Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cutting Edge Photos From Gobekli-Tebe

Link to a .PDF file with smoking fresh photos of recently excavated artifacts

Incredible sculpture, giant statues, ornate pillars, elaborate architecture.

Previously we were told that our ancestors were barely down out of the trees going "eek-eek" like monkeys and throwing their own feces at one another while foraging for grub larvae in rotting trees during this period.

Rather than being an early settlement I would be the first to suggest this is prime evidence that Gobekli-Tebe was a mere outpost of a worldwide oceanic empire that had existed for a long, long time. All the different animals in the carvings, are any of these even native to this area? They seemed to know about all kinds of different flora and fauna far outside this region. There is also a clearly established rank and file with different head gear and clothing for different orders of the society. These guys were not mammoth hunting last year and then decided to switch careers mid-life and become stone mason monolithic builders the next year. No way. If you read the preface that's the exact absurd story these scienmagistic types are trying to front-load so their existing chronology is not disrupted. Sometimes you have to wonder where their priorities lie, in discovery or concealment of information. Science seeks to discover, hierarchies seek to conceal.

If you look at many Neolithic structures and ruins in Europe, those are obviously pretty crude efforts by people who did not specialize in masonry or stone work. Heaps of big rocks and stone huts, these guys could have been mammoth hunting one year, building some religious centres the next. Gobekli-Tebe is a whole world away and completely different from any of those settlements in Europe. This looks like a society with an extensive division of labor and countless centuries of people who made a nice living getting paid to carve stuff and build things.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pennsylvania Sued For Reality Based Mindcrime

Remember, I just link'em. I don't write'em.

I will feel a lot safer knowing you can be a police officer without necessarily being in good enough shape to even help yourself, much less anybody else.

I could cite a dozen instances where female officers have been left alone with 350 pound perps in the mistaken assumption that anyone can be a cop. The results continue to baffle and amaze Kwanstainians.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Whatever Doctors Tell You, Do The Opposite

They are a bunch of a**holes out to kill you. No, really.

When in doubt, remember doctors are the last people in the world who are going to give you good advice on any subject. They're idiots. Nowadays medical school weeds out anyone with an IQ above room temperature.

Monday, July 28, 2014

2014 = 1914

Yep. Looks exactly the same.

Manboons. Manboons never change.

World War I shocked people at the advances made in the art of killing other people.

World War III will be like that, multiplied by a factor of a million.

Three Teenagers - Or $1 Billion Dollars In Natural Gas?

Why Gaza is worth one hell of a lot of money to whoever holds it.

Three teens onboard the Lusitania firing at the U.S.S. Liberty

If God loves "Israel" (and not Abraham and his descendants, a majority of whom are Palestinians) then why has he put valuable resources everywhere but Israel? Maybe God is trying to tell them something.

Snuffed In Cold Blood For Selling Cigarettes

This is worse, much worse than than the brutality that triggered the L.A. Riots. Much worse.

Cops are going nuts in the Kwa. Killing people every day, seven days a week, four weeks a month, twelve months a year for the most minor offences (most of them not really justifying anything more than a ticket or citation) with what appears to be no accountability. If we did it, we'd be prosecuted for murder which is what it is.

Put the video controller on the floor and your hands in the air

BLAM. Blown away with CALL OF DUTY paused on single player campaign. Serves him right for wielding an unlicensed joystick.

Heads Up - Ebola Super Epidemic May Be Starting

Spreading a little further than usual, if you don't drown that cat it might get out of the bag

Keep your eyes open. Check your preps. Things could change really quickly.

Darn, I discarded three boxes of a hundred mouth & nose masks when we moved. There's no such thing as hoarding when supplies like this are needed.

Ask yourself who these people came in contact with before they were diagnosed.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Third Biggest Bubble In Modern History

One whopping stock bubble about to pop.

Same mistakes, same cyclic timing, same preconditions, same responses, same counter responses, same outcomes.

Manboons are not learning animals.

The Holocene Is Over

If there was a better way to make all of mankind look utterly clueless I am not aware of it.

The only people who saw this coming were Robert Felix, Whitley Streiber, a handful of cranks and fringe nuts including me ... and most of the real scientists around the globe. Knowing now how easy it is to fool almost all seven billion people on the planet I have trouble believing that anyone could trust government funded "scientists" ever again for any reason.

Reality nowadays is only of interest to a tiny eclectic spectrum of enthusiasts. The rest just don't have any natural curiosity about the real world. That is why it is always taking them by surprise when it intrudes upon their fantastic group delusions.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Powering Body Computers With Human Heat?

This clever girl was able to power a flashlight using this principle.

Peltier tiles are marvelous, cheap and simple to produce. If she could power a flashlight with LEDs I am pretty certain human waste heat could power a computer sewn into a vault suit. I imagined the interface to the internal OS to be a simple infrared LED to network the chip into the surrounding shelter.

I've got so many ideas like this and so little time at present. I have to get a couple of things out of the way before I experiment with it.

Notice how the important advances tend to come from teenage girls with 26 dollar budgets but all those billion dollar think tanks have an output that looks like squat, nothing, zip, zero for the past couple of decades? They need to ask this girl to cure cancer next, they should loan her another 26 bucks.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Aftermath Realistic Appraisal

I'd say this is pretty accurate with the exception that the ash would be back down in 5 years, not 20

These guys are using Carl Sagan's research which was later revealed to be Soviet propaganda fed directly into Sagan's ears.

Otherwise, mostly accurate. Ozone depletion would definitely be a problem. It is a solvable problem if you could screen your greenhouse a little against UV burn of your plants. Still better if you grow them on LED lights underground.

The most important single module of Vault-OS when the source code is released is the permaculture hydroponics management system. I consider everything else secondary to that.

I would love to saturation bomb the VOS source code and have it up in two weeks but everybody keeps me busy with other things. I just cannot sit down and burn out an alpha version until I get my other projects done. Once a week I vow I am going to throw it up on GitHub then I think … I have at least got to get that hydroponics controller screen with web pages working before I do that.

