Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Why Is ISIS Wasting Their Time Destroying Archaeological Sites?

What possible gain could come from such things?

If your legitimacy is founded on a faked history that never happened, you might want to get somebody to destroy legitimate ruins from the past.

History is just another tool to psychopaths, who seek to bend it to conceal evidence of their crimes.


FrankNorman said...

Tex, anyone who claims the Biblical account of the Flood was "copied almost verbatim from the Epic of Gilgamesh" shouldn't be taken seriously.
And that article itself has the explanation for the lack of archeological remains from the ancient Israelite state: there are people in that part of the world who make it their business to destroy things like that.
What we are seeing there, I opine, is another chapter in the sad story of Middle-eastern inter-tribal war. They don't just conquer - they exterminate. And then try to remove all traces that the people they mass-murdered ever existed.

Imagine if, when the Anglo-Saxons took over England, or the Normans for that matter, they'd made a point of demolishing Stonehenge, and all the old Roman-era buildings. They didn't, because northern Europeans don't think that way - but there are people who do.

Texas Arcane said...


Yet the Baghdad museum and everything in it survived many thousands of years intact until right up to the modern era.

I think that melonheads are organising a large scale destruction of the past so they can rewrite history altogether with a childish, orwellian narrative they prefer.

Grognard said...

That's why out of africa theory is so chilling. Does not have good implications for their imagined future history.

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