Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pedophiles Look Out For One Another

Like this judge, who suggested a three year old may have been asking for it.

Learn to see these connections. Don't do what ordinary people do and just assume it is some random coincidence. It isn't and decades of evidence proves it.

Even when they do manage to get themselves arrested, they usually have high placed friends who will knock the conviction back at some point and let 'em go. Jimmy Savile is just the tip of the iceberg of what is happening out there. Tip of the iceberg. If you are feeling paranoid about these critters you are starting to think realistically about this problem.

Don't trust your kids to authority figures. Period. Ever. If you can help it. Never.

You don't understand it until you get a real creepy Young Goodman Brown vibe. If you live in Britain you are probably seeing your world through rose-colored glasses. It is likely much worse than you think.


Russell said...

It's not just the peds. It's the entire political structure at this point, all of them covering up each other's sins.

Ave said...

The video is very disturbing, the closest you'll ever want to come to child pornography.

I believe the current russian government is at war against this kind of society.

However, this also shows how fragile the situation in Russia can be. A removal or departure from Putin could well be followed by "The Yeltsin Years" V2.0 (now with more baby buggering).