My sticking point for DOS has been thread management which takes a lot of cross-platform code to support in Desqview. I have a burning desire to make sure the DOS version works correctly in version one when it is released as open source. I keep making changes that require testing on three platforms to verify it is working correctly. That takes a lot of time.

I thought of something last week called "the application farm," which is a flexible library of drop-in tools that people could add to VOS to support their own special needs. It was just an idea, have not written any code to support it yet. Something where it would look at the CGI pages available and list all the tools in the user's web server … like a page to compute fallout for a given burst upwind of a city, etc., not mandatory baked-in pages but additional tools in a supplementary directory. This seemed like a brilliant idea when I thought of it. Have not even debugged the memex / PDF library facility yet.

If you want another example of a logistics problem … do I support directories like all other super servers with file systems or do I keep it as in-memory caching for everything? (The samples I have shown up here are all built-in) Do I even permit the loading of CGI scripts into web pages so that CGI can be added to the register and maintained in memory or just load it from a directory the way most CGI works? I keep thinking that more eyes can solve any problem, maybe it is time to put it up and let others take a crack at it.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sun Reads Vault-Co

It realized it was overdue to set its own thermostat.

Most people admit Maunder Minimum by now.

The problem is that depending on how you interpret the data on a graph, it looks like we are expecting a Grand Minimum. That's just short of "Snowball Earth" by a pinch.

How come I'm not afraid?

I don't know about your ancestors but there is fossil proof set in stone that my ancestors survived "Snowball Earth" so a Grand Minimum is like a really brisk fall day, refreshing and stimulating at the same time. Neanderthals can't go around in tee-shirts until it is a comfortable 80 degrees below.

Twenty-six years ago, a New York rookie was telling me I had to get in the back of a van to go to the city shelter. The law is the law, he said. You're no exception. His partner walked over to me and introduced me. "We got a lot of elderly people who need to get into heated rooms tonight a lot more than this sonofabitch. Trust me, I know this kid." He stuck his hand out until it was about 6 inches away and extended his fingers. "I swear to God this kid is like a portable space heater. Come over here and stick your hand out, you can feel the heat coming off him. I heard the eskimos are like that. There is no point in forcing him to get in the van when he is going to be just fine and we can use that space for somebody who really needs it. Whatever planet this kid came from I guarantee you it is as cold as hell there. This is like looking for an umbrella to protect a duck from water. They don't need it. It rolls right off their feathers." They closed the back of the van and drove away. I sat down in the freezing wind with subthermal gusts down to 120 degrees below zero and finishing reading Hunter S. Thompson's FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS. Every time I touch the cover of that paperback, it brings this memory back so sharp it is like I am watching it on HD cable with perfect color with odors and ambient sounds. I had been using the lapel of my coat as a napkin a couple of times and it was starting to smell like tomato sauce. Need to hit that laundromat tomorrow and do a wash, I remember thinking. I was the only human being left under the dark 59th street bridge in New York at 2 AM in the morning and the wind howled so long and so hard it sounded like a woman screaming. The only light came from a small flashlight I had inside the coat tilting out of the pocket so it hit the page in front of me.

P.S. I remember thinking, these memories are important because of how surreal they are. Someday I will look back and want to recall this moment right now, because it so eerie and it is like I am the only person left alive in the entire city. Never forget this moment. The book cover of the old '70's version makes it pop right back to me when I see it or touch it. I also remember thinking that this might seem like a horror story if you related it to someone else and yet I can remember being so happy sitting there in Antarctica in the deserted city and just finishing that enthralling book by Thompson. Every page I would laugh or giggle at how over the top this madman Thompson was. I barely even noticed the outside world, it was just that little circle of pale illumination coming from the flashlight on the page. Later when the sun came up, I went and had $1.99 breakfast at this skid row cafe and between the meal and the rising sun I felt nearly euphoric. What a wonderful writer and how original. It made you feel more alive to read Hunter S. Thompson. The Sapiens began to emerge shivering from their little nests as the Sun came out and I thought how lucky I am to need so little to be truly content. If there is a God there can be little doubt he has conferred on me a very special blessing. Therefore I pledge to never blame him on those days that are not as good as this one. If he exists, it is obvious he has only done good by me since the day I was born.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Ginning Up World War III

UPDATE : Peter Hitchens Is A Sane Man

UPDATE : Nakedly Trying To Manipulate Public With Atrocity Stories

(See how almost all the bodies are naked? They went on the plane that way. Old false flag trick for centuries. This is World War One Lusitania all over again. I have memorized this play. I know all the lines by heart.)

UPDATE : Explain to me again why civilian aircraft were routed over a warzone airspace.

Fox News, staffed entirely by people with no military service, is going 24/7 saturation to taunt and goad the United States into war against Russia.

I've been listening to them all afternoon. Every segment, every series, every commentator on the same page.

The whole business with this plane being shot down screams false flag. It was loaded up with old corpses to give it a higher body count and sent (like the Lusitania) right into a warzone airspace with the obvious intention of getting someone to shoot it down so they could drum up some conflict over it.

Right now, the most honest and transparent reporting in the world comes out of Russia. It is really ironic. Now the whole planet is mostly Pravda and Russia alone has media who tell the truth about anything. This is a crazy thing for a person who used to be a card-carrying member of the John Birch society to say. Russia is the last bastion of freedom and human liberty on Earth.

That pathetic arse-clown Geraldo Rivera is on right now explaining why 400 unarmed civilians in Palestine is equivalent with one fatality in Israel (unconfirmed and unnamed) and oh before I forget attack Russia. Immediately. With nukes. We got your back. We will be bringing up the rearguard action here from the newsroom with the First Israeli Typing Corps. Immediately, don't stop to think about anything. It is like the Domino Effect in Vietnam. Attack before it is too late. Just panic and react the way I say.

