Sunday, June 29, 2014

NWO Terminated Gough Whitlam

There was one thing wrong with Gough Whitlam according to the rest of the planet

His primary interest was the good of his own people, his own state, his own nation.

The Americans would never have let Whitlam eject them from Pine Gap, which is something that should have happened a long, long time ago.

They terminated Gough Whitlam for the same reasons they sent Pauline Hanson to prison. They will not permit local governance. Period. They allow their puppets to pretend to be concerned with their own electorate but any politician who acts in the interest of his own geographic region will find himself marked for death one way or another.

This is the reason they are on Tony Abbott like a pack of rabid dogs right now. If he doesn't heel soon they will find a way to oust him.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Monophasic Sleep Is Toxic For Neanderthals

It reduces their spiritual potential for insight and understanding. It provides them the barest needed rest to get them through the following day. It is a kind of living death that is mandated by the civilisation around them. It is forcing a square peg into a round hole and hitting it with a hammer to make it fit.

The best part of mankind simply doesn't sleep this way at all.

Read the article about "The Watch" being built-in to the sleep cycle. What were people biologically compelled to watch over? If I ventured a guess, I would bet it would be the huge array of Ice-Age predators who would attack at sundown to take their prey. If somebody was not maintaining the Watch, everyone could be killed. What if Ice-Age man was watching over herds of his domesticated animals at night? Every sabre-tooth for miles around would know the easiest meal possible was to surprise the humans at dusk and drag off one of their cattle or sheep. Without a "Watch," a vigilance period hardwired into the human brain, there'd be no humans - period - in these environments. The biology of modern day Homo Sapiens would be so utterly contrary to the Ice Age it is unlikely any of them would survive more than a few weeks in these settings. They simply do not have the right stuff.

A race of mystical, empathic, instinctive, intuitive dreamers. The single best way to ruin them would be to take away their normal cycles of rest and recovery and turn them into automatons who are supposed to shut off at midnight and turn on at 8 am like robots. Homo Sapiens, being a bear of little brain to begin with, would have none of the requirements that 'Thals do to sleep and dream richly to recharge themselves over the course of their lives. A bigger, healthier animal in every way with a larger brain and much deeper psyche would need sleep that would not be required by lite brand generic version humans with brains the size of walnuts. Drones would survive on 4-8 hours but it would kill 'Thals even if only very slowly over the course of their existence.

By disrupting their sleep cycles for their entire lives you would prevent their canny and powerful subconscious processing to produce conclusions that Homo Sapiens doesn't even have the hardware present for. You'd be handicapping the better part of the population mentally and turning them into schizophrenics who were cut off from the best part of themselves. The deeply intuitive side would be paralysed, unable to process information in dreams that is likely to be the most important part of mental function.

Some of the ruling class might still be worried they'd find ways around all this. For example, clever contractors like me might have naps in sun beds during lunch for years that seemed to repair some of the damage and enable them to turn in a better performance in the second half of the day. So of course, there's be a legislative drive to make all tanning beds illegal and tell people that critical life-giving vitamin D from sunshine was optional, like having the blinds open or closed at your house. There would always be a push to close any possible loopholes that would allow a 'Thal to steal ten minutes during the day to power up again. Mustn't have that.

It is also very much a part of the curse, which makes you wonder where this curse has its origins and who was the first person to write it down. You want to know from whence he heard about it. You want to ask this guy, did you hear it as a folk tale as a boy or was it told around a campfire? Where did you receive this story of the Enkidu from before you repeated it?


- Humbaba The Terrible, The Curse On Enkidu in the Epic of Gilgamesh

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Something Getting Ready To Happen In Kwanstainia

Something big is coming.

UN Armored cars spotted in many southern states brought in on truckbeds.

"Demobilization and disarmament jobs" being hired for in the north. Plenty of long term unemployed people responding willing to do any work asked of them.

Some people think that the Illuminati coordinate their schedules using software sold to the public.

Flooded by immigration invasion and government is transporting them all over the country, dumping them on the locals.

Economy is almost completely destroyed in the U.S. with no hope for the next thirty years of it ever bouncing back.

Robert Welch and the John Birch society were right.

This ISIS insurgency will provide the perfect cover story for an endless series of false flags, this time possibly nuclear. The country will be brought to its knees.

This is why they assassinated Breitbart. He gave this speech before the 2nd election.

Ridiculous, you're saying. If they killed Breitbart with one of their usual poisons to fake his heart attack,  it would come out in his autopsy. It did and so they poisoned his coroner, too. The media didn't discuss it and so it never happened. Problem solved. Do you know why he was worth the trouble? Alpiner melonhead. Understood power politics, logistics and organisation of opposition to be effective. On the wrong side and a little too much potential to be trouble.

I'm glad I don't live there anymore. I'm glad I live where I do. My heart goes out to the people still there they are going to make an example out of. They are very, very, very bad. Very bad. They posit sweet for bitter and bitter for sweet. They are children of the devil, every one of them.

