Thursday, April 16, 2015

Vaccine Jackboots On The March

Ja Vohl! Der vaccinashuns vill be administered to all incoming camp inmates without exsepshun!

Terminal madness of the end times. Modern people are as dumb as stumps and twice as thick.

No more exemptions for anal suppositories, either! Spread those cheeks, where are my latex gloves!

Entire Western world is busy becoming a cheap Italian exploitation film about a dystopian society.

I was on my way home today and saw two misspelled street signs. If only I could hover in a UFO and watch all this stuff, I would laugh myself to tears. It is less funny when you have to live down here amongst these chimpmanzees and be subjected to this tragicomedy.

I was flipping through a newspaper and saw another two misspelled headlines. Remember, these "people" have digital spellchecking available. Overall functional literacy is inferior to the start of the 19th century with handset typeface blocks. These same "people" believe the safety or effectiveness of vaccines to be a subject that cannot be questioned or even contemplated.

Only the police can be trusted with guns. Because of edjamafacashun.

If only they gave police vaccination guns like Tasers and if they detected non-compliance or a lax vaccine renewal they could just shoot you in the neck at traffic stops without a right of refusal. Then the improvamentation will be truly improvamented. They could have two guns and just fire them at babies while the parents tried to shield them with their bodies. Because its good for you, don't fight it. Its got super immunity response vitameatavegamite in it that makes you immune to all diseases. If the kid dies within 24 hours in convulsions it is totally unrelated.

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