with it.

Grogard said...

Too bad linux has turned to such crap.

Russell (106) said...

Depends on the distro.