Friday, April 3, 2015

33 Fun Facts About Kwanstainia

Modest estimates suggest over half the U.S. Population suffers from mental illness or is on head meds at any given moment.

Can you blame them? Their country is screwed beyond hope and most of them know they have zero chance of doing anything about it. Learned helplessness is worse than panic, terror or trauma in terms of the long term damage it does to the human brain. It "bakes into" neurochemistry and becomes part of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Increasingly, the feeling one can do nothing is a realistic reflection of the striking lack of ability to do something about anything.

Some people call them a "lost generation" already, as if they were going to bounce back after this. It is not just this generation that is lost but every one that comes after it as well. The silver cord has been loosened, this bind of culture, potential and example will not assemble itself again. The West is lost now, nothing is going to bring it back.

Full speed ahead on the "recovery"


theepilgrim said...

Eternal Recurrence. Everything in the universe repeats itself.

Human civilizations have risen and fallen far more times than our prescribed historical doctrine would lead us to believe. The Egyptian Pyramids and Sphinx are not 4 000 years old, I would wager they're closer to 40 000.

What I notice about the ancient structures in Egypt, South America and other parts of the world is that they were built with one thing in mind above all else: that they last. Everything about their engineering indicates that durability was the prime directive in their construction. Almost like they knew, one day, it would be all that was left of them.

KW Jackson said...

Pharaoh thinking provides a great framework to understand all elitists; past and present, as well as how they are likely to conduct themselves into the future. These things need to be remembered:
1. they have the best teachers that can be found.
2. they do not ever have to worry about their basics being provided (Maslow's lower hierarchies of needs)
3. they are bred from rich, aggressive, intelligent, socially adroit, stock
4. although you may comprehend their general position, you are not as smart as them
5. they are quite willing to make plans for their great-grandchildren to carry out.
6. failure is something they are not afraid of because it never hangs on them.

Ron said...

hey Tex, I just saw this youtube sketch and immediately thought of you

I think you will appreciate this one

Eric Green said...

'Thal almost kills melonhead supervillain. Had a "profound sense of justice" and worked alone, meticulously, for weeks toward a result that he must have known would ultimately result in his own death. Unlike a Saps, this guy didn't just do what he was told.

Californian enrichmentation and improvementation paying off:

Ave said...

Eric Green : Hitler was in no way a Melonhead. First, you know, his head. It was normal.

Then all the other stupid stuff that happened under his watch.

Melonheads are not public persons. Neither are Thals, like Eisenhower.

MacArthur, that great buffoon, was very much Sapiens and craved attention, even when messing things up (Philippines...)

Eric Green said...

@ Ave

I think Hitler predominantly was a melon, at least insofar as the characteristics are understood around here, although of course he wasn't a complete phenotype. Modern cults of personality like Steve Jobs would seem to fit the definition as well, although of course Jobs had the high charisma and bulletproof self-assuredness while lacking much in the way of technical prowess. Again, incomplete.

If I understand Vault-Co epistemology correctly, then modern humans are a combination of "melonhead"/Neanderthal/"early human" (H. heidelbergensis/Cro-Magnon) features, mostly early human, but occasionally you get an individual with hyperdeveloped characteristics of one of the others. Virtually nobody is going to be a complete specimen. Modern Ashkenaz Jews and Chinese evidently have higher concentrations of Neanderthal DNA than other ethnic groups, which may in turn be why they're smarter on average than everybody else, but obviously they don't resemble the original Neanderthal in most other respects. Etc.

I should probably say here that I don't believe there is a distinct hominid species that could be termed a "melonhead", and I use the term as shorthand to describe the combination of high intelligence and high charisma as inheritable characteristics subject to the usual evolutionary pressures. I'm not convinced that Egyptian statues of giant-headed pharaohs are any less metaphorical or symbolic than the bulbous-headed aliens on Star Trek. They may be a tacit admission that brain size matters, but it doesn't prove that such beings ever existed.

(Of course, that's what they want me to think.)

Texas Arcane said...

@Eric Green

To be more specific, at the great slave revolt in Sumeria a short time ago, the ruling classes were forced to become gypsies when driven out and they took their ancient bodyguards and emissaries with them. Over the past 5000 years they have interbred with this caste to produce a new breed altogether. They feel destined to rule again and nothing will shake their instinctive drives towards this end.

If you're thinking to yourself that I just pulled that wild delusional fantasy out of thin air, I ask you - why are so many original unaltered names of Ashkenazi variations on the same names of the Sumerian royal families and why do they name their children after angels and demons that are part of the shared mythology between the Torah and the Akkadian myth cycle? Again and again where you find the rare name that has not been changed to hide their origins, you will find variations of Sargon, Hashem and Nahash, the serpent cults that ruled the ancient world. There is a method to my madness but I have to save something for my book when I write it.

266c5e44-81f5-11e3-ab41-000bcdcb5194 said...

And what would you suggest to a denizen of the US to do about things?