Friday, March 27, 2015

Russia Devoted To Packing For ITZ

Preparing accordingly for the coming Third World War

(Courtesy Vault-Co Reader)

Notice the article mentions that the construction of 5000 new shelters could run as high as a billion dollars in Russia, compared with the United States which has not invested $2.00 since the 1970's in a Civil Defense program, dismantling even what little they had.

The funny thing to think about in comparison is Steve Ballmer recently paying two billion dollars for a basketball team, which isn't even a real commodity in any sane sense of the word. In Russia that same amount of money is devoted by the government to saving the lives of 100,000+ citizens.

Feeling sorry for Kwanstainia is a lot like feeling sorry for the inhabitants of Sodom. Strangers would care more about them than they ever did about themselves. The truth is, the end came as a mercy killing. Better they should cease to exist than to continue in such debauched degenerate meaninglessness.


lysander said...

I spoke to the female Mayor of the small city where I live. To her credit, she listens to people who wish to speak out about their concerns.

I asked her if she knew what would happen if there was an EMP attack, and wondered if there were contingency plans laid out for that kind of event. She laughed a little and said "no". She added that we would "all go down together" because there was no plan to save anyone, not even the local government.

At least I was comedy gold for her that day. I wonder how hard she'll be laughing when ITZ comes.

Where I live 99.99% of the people deserve what is coming for them. They are so ignorant that it's lucky that their respiratory functions are naturally automatic, because they would forget to breath.

How the hell did Sapians last this long?

podrag said...

I think the Kremlin reads Vault Co haha