Friday, April 10, 2015

Sodomite Planet

Good Catholics who participate in the Eucharist are mocking God.

Come out of this so-called "church," it is the devil's handmaiden on Earth.

If you think this is bad you should see what they used to get away with before the internet.

Let all the stones of these buildings be struck asunder and collapse on the heads of the demons who dwell inside them. We can always build new ones. The mission of Jesus Christ had nothing to do with the construction of great cathedrals if only monsters entered the doors when they were finished. Pray imprecatory prayer that the fiends who rule over this false kingdom of gold and treasures will be laid low and those hats knocked from their heads.

Martin Luther's work is almost complete. Things can only get better afterwards but it is difficult to imagine them much worse.

They have always been like dead men's tombs, whitewashed and bleached outside but all corruption and decay within.

Tony Palmer Tries To Jump Into Hell In Evil Knievel Motorcycle Stunt, Succeeds In Leaping Across All Ten Commandments to Land On Fiery Shore.

Nothing is funnier to Jesuits than Crucifixion jokes.


speakeasyx said...

This church (Catholicism) has the liturgical key to God's ear. They have all of the Word, they have the direct revelations from YHWH Himself. We all do, of course, right there in writing. But the Catholics know what Western Protestantism has forgotten, which is that God's Wisdom is initiatory, fulfilled through consistency and repetition of His Name and Glory. And by consistently putting our intellect under the rule of our soul, our 'heart' as it were, so that we are mirroring our Father, and not some pagan duality.

AND YET THEY ARE NO DIFFERENT from their Pharisee predecessors. The ones He called vipers.

I do not envy their judgment. It's one thing to be one of the 'unwashed masses', as the term goes, and be ignorant of liturgical concepts, as well as deeper philosophical questions concerning metaphysics. God has mercy on those who seek Him, even when they are ignorant.

This institution, as you noted, needs to be torn down. Ripped asunder. The Heavens need to rain down fire upon those who would take what He freely gives and use it to twist His own Creation.

njartist said...

Yeah, believing in Solo Christo, Sola Scriptura, Sola Fide, and Sola Gratia gets us called Vipers: take your damned Babylonian assembly of Satan and go to Hell.

NjordDanuson said...

To be called a viper by them for telling the truth is a far greater honor then any medal ribbon or fancy certificate could contain.

J.M. said...

I agree with speakeasyx to an extent. The demise of organized catholicism and its replacement by a counterchurch was foretold already by saints and the Bible and Saints. This demise can be traced back to the end of the 19th (that was the time when Pope Leo had his vision of the smoke of Satan sneaking into the Church when heretics were already in high positions, spreading heresy). By the time of the Vatican II everything was ready, the tree was rotten enough and it was just a matter of pushing it and the fall was certain. Nowadays there are almost no Catholics in the world. What passes for Catholic today are just cafeteria "Christians" and neopagans that worship demons literally and unwittingly...

However it does not make the heretics like our Host and other right. They will be damned as well due to their rejection of Christ and what he thought. As simple as that. Rome has become the seat of the Antichrist (as was prophesied but Protestants are damned since in our day there is no excuse to be ignorant.

@Njartist: You claim to be Sola Scriptura however no one (besides a mason-satanist masquerading as "Catholic bishop" ) has rejected the Lord's Word more than a Protestant...

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