P.S. Just as I was ready to hit the submit button on this post, Geraldo Rivera found it timely to declare himself an avowed Zionist who puts Israel first, second and last in all things. Said it out loud during his news broadcast in plain english. That's wonderful. Hey dumba** look down at your own feet. Now tell me where they are standing. Right. Think about it. People who criticize that contrast between your words and the way your feet voted are adjudged mentally ill in the United States the same way the Soviet Union used to declare people who pointed out the flaws in Communist ideology needed frontal lobotomies to cure this "lunacy."

P.P.S. ... just an addendum  Rivera was saying Putin has blood on his hands if these rebels got the rocket launcher they used to attack the plane from Russia. The United States is the world's biggest supplier of military arms on the entire planet and they sell to both sides around the clock, anybody who has got cash. Every time somebody kills a baby or a woman on this planet there is a 95% chance they are doing it with munitions they purchased from the United States. The hypocrisy is unbearable.

Vault-Co Was Right ... Island Of Baby Rapists

I've been ranting about this stuff since the very earliest days on Vault-Co but the evidence was not in the open until Jimmy Savile died.

As I described before, I've read about British people running these fantastic regularly scheduled sex conventions with kids from orphanages and seen it confirmed by eyewitnesses. Then I have asked this simple village idiot question - "How do you bus kids from an orphanage to a hotel once a month?" You got people who see the bus being loaded. The people who run the orphanage. You'd need somebody to assist in the transportation and organization. The logistics start to look huge. There'd be people who work at the hotel. They're watching all these orphans getting off the bus and being taken to some suite. The number of witnesses would be colossal.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out this whole sick island of preverts would need protection from the very top tier of society in order to keep it all clandestine. There would be police and secret services involved, the media. So many people would have to be part of this huge conspiracy it would be ridiculous.

So the end result is ... people like me are told they must be crazy to think such things could take place with so many people involved in the coverup. Only a paranoid would even believe a thing like this would be possible without the whole sick island getting exposed.

Turns out, it was ridiculous. It was bigger than anybody, even people like me, could have imagined.

Even now, a lot of the British people's reactions seem surreal. "We were less interested in hearing about these things back then, so they were covered up." Pardon, are we talking about sodomizing patients in spinal wards after hours? What am I missing here? This is not exactly about cultural atmospheres and that kind of blather. We are talking about children getting raped in hospitals on secure floors after dark by popular entertainers. That's not "disturbing." It is good cause to level the entire island and start over again. Something is really wrong in Britain. What has emerged since Savile died is a civilization deal-breaker. The British people should not feel obligated to obey any laws whatsoever and I would say random acts of arson would be a reasonable response to these revelations. Until they have burned it all down and can start over from scratch.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Go Tony Good On Ya Mate

Abbott's got a lash of cords and he is running the moneychangers out of the Temple

Sucks to be you, miserable thieves. Try again next millennium. I hope the money you sunk into the carbon scheme bankrupts you and destroys your shell companies that you thought were going to rake it in.

These guys had invested in their scam praying they would steal billions once it went through. Now all of these front organizations are basically worthless when they have no "market" to trade in.

If a bunch of crybaby marxists fall in the woods and nobody is there to hear it who cares, does it make a sound? "What's wrong with you ignorant people, this is scienmagism we are talking about!"

This got so simple even Australians could figure it out.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Freemason Melonheads 10,000 Years Old

On a cave wall in India

Vault-Co readers will suspect at once they are not looking at aliens but homegrown.

That "spaceship" looks to me like the all-seeing eye at the top of the pyramid, a melonhead staple.

That illustrated conference of melonheads is having a quick chat session to discuss how to get more work out of manboon slaves on less rice. I would say that "raygun" is probably more likely to represent a sceptre, flail or a whip.

Homo Sapiens thinks every question has one of three answers : a comet, aliens or antimatter. He can avoid thinking hard on any subject by randomly responding with any of these three.

"Why does this black band appear in the fossil layers?" (Reply comet, aliens or antimatter. You win! See how much fun this is? No painful thinking involved.)

Scripture says outright that giant tyrants ruled the planet before the flood and had done so for a long, long time. Not aliens from another world. It also says that many of them survived even until the time of King David and beyond. Fewer numbers requires more cunning when facing vast herds of slaves who outnumber you by a huge margin.

If I was one of them living today, I would tell people they were looking at aliens instead of at one of my ancestors. If they thought these creatures were mere humans instead of aliens they'd realise they have not gone anywhere. Turn on your television and you can see their descendants as talking heads right now. They are the rulers. They have always been the rulers. The fossil and genetic evidence says that the only race these tyrants were not able to rule over with complete control were the Neanderthal people, who lived high in the mountains and deep underground where they could not go.

You have to pity Homo Sapiens, who is so slow-witted he thinks you have to go to outer space to find a ruling class of mandarin tyrants on this planet. He should look under his couch cushion and find his cable remote control. Press that little button on it that looks like a TV. Right. There they are now on Fox News talking about the next war they will send your kids to fight. Heads are a little smaller than they used to be but not by much. The Epic of Gilgamesh describes them as they who wish not to be named. If you are named you can be seen and they want to be seen in order to rule without names.

Neanderthal will give you some help, stupid Sapiens. Get yourself a piece of tracing paper and trace the outline of this guy's head off your television screen. Now hold that piece of paper up to the photo at the top of this blog post and compare. Do you see a family resemblance, stupid Sapiens? This is why you have been pushing a plow and fighting in these creature's wars for untold millennia. You are not quite as sharp as a Neanderthal. This one is so simple even Saps could figure it out.

I see nothing. I know nothing. Everything is true. I obey and compel others to obey. We are all individuals. Sure we are. Neanderthal try to help.  Is futile. Saps is slave race. Melonhead is ruler race. Why get involved?

