Friday, April 24, 2015

News That Will Make Your Day

The clown is riding out in his little toy car. People aren't eating this crap anymore.

That's what you get for serving customers chicken nuggets dipped in shellac.

See ya. Life is hard but it is bound to get a little better when Ronald drinks himself to death in a cheap flophouse after getting the news they got bought out by Hungry Jack.

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Rich Trickey said...

Rather than enjoy their market share with their classic menu, they endlessly fiddle with their products, adding crap noone wants and constantly bumping the prices. $9 for a big mac meal at the nearest shop here (it's in West Yellowstone, MT, I admit. Tourist trap prices don't explain that much of a price hike though.)

Union backed minimum wage hikes for their store staffs are going to make it even worse.

I worked in fast food and pizza chains for 20 odd years, and I truly believe the public doesn't give a crap about the quality of cheap food. If McD's would prune the low selling high end crap and go back to focusing on cheeseburgers, big macs and mcchicken sammies, they might be able to dig out of the whole theyve dug, but I'm not counting on it. Besides, there are FAR better fast food options these days.