Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Free Markets and Private Police

The fact is, police paid by the citizens themselves will always be more accountable and more professional.

The best police are those subject to termination at any time for failure in the line of duty and possible prosecution.

I've worked in security and I can tell you they are better at weeding out corruption over the long term than the government ever was. Given enough time, a private security firm will clean house and throw crooks out sooner or later if only to retain the trust of its clients.

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Russell said...

One of the biggest reasons is a private force has to answer to the bottom line financially but bureaucratic force only has to answer to what their superiors have decided to be important.

In theory, those superiors are subject to the voting public, in practice they game the system so voting is irrelevant.

Free market principles work better mostly because the process is far more transparent.

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