Monday, April 27, 2015

The Black Hole Between His Ears

Hawkings Yawkin' 'Bout The Usual Drivel

Holograms make it more scienmajistical. I thought an appearance by the Teletubbies would've made it perfect.

Wait, humans are violent and aggressive?!? Stop the presses! I take it all back, it was worth the money to keep this Luftmensche in cheap liquor and hookers if he figured that out all by himself.

Tenth generation. They think anything is scienmagistical if its got like ... lasers n'stuf. All I need to win a Nobel nowadays is a mirrored disco ball, pocket laser pointer and a white lab coat.


Bob Wallace said...

He reminds me of Heinlein's Waldo.

bicebicebice said...

scipio afircanus said...

you also need Brawndo and electrolytes

bicebicebice said...

Simon said...

Atomic Bomb Health Benefits:

lysander said...

When is this poser going to die already? He's a living, breathing example of "Modern Art'. that is, something completely irrelevant, useless and incomprehensible.

The entirety of his life's work was judged to be completely wrong and worse than useless. Now THERE'S a great legacy!

And yet the media assholes still talk reverently to him, like he was a hero or a god or something.