Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Elites Are Welding The Hatch Shut From The Inside

They didn't get that rich by being honest or stupid.

They are getting ready because they can see the obvious. The sheeple are told all is well and they should continue shopping right through to the bitter end.

Increasingly, the West is every man for himself and his own. There is no community left to appeal to for help. For a million years prior men have turned to their collective efforts to overcome ills but these people have engineered a world where it is everybody reduced to atomised consumer units with no extended family of any kind.

It is all part of the plan.


Russell said...

Good riddance.

Don't get me wrong, it's going to suck. But it will offer opportunities. If you live in a more traditional environment, say on good terms with your parents, siblings and extended family, and that family lives fairly close, well, you have the groundwork to build on.

Tribes will be important. Build them them now, know how to build them, the future will need men that can form cohesive social structures that protect women and children.

Eric Green said...

Homeland Security and military in the US conducting martial law exercises. All economic indicators other than the fake unemployment numbers are bad. Does someone believe an economic mega-collapse is imminent?

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