(Courtesy of Vault-Co reader)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Enrichmentation Proves Enrichmentation Works

... and other exercises in circular logic that normally do not appeal to sane people.

Foreshortening of amygdala growth starting in early infancy. No, sorry, but I am hacking at the root when I mention this and you are talking about the branches. This produces insane people who actively behave in a suicidal fashion, similar to rats running into the jaws of cats with powerful feelings of love and attraction.

This physiological phenomenon in the latter stages of a civilization can be traced to a myriad of causes including oversupply of calories but it is the root cause of the cyclic nature of societies and the fact that humans can't construct much of anything that ever lasts more than 200 years without it falling to pieces.

NASA Gives Out A Last Gasp

NASA won't be launching anything but military missions from now until Kwanstainia falls.

Most of NASA is equal opportunity hires caught on tape masturbating watching porn when they were supposed to be monitoring the Mars Rover. These guys ain't going nowhere.

Werner Von Braun has gone to Neanderthal Valhalla and all the other geniuses that drove the American Space Program lined up to retire around the time that they shot John F. Kennedy. There's nobody left. There's a guy named Pepe who listens to Green Day on his IPod and works the floor buffer at night. Unless that guy manages to sneak a couple hours working on a faster-than-light drive there won't be much happening there ever again.

Just to put it into perspective.

Mad dog Von Braun was practicing powering spacecraft with real nuclear detonations in the upper atmosphere with plans to have a crew on their way to Alpha Centauri by the year 1990. Hey, these guys were serious people. If the crew got in trouble, they were supposed to unfurl a solar sail to steer with. Try to imagine people that hardcore. You just know they could have done it, too. Von Braun hoped that by his retirement there would be colonies on the Moon, Mars and a ship headed to the nearest star. No, not CGI in a low budget movie on cable. I mean for real.

All gone now. As impossible as the architecture of Roman ruins seemed to the inhabitants of the Dark Ages.

Krisschans Channing Channingly

Apostates and their flocks, herded into hell one soul at a time.

Doctrines of devils and the people who teach them. Standing room only down there. They will need demons to push from behind just to get the doors closed. Krisschans will overflow the circles of hell and end up standing on heads to fit in.

The Problem Is The Humans Themselves

Restaurant discovers that stupidity and general feeblemindedness has increased exponentially in the past ten years by comparing surveillance tapes.

When you look at the sort of people in leadership positions in the modern world ... ask yourself ... do you really believe your ancestors would have voted for people with no qualifications, no military service, no record of any achievements or success in any kind of management role? Yet they feel supremely confident in tackling all these problems when they are in office. What sort of jackass votes for somebody like this? Is the problem to be found with these idiots in power or the general population who are dumb enough to think there is nothing odd about giving someone like that power over their lives?

Can manboons learn? If it takes 80 years for feedback to trigger some reflection, does it even matter?

A Possible Food Dispenser For Shelters?

I hate Nestle, the baby-killing scum. They were telling mothers their cheap malt was better than breast milk for decades. They are also part of the Agenda 21 effort to capture existing water supplies and monopolize them.

This is a pretty interesting idea. For me, the idea of an autocafe in a shelter that dispenses food matched to your nutritional requirements is pretty cool. Even if it just dispensed a shake powder with the right balance of vitamins and minerals as a supplement that would be fantastic.

So if your diet was on freeze-dried long term storage food and you also got one of these shakes daily to make certain you did not develop a deficiency, that would be nearly ideal.

Archie Will Die Protecting His Gay Friend From An Evil NRA Gun Owner

I don't make this stuff up. Don't get angry at me. I just link to these stories. That's all. Cut'n'paste.

I am merely here to observe. I don't need to fabricate this stuff, there's a neverending stream of it to draw on.

North American Union Advances On Total Chaos

The plan to dissolve the borders is proceeding apace.

For most of the previous century the globalists bragged they would introduce world government and fulfill their plans in an atmosphere of terror, conflict and confusion in which traditional governments would be paralyzed by inaction. To some degree it resembles the plan of Karl Marx for the State to simply "fade away" when the time comes. In this instance it is nations they wish to disintegrate overnight and replace their institutions with crazy draconian systems that will take their place.

America is being treated as a special threat amongst the nations to world government and it is.
Golob indicated that the United States was “the greatest obstacle to this process” of integration into a globalized system. She stated that due to this resistance, integration will have to come “from the top-down” through directives from the United States President and his “inner circle.”
Bruce Stokes, Council on Foreign Relations Senior Fellow, National Journal columnist and Chatham House member told the conference that a true “North American Community” would only be born out of the heat of conflict.

Stokes said, “For those of you, who like me, believe that one of the biggest challenges we face as a society is coming to terms with globalization…  then we must embrace the rough spots” like illegal immigration. Stokes stated that we need to “…use these as teaching experiences… to create a public dialogue about the meaning of becoming a true North American Community.”

Stokes continued, “This is how we will create a North American consciousness and a true North American Community. It will be forged in the heat of conflict, not through a rational discussion, as painful as that may be. It really cannot happen any other way.”
 Sometimes, even the best laid plans of this variety can be upset by a single rogue military leader with sufficient integrity to stage a coup. They have plans to derail that kind of opposition before it could even gain public support.

Decay At Lightspeed

I know enough history to also know that normally things don't move this quickly.

It took Rome about 150 years to traverse the corrosion that has swept the Kwanstain in less than 20 years. During the brief period since I left the country, it has fallen to pieces. This stuff is mindboggling when you consider somebody of Brown's generation actually pushing these laws through. Talk about a surrender turncoat.

Roughly 50% of the country has effectively been deported without getting out of their chairs. The Founders would marvel things could progress this far with so little resistance.

Kwanstainians been as close to outer space as they ever will be again. No teleporting about in pajamas with communists talking on tricorders, my friend. Nothing like that or anything close. Your destiny lies elsewhere.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

One Evil Empire Down. One To Go.

The 'Stain has outlived it's use-by date.