If you want to know why Breitbart was starting to worry the powerful people who really control the United States, here he singlehandledly defeats an entire rent-a-mob by himself, without security or backup of any kind. By himself, he backs down an angry group of useful idiots numbering in the several hundreds :

The elites were doing the math and thinking … if one Breitbart can defeat several hundred of our paid stooges we have funded by himself, what happens if you had a couple dozen Breitbarts getting organised? Time for Andrew Breitbart to have himself a heart attack.

Johnny Half-Ass Planet

I took this shot from a ticket swipe at my train stop earlier this week.

Update : Vault-Co Reader Found This Link To Information About This Winnarz System of Victory

It is likely running a WinCE minimal OS underneath with a simple graphic display, probably a driver for a VGA LCD with a magnetic reader.

I had thought for a while of using WinCE as a host for VOS until I got some experience actually coding for it and deploying apps to it. It's a toy. It was heavily promoted by M$ but never really ready for prime-time. It is the Hasbro plastic M-16 with forward assist of the embedded world.

It is attractive because much of the hardware and API is so standardised, but I have not found it reliable.

You can't see the code for it clearly here but this is a common exception thrown in these situations and whoever worked on these units for the city neglected to put a simple trap (try-catch block) for it on the outside of the code. Guarantee you if you got a look at the code running on this thing you'd be astonished it was actually deployed in that condition, with no review or oversight. It would be something that had cost millions and was likely hacked together overseas offshore by some guy whose brother landed an outsourcing contract and together the two of them had less than a week's experience writing apps for WinCE. They likely just punched it together with one code fragment at a time until they got something that could pass muster at the tender review but mysteriously somehow skipped the whole ISO-9000 blah-blah-blah that nobody ever actually does they just sign off on it lying that they did do it and then they burn it onto some flash and send it to the factory which is in Thailand also with no oversight or quality control whatsoever and they make ten million of these cheap things.

I'm not picking on this particular unit or this particular instance. I'm saying … everything in our civilisation is totally johnny half-ass. Everything. All people do is talk about how sophisticated and enlightened and advanced we all are and you are and I am … but you know people by their fruits and this looks like a handful of catsh*t thrown at a brick wall by a madwoman.

At the end of the day, most of the remnants of Western civilisation talk about our destiny amongst the stars in our pyjamas talking on our tricorders and beaming here and there in our advanced edjamafacashunal society and you know what … I'm not seeing it.

I'm trying to imagine modern winnarz starting a colony on mars and waking up one morning to see this message on their oxygen generator with a note on the dialog message window reading "CONTACT MANUFACTURER" and it is a company that went out of business ten years ago somewhere in India.

I don't think this current generation is going to explore outer space in their pyjamas and breech belts talking into their tricorders. I'd settle for just keeping the lights on and gasoline below $50 a litre. Hell, I'd be happy if one in ten people could demonstrate the literacy that used to be commonly insisted upon to graduate from the third grade. That looks increasingly unlikely going into the future.

Consider all the programmers and software developers out of work right now in the West and imagine not one of them being sourced to take part in this or to personally see to it that it was done right. Instead just imagine a big long line of government halfwits with a taxpayer funded check book doing this in the way that seemed best to them. The results are what you'd expect. Everything completely half-ass and increasingly unaccountable to the people who paid for it. It seems to decay with no one to speak of it and nobody to see it except for the people who have decided there is no point in mentioning it.

  William Butler Yeats (1865-1939)


    Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.

    Surely some revelation is at hand;
    Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
    The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
    When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
    Troubles my sight: a waste of desert sand;
    A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
    A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
    Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
    Wind shadows of the indignant desert birds.

    The darkness drops again but now I know
    That twenty centuries of stony sleep
    Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
    And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
    Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Incredible Subterranean Island City Of Kish

Do you really believe this was built 2500 years ago?

No? Okay, I'll step backwards with a few suggestions and you tell me when to stop … which date would stretch your credibility too much?

Remember, this is a major work of engineering. This is not a couple of islanders with chisels in the off season working at this like a hobby.

5000 years?

10,000 years?

25,000 years?

250,000 years? When it was originally started, say, then added on over countless thousands of years?

If you found out what they based their estimate of 2500 years on you would realise they are just making it up because they don't know.

Funny that, always these deep refuges like the one on Malta … an island separated from the mainland to protect from slave revolts … deep underground with religious temples and chambers. Oh, that crazy Tex, he sees melonheads everywhere … unless like Tex you know they already found melon skulls on Kish the same as they found on Malta. I do believe that I am one extremely well-read nut.

Google, Facebook, Twitter All Government Funded Fronts

If you were like me and tried to tell people this about 5 years ago and then tried to explain to them why you believed this, they'd sneer at you and look at you like you needed a psychiatrist. " (Link fixed) Just listen for ten seconds," I'd say, "Just ten seconds. Have you seen their board rosters? Just try reading the names of the people on the board who were founders. It is like a Bilderberger guest list. It is nothing but CIA-CFR-NSA megaspooks. Why would an internet search company want Goldfinger, Dr. Evil and Hannibal Lector on their board of directors? It's obvious, because the company was bought out and is now a primary means of monitoring whole populations."

