Friday, April 10, 2015

Is China On The Brink Of Collapse?

Some people claim it is so but you have to remember misery loves company. The Kwanstain is almost certainly at the final stage of complete economic collapse.

Here is hoping it is not as bad there as the article suggests.

UPDATED : Link was broken, fixed now. Thanks to those who spotted it. Wall Street journal trying to make people subscribe to read it.


Ave said...

It's a broken link (linking to as far as I'm concerned.

Daniel said...

Hi Tex,

The link is incorrect.


Ted Walther said...

Link is broken... surely you weren't trying to link us to, Tex?

Charity said...

The link just goes back to blogger, FYI.

lysander said...

The link is broken for me. I was sent to a "Blogger" page that was kind of weird to me.

Ave said...

He's not a Melonhead, he's from Metaluna.