Previous nations have dreamed of this kind of tyranny. They lacked the military strength and reach to pull it off. They were constrained by limits on their power.

History has turned against the porn capital of earth. This Whore of Babylon will burn and all the kings of the earth will weep when it falls. This slut thinks she is above all laws but she will find in the end the laws of history have already declared her a doomed nation. When she goes, her satellites better be prepared to fight to survive because it is going to be a real pile-on by all her enemies.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

MSM Cowards Try To Spin Maunder Minimum

More like the Maunder Minimum is going to spin you, airheads.

"Polar Vortex" - What is it?

It is an expression invented arbitrarily to try to conceal the fact that the North Atlantic thermohaline current has completely shut down. It is pretty obvious why that happened. The Sun appears to have completely shut down. Solar energy from the Sun heats the salt in water that creates the current that pumps warm air from the equator to the northern hemisphere.

Australia Leading the World … Back To A New Dark Ages Barbarism

As predicted on Vault-Co, everything is rapidly getting normalised now.

The loss of the ability to distinguish hazards and recognize dangerous changes is related to the amygdala at the center of the brain.

Imagine Emperor Nero standing on a bucket and deflowering his blushing horse bride, who was wearing a veil at the time, in front of the Praetorian Guard assembled several hundred men deep in a square in front of him. The Romans knew it is okay if it is about love, after all. Not so different from Kwanzanians.

Manboons are not a learning animal. They repeat these endless cycles like biological automatons. They can no more "think" than a mayfly or a sand crab. Their ability to speak provides mere commentary on their own actions, all of it invariably wrong, like a man strapped to a boxcar trying to guess where he is going next on the rails. He doesn't know. He's just along for the ride.

Wikipedia & Wikileaks : The Best "Truth" That Money Can Buy

Wikipedia gets edited all day long by permanent confessed pro-zionist boosters and their fellow travellers in Congress. While you work at your real job, they get paid all day long to twist reality around to their liking.

Nobody edits them. They edit you. It's a democracy where your vote doesn't count. That kind of democracy. Wikipedia has the last say on the final edit of any entry and that entry, rest assured, serves a political interest in the existing elite's register.

Still waiting for Wikileaks to blow open the whole evil conspiracy? Heard anything significant out of them in the past five years since they became official opposition? No? Think about it. Like with Edward Snowden … where's the beef? What is all this public street theatre about? Snowden says that George Bush likes to make funny voices over the phone. He's knocking some heads in the establishment, man, you better believe it. Him and Assange are taking on the power. Sure they are.

The Definition of Chutzpah

Israel's war criminals destroy Palestinian urban cities targeting civilians with no military significance and American television tells the sheeple watching that the pictures they are seeing are from Israel which has had it's civilian areas reduced to a rubble strewn wasteland.

They tell the audience that the civilians they are seeing weeping over their destroyed homes are in Israel, when in fact they are looking at Palestinians.

In fact, Israel has zero casualties, which is to be expected with the super advanced missile defence systems funded for them by the United States. Nobody in Israel is running in terror from air raid sirens. Nobody in Israel has suffered at all. No damage to Israel can even be produced which justifies any of this.

You couldn't make this stuff up. Talk about chutzpah.

Many times, Holocaust traveling shows run films that portray German civilians who starved to death in World War II being bulldozed into mass graves and they tell the people in the audience they are watching Holocaust camp victims being buried instead. Same old game with a different name.

Some people might feel guilty about telling bold-faced lies of this magnitude out loud. Some people might.

Grand Minimums and Magnetic Reversals

Cycles of stability followed by periods of very rapid, sudden changes to climate. "Rapid" shifts meaning not a few decades, most of the time in less than a few years.

Water, Food and Air Will Not Be Free In The NWO

Melonheads will rent you the right to drink, eat and breathe for as long as you can afford it. Dissidents, non-conformists and other social troublemakers will not be able to buy it at any price.

Unbelievably Complex Social Behaviour In Dogs

You have to watch this. It's not CGI from a children's film. I laughed so hard when I first saw it.

That is not just a smart dog. It is a dog who decides he wants companionship and takes a series of steps to liberate his friends. Normally a dog would just look into their cages and bark back at them. This dog understands where the latch is and knows how to work it from the outside.

I did not know dogs were genuinely capable of abstract thinking to this degree. I've watched dogs take forever to get through a fence when the open gate was only a few meters away. That dog must be like the Nikola Tesla of the canine world.

It was really coincidental I was watching RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES last night and the scene where Caesar gives out cookies and begins to free his fellow apes at night after their keepers have gone home. Very similar.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Why Society Can't Respond To The Real World Anymore

Following up on the previous post.

If we all lived in a simple village with Neanderthals, we could count on their canny instincts to warn many years in advance of a change in average temperatures. You'd have no trouble getting a consensus around a campfire we would store up more food in the summer and prepare better dwellings to weather what would be worse winters than we were previously accustomed to. When the really bad climate hit, chances are we would be overprepared to a ridiculous degree and would probably be ready to move permanently into a much better insulated cavern with piles of wood a couple stories high to heat it for many years in advance.

There'd be no detractors. We would not have to spend hours around the campfire trying to talk Ur-Gore out of his delusions that the weather would be getting warmer. Chances are if Ur-Gore persisted in his shrieking about the uncontrollable warming approaching, the women would have a quick pow-wow one night before bed. They'd point to Ur-Gore and draw their fingers across their throats. This is the group wisdom of women. They'd peg Ur-Gore as a defective male endangering the entire tribe with his insanity. The next morning, Ur-Gore would yawn and stretch before opening his eyes and realizing he was surrounded by elders. They'd give Ur-Gore a couple strips of beef-jerky and a walking stick and send him away, warning him to never return. It would be the last time anyone would ever see Ur-Gore alive. Problem solved. It also means that a male with psychopathic tendencies would not have better breeding success than those without psychopathy.

