Wednesday, April 1, 2015

GTA Beeyotch

Western Medicine Achieves It's Pinnacle In Extending The Lives Of The Improvers

Brother encountered breakaway safety glass as he passed through windshield, heard to comment "That's just like the man, always throwing up obstacles to a brother gettin' ahead!"

This reminds me of that scene at the start of IDIOCRACY where the very best medical treatment is able to restore reproductive function to a guy who impaled his testicles on an iron gate trying to jump a Jetski into a swimming pool.

I am sure that centuries of advancements leading to successful heart transplants was all about enabling those seeking a second chance to break into the private homes of the elderly and gun them down at close range.

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lysander said...

LOL, this is friggen classic. Thanks, Tex, for the day brightener. I used to get upset over stories like this, but now I laugh and welcome them with open arms, as it hastens the end of this mess called 'Murika. Maybe next time some do-gooders and doctors will use public money to save the precious life of a serial killer who has a respectable tally of victims, and then set him free to "turn his life around".

It reminds me of the case in Michigan about 20 years ago where a Mexican illegal alien's baby had a rare affliction that necessitated an elite team of doctors, some of whom were flown in from Switzerland, to save the life of this future gang-banger.

Beautiful. So heartwarming. The operation and care cost the taxpayers over $2.5 Million, and you should have seen the photo of the proud doctors sobbing with joy at the press conference.

Itz almost here.