Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Amazing geographic extension source code for SQLite.

I've been corresponding with a guy who uses PHP and SpatiaLite in web front-ends to surf to Google Map and leech vast amounts of geographic information, tilesets and corresponding data for areas that concern him. When his data is loaded it no longer required GoogleMaps to display or reference them.

I thought this was an amazing mechanism for VOS to quickly build complex geographic information for areas with little or no entry required by the user. I am currently investigating this idea. Where he uses PHP I could easily use simply Javascript to call back to AJAX methods built-in to the VOS server.

Breakdown on the subject for preppers here.

A VOS based substitute on a floppy might be nearly as important for version one as inventory and resources management. I want the first version to be so legendary that people are talking about it for the next 100 years. I want people to say "Texas gave away a batcave-in-a-box on day one when it went open source. It had everything but the kitchen sink when it launched."

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