Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Give Us Your Guns

The government will protect your children. 

Unless a gun is necessary for hunting, there is no reason for any private individual to own one, particularly someone in a family with school age children.

I can think of a reason.

Only criminals want to disarm their fellow man. It doesn't matter if they dress themselves up with respectability. The only person who would ever want to take away the right to defend oneself, especially from women and children, would be an evil person intending to do them harm whether they are conscious of that impulse or not. Most of mankind lacks the capacity for reflection, this means many terrible atrocities begin with somebody who does not have self-understanding.

Don't you think Stalin and Cromwell believed they knew what was best for others? Of course they did. But look at their fruits. Rivers of blood.

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Vombat said...

Deception then coercion. Armed citizens capable of defending themselves and holding them accountable for their actions makes it harder for them to "suppress dissent and resistance to destructive policies and broken systems".

Itz most definitely coming. Good to see you again Tex...long time since Aussurv forum. Glad to see you have kept yourself gainfully employed! :-)