In the Saps tribe, just because people are insane doesn't mean they aren't still in charge. You have to do what they say. They cannot be overruled by reasonable arguments when Homo Sapiens is incapable of reasoning. Rational thinking is completely useless inside of tribes like these and that is why a tribe with leadership like this is completely useless inside a new Ice Age. It is a dysgenic death anchor that kills everybody inside it stupid enough to cooporate.

"Polar Vortex" Returns in July

Right. This is like that thing Tex was talking about, or something.

Like the end of the Holocene and grasshopper weather. Or like, an Ice Age or something.

Vault-Co and Robert Felix = Correct. Rest of planet = Not so much.

Don't let the fact that the real world is contradicting your consensus interfere with your enforcement of social compulsion to believe in something that is only lacking evidence. Especially because religion is so, like, evil and whatnot and what have you.

Globowarmthinkery is just another "god" that failed.

I hate it when I am busy ostracizing cranks and suddenly the entire planet demonstrates that they are right and I am wrong. I will just keep thinking positive about my clearly mistaken ideology and assume it is reality that has the problem.

Gulf stream shut down. Ice Age follows.

What I want to know is if they are still going through with formally committing me tomorrow to a mental institution. The in-screening doctor says he doesn't care if there is a super cyclone flash freezing people outside, I'm still crazy. They took a vote on it. I tried to open the blinds when he was giving me Rorshach cards and point out the Sun looked like it had turned off but he closed them again and told me stop being distracted by external influences and concentrate on getting well.

Throughout recorded history, the majority have always turned out to be wrong. About everything. There is a simple reason for this. Homo Sapiens is a cloned animal produced by genetic engineering for only one purpose and that is to exterminate Neanderthals. Sapiens does not do reality. They cut that portion right out of his genetic code when they made him along with his corpus callosum and the full range of behaviours associated with an actual human being. Saps never survived an Ice Age, being a one-shot product designed for the brief Holocene who never survived the million year cold.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

False Flags And Psychotics : Joined At The Hip

Why risk being attacked by real enemies when you can control the opposition?

Anyone who has read Machiavelli knows it is the way they roll, for thousands upon thousands of years. Pretending to be just like you except in reality they are radically different.

Great Falling Away

The culture war is almost over, Krisschans lost.

Decades of evangelicals and prosperity gospel set the sheep on their way up the slaughterhouse ramp.

Years of domination by the nuts at the 700 CLUB and other popular mass produced religious entertainment have blurred the general culture to the point where they have come to believe in the central tenets of new age self-help lunatics and gradually forgotten scripture altogether. This includes things like Creationism, which owes it's existence in part to Neo-Darwinism as a refractory false opposition to it. It was a dead end and once Neo-Darwinism was revealed to be junk science, Creationism had nowhere to go because it was the refutation of something that wasn't to be taken seriously to begin with. If Christians had put less faith in their apostate teachers and more in the KJV they hold in their hand this would not have happened.

Watch Jim Bakker selling food buckets on cable despite being convicted of fraud previously and you have some idea of just how completely checked out mentally the Kwanzanians are. They are respecters of persons and if they were forced to choose would pick their church as their authority despite the fact these churches have proven to be entirely unsound and rotten to the core. With leadership like Ted Haggard, if a person doesn't start to wonder then you can count on them drifting into all sorts of doctrines of devils.

Cover It With Plastic And Spray Detroit : Improvamentation Gone Wild

Edjamafacashun can't seem to solve the problems our ancestors solved with ease.

You remember bedbugs. They were a big problem during the Dark Ages. People used to call Mexico a hellhole because all the hotels had them. They really had not been seen in the Western world since the very start of the 20th century. After all, hot water (like the kind that used to come out of boilers before energy conservation set all the dials back) kills them and their eggs easily at around 120 degrees.

One of the reasons they were a problem in the Dark Ages is that hot water was in short supply. Kind of like in the West now. We have to conserve energy. It seems to be leaking away and we don't seem to be generating much of it anymore so we have to conserve it. It is as if we had one candle and after it goes out, we have to go back to living in darkness forever. So we really, really, really have to conserve this candle because we can never get another one. After all they banned incandescent bulbs so it is not like we are going to be able to read by electric light.

Improvamentation really does improvament everything through the enrichmentation process. Everything is massively improvamented everywhere you look.

Remember, Detroit was the inspiration for the Jetsons cartoon. It used to be a chrome and padded leather paradise, just like Rhodesia which got improvamented shortly before they improvamented Detroit. Just before the flight out of Detroit began, the Detroit city hall was trialing a new system of lamp posts that gave visitors talking directions. They thought the expense was justified because the city was an international hub of commerce with industrial conventions year round. I can't help but wonder of the irony of some post-apocalyptic scavenger hitting one of these posts a century from now with an animal bone and suddenly this hundred year old prerecorded tape announcing in a cheerful mellifluous 1950's voice that the nearest hotel is a block away.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

It's Not Paranoia If They Really Are Out To Bugger Your Kids

It's all true and it is all coming out since Savile died.

I pity those paranoid schizophrenics like Tex who think peds are everywhere at the highest levels of Western government and they conspire in shadows to keep a steady supply of babies coming for their kiddy rape parties. That is just such a crazy idea and if the world were really like that imagine how horrible it would be. Let's just watch some reality television shows about people singing 'n'stuff and forget about nuts like Texas and their wild visions of some other reality they don't show on the televitz - which it turns out, is largely run and produced by pedophiles and baby raper scum.

Just finished reading a book about Kim Philby. Oh. My. God. There is no way that people like this could get away with the things that they do for decades unless there was a huge sympathetic ring of fellow travelers covering for them. No way. Like turning a hotel lodge into a boy sex party room every single last Friday of the month where orphans are bussed in so people can take turns sodomizing them, before they are then bussed back. We're not talking wild conspiracy stories. The scariest thing was some of the people who worked at the orphanage were like "Oh yeah, the boy buggery parties. I used to go along with it and allow them to abduct the orphans because I was afraid for my job if I said anything. I could have easily lost my pension. So I helped load the kids on the bus and when they came back I helped shower them off and try to clean them up, give them medical care. So really I was just trying to do what I could for them. I was the good guy in this story, actually."

