Tuesday, March 24, 2015

War As An Instrument Of Genocide

For the attackers and the defenders.

It doesn't matter who wins. Both sides lose.

Australia began to have its traditional family unit hacked apart in 1916 and even the customs of marriage and childbirth turned into "special cases." The simplest interactions between living biological organisms were gradually redefined as anomalies and this weakened the country for many successive kinds of cultural attacks in several swift waves. The result is always the same seen over the course of time for all the Western nations.

Civilizations are a way to organize the protection of women and children. That's all they exist for. To argue otherwise is the tactic of those doomed to oblivion. The sands of history testify to the fate of people who allow themselves to be confused in this regard.


Herman said...

"Social responsibility above the level of family, or at most of tribe, requires imagination-- devotion, loyalty, all the higher virtues -- which a man must develop himself; if he has them forced down him, he will vomit them out."

Sitara said...

9 Earthquakes in Seattle volcano just now

What's going on?

Alex N said...

Jeez, Tex. Don’t be so irresponsible. We need practical types like you to do your duty defending us from the intolerant Muslims. Those pepped up young bucks don’t stand a chance against a fine purebred stud like yourself. I’ll stay home and provide counselling to the women and children. Their mental health will be safe with me.