Sunday, March 1, 2015

Tenth Generation Perverts

The Ottomans were exactly like the late-era rulers of all declining civilizations.

They were a bunch of vile Jimmy-Savile-style degenerates who neglected the traditional family, child-rearing, duty, honor and the martial and masculine virtues. Their end was the same as all the others.

History is a play you can see different parts of over and over again, depending on the timing of your birth. Part of me is grateful to have been born a month before they shot John F. Kennedy. It is the best vista from which to parvue the death of the Western world. During my life I have gotten to see all the classic plot points and watch the same lines of dialogue that are part of the classic play. If there were no change of actors it would be unbearable. (Nietszche)

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Sitara said...

Would just like to clarify, that article Tex linked to has made a mistake in saying Islam does not condone homosexuality. The Quran does specifically address the issue of homosexuality. It is a grievous sin and the punishment is death.

Regarding the issue with the Ottomans, it would not be surprising at all if they indulged in such sickness. This happens to every society, it is sadly inevitable which happens when traditional theocratical values are abandoned. And unsurprisingly, the empire falls apart/implodes soon after, as did the Ottoman Empire.