I reckon the noose is tightening around Buckingham Palace. Mark my words, they may not get all of them but they will have to throw at least one to the lions before this is over.

I will dance a jig when they drag the world's biggest advocate of global warming into the street and in front of the cameras and the whole world finds out he is a filthy baby rapist and a vile prevert who had his own wife killed to shut her up about it.

(P.S. The blog was hit numerous times by City of London I.P. as soon as this was posted.)

Psychiatrists Admit Psychiatry Is Bunkum

It beats working at a day job.

You have disassociative hapslingam's disorder of the inguineal hyperplasty. I'll write you a prescription for monosodium glycophosphate trioxide chloride. That will be $200, thanks. Any side effects contact my receptionist, I will be at the links country club for the rest of today. I need a break because I am a scienmajist with incredible scienmajistical powers.

If you do have side effects, I can give you other medication to treat the side effects so come back next week and I will follow up with ethanbutol magnesetate difloxium. That should fix it.

I think there is only one kind of mental illness we can positively diagnose and treat and it is psychiatry.

Animatronic Announcer 'Bot Technology Perfected By NWO

Just how fake was 9-11?

Pretty fake, it turns out. So fake that even fakers were ashamed at how fake it was.

I'm looking at Krauthammer on Fox right now. He's yammering away about some other war we need to start this instant to keep the world safe for Israel. Gosh, that man is hideous. Broke the ugly stick on his face when he was born. Krauthammer was caught red-handed passing along badly forged documents to make it look like Iraq had purchased yellowcake uranium. Technically, he is supposed to be in Guantanamo Bay for conspiring with enemies against the American Republic to foment a war. He's free as a bird just harping away, blah blah blah. Hey, look everybody, I've got documents showing the Russians are planning to detonate a series of nukes on U.S. soil. So we have to start World War III right now. I know the documents look like they were printed off on my crummy EPSON printer and the signature at the bottom that is supposed to be from the Russian ambassador looks an awful lot like my handwriting but forget about all that, when do I get my guest speaker gig on Fox News? I'm a patriot and I want to help.

China Military Is Ready And Prepped To Fight Third World War

It is now an accepted accomplishment of their ten year military buildup.

UPDATE : War drums beating on Taiwan

UPDATE : Russia ready to surpass U.S. nuclear force with superior technology

Fourteen years ago on Vault-Co, all we wrote about was China's military escalation and rapid modernization to prepare to take back Taiwan. Apparently some crank in Australia actually understands long term strategic thinking better than the past couple of cabinets in the White House. No big surprises there, actually. In fact, an objective summary over the past ten years of this blog would result in a conclusion that I am a superior military planner and thinker than every past administration following Reagan's last term. Ronny had some really sharp hawks in his office, they are all retired now and replaced by people with tattoos who think global government is going to disarm China. Clueless wankers. The only constant with this generation is that any predictions they make on anything will always turn out to be wrong.

If you know about China's tunnel shuttle network from previous posts on Vault-Co, you know Kwanzania would get it's ass handed to it in a bag if they tried to stop the Chinese from seizing back Taiwan. The best outcome for the whole planet is them to acknowledge that the United States is a failed regime in no shape to oppose them and to simply concede them the field. I have a feeling they won't.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Here You Go

This is what all that was about.

Reviewing the evidence, a person would have to be mentally retarded to think what happened at Sandy Hook was real. It wasn't. It wasn't just a false flag, it was staged so badly you have to wonder if the government is really qualified for evil super villainy altogether. Maybe they are just pathetic, sad a**holes who are unable to get real day jobs. The botched. The bungled. Disarming their betters is just a genetic strategy used by weak and sickly fish.

That was staged to set up this for the Obaminator's second term.

Gradualism. That's the way Bolshevists roll.

Weak, sickly fish use stealth, cunning and treachery to get access to females for breeding they otherwise would not have the strength to compete for. They lure in predators from outside the reef and rape the females while the stronger male fish cope with them. They stir up dust to cloud the breeding ground so females can't see them coming and avoid them. They pretend to be female fish so they can sneak up on the female in oestrus. They try to keep their competitors busy with chaos, anarchy and confusion while they sneak in for the spoils. They have no choice but to live this way or not at all. They are weak and sickly fish not intended to breed. Every time one of them succeeds as an individual in thwarting proper selection, the entire breed of fish goes down in quality. The next generation is also weak and sickly fish, maybe even weaker and sicklier.

Confirmed : Neanderthals Were Highlanders

Explains their capacity to exist apart from most of mankind for so long and remain a sort of mythical people who developed in isolation apart from others.

(Link from Vault-Co reader)

The Celtics described the Tuatha De Danann as a remarkable, extraordinary race found living in the highest mountains at the same they traveled underfoot in vast caverns and hidden tunnel networks that connected everything. Stories said their magnificent horses, nearly twice as tall as a man and capable of outliving their owners by centuries, were actually transported underground in pairs from the mountains to emerge in the lowlands when they battled with the faery kings. It is noteworthy to point out that horse breeds were being purchased for great sums of money as recently as the 1920's by Irish and Scottish people who claimed they were descended from these strains.

The Nephilim were described as those who were rejected by their own tribes and "cast down from the heights" when they were shunned by their own kind. King James translators assumed they must be talking about heaven. These "Nef-Fellers" (people so strong they can fell a tree with a swing of their arm) were suggested to be "corrupted" by interbreeding with other ?humans?-?animals? because they could not find proper mates amongst their own kind. You can see why I deduced these were simply Neanderthals sent on the long walk.

