Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Apple CEO Destroys Company in Record Time

As soon as Steven Jobs passed away, this guy's highest priority is to tell the world he is gay and the new chief executive of Apple.

A week later they release a phone that bends permanently out of shape after it warms up in somebody's pocket, an engineering disaster.

Investors notice these kinds of things. They notice when a CEO is not assuring stockholders the company is in secure hands but is instead a flake telling people he recently got into a gay marriage like that is the focus of his job at Apple. Investors are not stupid. They know when the fruitcakes have taken over. It is amazing Microsoft was not in worse shape with Steven Ballmer at the helm. I think the people at Apple are even more clueless than the Balmy was when he assumed control over Microsoft.

Apple and Microsoft were great companies for a while. The problem is that soon or later they had to pass into the hands of Kwanzanians and these people could not organise a bowel movement that didn't end in a tragic mess.


deadman said...

Not too dissimilar to the overt politically correct emphasis of Starbucks.

The recent racially motivated "race together" campaign of Starbucks (#racetogether).
Was easily mocked by a mere reorientation of the letters :

"race to get her".

Kind of rapey...

- deadman

Aeoli Pera said...

"Investors are not stupid."

I firmly believe that people will be as stupid as their environment will comfortably allow. This is just human nature. But the embarrassment and financial discomfort of being wrong over and over will cause an investor to eventually boot up that big ole supercomputer gathering dust in his skull.

Wisdom = Suffering * IQ

Grogard said...

All of this politically correct stuff is not something that corporations get forced into as most seem to think, they are pushed out as corporate sponsored social-terror agendas in the first place.

Its real purpose is to put the slaves/institutionalized cuckolds into their place and force them to work their lives away without ever daring to create a worthwhile family life that might take away time from their corporate slavery. I was always a lover of scifi and unfortunately all the cool things that the future promised never came to be, but the most twisted and laughable ones that I dismissed as parody all have. Of course scifi today has been subverted as well, you can't pick up an Amazing Stories without some random gay sex and multiple stories about evil white man colonialism libel that has nothing to do with either scifi OR historical fact.

Apple has always been an innovator in screwing over the IT and manufacturing job base, so when they finally collapse nothing of value will be lost.

I remember the old game Crusader: No Remorse, a true PC classic. Apple is exactly the kind of oppressive slave-driver company that game took potshots at. I still think about one of the diary entries where some corporate cube-slave whines about how he requested permission from his boss to date one of his coworkers and was refused because it might cut into his productivity. All this 'liberty' gets pushed out from 'the top' not from a grass roots level, and the purpose is pretty clear to anyone who has a brain. Just look at [every tv show in last 20 years] where women are basically told they aren't allowed to have kids because it might interfere with their career (lol). If that is not corporate 'culture' being hammered into the subconscious of the public I don't know what on earth is.

Russell (106) said...

When they announced Cook as the CEO of Apple, I said he'd prove to be Apple's Ballmer.

But I had no idea it would be so darn fast.

Edward said...

Intelligence is what you demonstrate when you want what you can't have. So yes, austerity matters, even in an environment without an absolute shortage of resources.

Ave said...

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Technically I'm not "thinking outside the box" (hate that expression) but rather into the corners of the box that many people look away from. I always like to have feedback from interesting people.