Thursday, March 12, 2015

Merck Faked MMR Vaccine Trial Results and Effectiveness


The untouchable, unassailable religious faith-based MMR!!! Only a conspiracy nut would dare suggest it was hurting more kids than it ever helped!

Being sued by U.S. Federal government for FRAUD. I bet you think I made this story up. Nope.


Jake said...

In your last vaccine post, I mentioned a friend who had wisely somewhat protected her kids by delaying vaccinations, and avoiding the worst ones.
We continued our discussion, and she just told me that she recently took the flu vaccine, against her better judgment.
She immediately got sick, her hypothyroidism got way worse and she had to increase her meds, and she started hemorrhaging. Wow.
I'm glad I decided to avoid all such "medicines" some time ago.

Sam said...

I quit taking flu shots 10 years ago? Maybe longer. It's not that I disagree with vaccine theory it's that the vaccines we have today have poor quality control and they mix too much cramp in with them. It's just not worth the risk. I did take a Tetanus shot about 6 months ago. Maybe they're not perfect but when I work on my property I often get small cuts from machinery, stickers, wood splinters, etc. Having shots is helpful.