Also when reading the article you will see they are beginning to describe the various breeds of Neanderthals as obviously very differentiated peoples, with the Amud being so far from the Mousterian they were originally mistaken for some kind of hyper gracile Cro-Magnon superhumans when they were unearthed by a Tokyo expedition in 1961. Over the years, the "remarkably modern face" got changed into a "face with clear neanderthal features" through successive revisions and the implacable results of DNA testing. The Denisovans are a variation on the Amud, sufficiently related to make you wonder if the Mousterian was regarded as the Elder Race, to be respected in all things, by both races. All Amuds have been found with beautiful Mousterian jewelry when they died and Mousterian camps on the Iberian Plateau have been found with high quality Amud weapons. This seems to indicate the Amud had such a high regard for the Mousterian they traded quality weapons for trinkets with the Mousterians and then wore that jewelry everywhere they went for the rest of their lives. This all seems to acquire a much deeper and more sympathetic significance with our epistemology at Vault-Co when you discover the Amuds had 1750 cc brains on average in addition to their superhuman strength, agility and extended relationship with their mentors, their elders the Mousterians.

If I was a melonhead, I'd start to sweat. Wow, I'd think. 1750 cc brain is starting to get close to our averages. These guys could be contenders. Has anybody in the long term planning department had a look at the latest intelligence reports on these creatures? I think we need to start planning an intervention of some kind to stop these critters from making any more progress. When people suggest melonheads must have originated in outer space, I always point out how many things they did which were like the sort of petty, stupid things that only humans would waste time or energy doing. Their activities seem largely concentrated on power down here, not the kind of stuff you would expect from space travelers. Building a series of gigantic, colossal monuments over and over again, either to rule from the top of or to get buried inside of, just seems too dumb and all too human for visitors from space. I reckon the melonheads were never much more than just what their bones look like ... humans with big brains and tall bodies made to rule over other people, not other planets. These giants evolved on this planet, in competition with other hominids of sorts, not in the far reaches of outer space. At the end of the day, the evidence points to them being extremely tall people with big skulls and all our shortcomings and foibles, nothing more. The Bible says as much.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Vault-Co Was Right About Facebook

Nearly everybody else was wrong. Almost everybody.

Nobody likes an I-told-you-so. So I am not going to say anything. But I told you so.

Man, they must be hard at work trying to catch those terrorists. No better way than to spend huge sums on mind-control experiments on your own citizens. I am so glad they are not wasting this money on bridge repairs and traffic lights. This stuff is so much more important.

They never seem to spend much time chasing those terrorists. It is almost as if they know that would be a waste of time.

This is funny stuff. 

Would have to be one of the worst false flags ever.

AMA Junk Science

I knew it was junk the second I saw the headline.

The medical profession is worse than the rest of the scientific community. It is not a question of when they are lying for profit. It is a question of when would they ever want to tell the truth when it is bound to cut into their bottom line?

Junk. I have a trick I use to reveal when they are lying. Do you know what it is? I watch to see if their lips move. That's the giveaway.

When I saw the original headline, I instantly imagined them asking people "Do you take vitamins and supplements?" and when they answered yes, they then asked them if they have ever suffered from some medical condition. I knew they then tallied the results and said "Aha! People who take vitamins have higher health risks than ordinary people! Look how sick they are!" Dumba*ss, that's the reason they are more likely to try vitamins. They are sick people and doctors can't help them! Of course more sick people would have tried vitamins! They're desperate and the medical profession is as worthless as a monkey wrench on a loose screw when it comes to helping them!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Horrible Laugh Of The Damned

It's been worse for the 'Stain. Never.

Never. The Kwa has never, ever been in straits like the ones that beckon.

Putin Making Too Much Sense For This Planet

Talks like sane person, clearly a throwback to politics before the terminal madness of the end-times.

The more Putin talks, the more reasonable he sounds and the crazier his opposition in the Kwa sounds.

Getting Rid Of Those "Useless Eaters"

Henry Kissinger would be proud.

Luckily, only the government will know how it functions.

So we should all be safe with it in the government's hands.

It will be easy to find a patsy to blame it on. There is now a Patient Zero everywhere.

Chagas is a real-life zombie epidemic just waiting to happen.

Tissues in the face and throat swell, cutting off vision and speech, the skin turns limpid gray and the organs literally rot from the inside. Don't worry, Kwanstainian, as long as they catch it within a week of infection, you won't turn into one of the incurable living dead if you can afford about $10,000 worth of antidote. 

Chagas has been implicated in whole villages going mad down in South America from systemic allergic reactions in which all their pores become infected and they develop blood poisoning that makes them roam the streets in a feverish, violent daze. Luckily the Arizona flavor has not transmitted this form of the disease. Yet, anyway.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

VOS Design Theory

I don't know if I linked to this paper before.

Web servers for embedded systems control

If you are interested, this paradigm is the primary reason I changed my notion of the way VOS should work between 2002 and 2005. After I began to understand it I realised just how powerful a single server can be and how easily the rest of a control network can be provided with nearly anything at hand.

If the server is designed to be one integrated unit with very few failure points (usually as a result of linking to external systems like an SQL database, for example) then all you have to do is to keep the server running and the whole system will stay running forever.

Over the years, I had scaled down my requirements again and again from dedicated military PCs to smaller PC/104 compatibles … but once I realised you can burn the server code onto nearly any thin client, I realised about 2011 that all the hardware for VOS you could ever need would be available as $1.00 surplus thin client devices, many of which have superior MTBF to military grade embedded boards.

My book on VOS (which is the only thing I will charge money for) will essentially assume everyone is building their control system on thin clients and I may even have several chapters on how to set up the most common devices like the ubiquitous Compaq 1100. If you spent more than $2.00 on VOS by the time you got it running, you probably spent too much money. Most of my monitoring sensors I now know how to connect to USB, CANBUS, serial and parallel ports would simply be parts stripped off cars, which there should be a big supply of after TSHTF.