Friday, March 20, 2015

People Who Live In Glass Vaults Shouldn't Throw Nukes

Civil Defense Program For Western Civilization Doesn't Exist

Set Us Up The Bomb

I am sure after 70 years of decline since the end of the last World War, people will sober up and pull together in the aftermath somehow to restore Kwanstainia to greatness.

Or not. Nobody sane left enough to restore anything.

Nobody likes an I-told-you-so.

I told you so on this blog about 15 years ago but I knew much earlier than that it was coming. You could see it taking shape back then. Even knowing a little human history seems to give you superhuman powers of clairvoyance to those who know nothing at all. It is not that hard to extrapolate because basic manboon nature never changes.

If you want to see how completely out to lunch most of the Western world is, check out this article where they talk like they are living in the Star-Trek future utopia and nuclear war is a forgotten threat from the ancient past. They are radioactive tater-tots just waiting to happen. Putin's guests at an outdoor barbecue with China working the grill. Sheeple are apparently comic extras in the next World War.


Herman said...

Americans really underestimate the Chinese and Russian military power.

deadman said...

Side note :
Scientists Confirm Institute of Medicine Recommendation for Vitamin D Intake Was Miscalculated and Is Far Too Low

- deadman

Grognard said...

Oba reminds me of the last mad emperors of rome at this point. Declaring war on Neptune, and fake wars on distant foes no longer remotely beatable.

In the 80s or 90s US could afford to antagonize Russia. At this point it's just suicidal. This is what happens when your cabinet comes through paying off campaign donors and backroom deals. Completely divorced from reality.

August said...

It isn't that there aren't people sane enough to restore it. We are actively discriminated against and marginalized. It is a strange world in which one has to be thankful Putin, of all people, has some sense of restraint.