Saturday, April 25, 2015

Castration By Conquering Armies of Barbarians

A practice in ancient times was for invaders to castrate children to genocide them but to allow them to grow up to appreciate the horrifying fate given to them.

The conquerors of the West are also seeking to castrate children as an expression of their power and the complete submission of the population. It is barbaric cruelty to prove they can steal away any promise of a future for that race. The final act of the hegemon is not only to steal everything you ever had or will have but also to steal what you might have had or could have had. This is the final act of improvamentation, a fate worse than death itself.

Thought and speech controls on anyone who suggests chopping off children's d*cks might be anything but a wunnerful wunnerful doubleplus-good practice.


dé bile said...

I'll never understand what kind of sub human it takes to pull this stuff. Even in harsh times of old, who would think of castrating children for fun?

Winkyboy said...

The better way to do this kind of thing would be to create some kind of medical treatment, or tweak the general food supply, in the name of alleviating disease and/or suffering, but with the intention of long-term disabling of progeny. You wouldn't even have to kill their offspring - just change them enough to make them sexually unattractive, or mentally disabled. This way, it's almost impossible to prove you're doing anything wrong, and in fact you look like a hero to the very people you're destroying.

Edward said...

Erm, it's that exactly what they are/have been doing? You don't even have to poison the water supply deliberately, just let natural pollution/wastage take it's course, and then cover-up/deny all knowledge of the science behind the consequences.

It's a bit late to do much about it now

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