Now Google admits it and shrugs, so what? Yeah, the original company was bought by spooks and turned into an intelligence hub. So what? You got something to hide?

Let's just thank god they are not like those damn Nazis sterilising women involuntarily. That would be too much if that was happening, right? That would be the line in the sand. I got bad news for you. The line in the sand was about 2000 miles back. Point-of-no-return no-through-road sign was passed like 20 years ago. The good guys fought hard and they lost. The bad guys won. This is not a Hollyweird movie where there is a rally and a sudden change of fortune. If this was a Michael Bay movie, the metal guitar strains would be playing now as the hero rides in on his Harley to save the day. That's not going to happen. The heroes are all gone and the bad guys are finishing the country off. You slept right through the film and the credits are coming up now superimposed over shots of your children working on the global slave plantation for the next one thousand years as crack-addicted gang-bang porn stars paid .10 cents an hour on a good gig. Mind you, that is the feel-good bubblegum upbeat hit of the summer rose-colored glasses ending. The real ending is actually much, much worse.

Edward Snowden has told people they track and record their locations on cell phones all day long and people are like ... whatever. Do you have any idea how easily you can be stitched up on fake charges by almost anybody in the loop? What say a cop somewhere in there takes a fancy to your wife? Or your daughter? With laws against even revealing you were arrested, how many years do you expect to spend in prison before somebody figures out you were never working with terrorists? A couple phone calls, some arbitrary leads from fake witnesses and you're gone. Forever. Your loved ones commit a felony if they tell people you have gone missing. Your wife better roll over for her new husband or she can go right into rendition with you. Do you really know how these things work in real life? They are so bad and so abused they have the capacity to create hell on earth. As they said of the Nazis, it wasn't Adolf Hitler you lived in terror of. It was the local file clerk who could make you disappear with a rubber stamp and one signature. He fancied your wife. Or your daughter. Or maybe even your son.

They remind me of that character in 1984 who is picked up by the secret police and is actually being tortured alongside Winston Smith but is still claiming the only people who have anything to fear are people with something to hide. All the guy did was blurt out something in his sleep subconsciously and was reported by his own son.

Our Advanced Era Of Improvementation And Edjamafacashun

Which looks more and more inferior to the 3rd century A.D. every single day

History is cyclical. When people believe they are the peak they are always at the nadir.

The most important thing you can know about history is that when a generation assumes it is the most advanced there is a high probability they are in fact the most retrograde. Our current era is starting to look like a return to the crudest, dirtiest and most miserable barbarism ever. The worst of all possible worlds for all concerned, not the best. With pirates controlling the seas and slavery all but ubiquitous throughout the world, somewhere we lost two millennia of real advances almost overnight.

Just finished reading this. It was way more interesting than you might believe. The most interesting part about the book is that the author is so out of touch with reality he thinks slavery is not still a legal institution throughout the world. Amerikwans are so schizophrenic.

The Byzantine Empire, fractured from the collapse of the Roman Empire, wanted men all over the world to know … we are not Islam. Slavery is not welcome here. Every free man is seen as an individual in our empire and everyone who fights against the darkness will be given the light of liberty. It is very similar to the way that America was kept fairly honest from 1945 through to 1993 with the need to distinguish itself from the Soviet Union. Once the U.S.S.R. collapsed, the United States lost its moral compass and was essentially taken over completely in a coup by a small group of elites with far better long term planning and grandiose goals. With no shadow to compare itself with, the Americans went insane and were conquered from the inside by the neocons. That gives you an idea of how weak the internal guidance of men really is without an external enemy they want to believe represents a dichotomy. Their grasp of right and wrong is so feeble that without an example of wrong they cannot even fumble their way to a concept of the right.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Did Sumerian Kings Live Thousands of Years?

Apparently, according to this stone they did.

This stone causes a lot of problems for archaeologists because they can correlate so much that is written on it with the approximate times and dates already known.

Gilgamesh himself was said to be a demigod whose father was a Lamu (night spirit) and his mother Ninsun a human beauty. Since good old Gil appears in the Sumerian King List, you really have to wonder just how recently that Humbaba the Terrible placed that awful, eerie inexplicable curse on Enkidu and "all his kind."

The Sumerian King Stone says that conventional history is pure bunkum. There is a lot more there than we are allowed to know by the orthodoxy. The Sumerian and Akkadian ruling classes and their exile seem much more recent in significance than previously thought.

See here that the Sumerian dynasties were followed by the Kings of Babylon and the exiled Babylonians may have constituted the Hyksos who then went into Egypt and completely seized it out of the hands of the largely European population who ruled over it at that time. The Hyksos vanished and appeared under new names just as the Kings of Babylon seemed fond of aliases in their exile. It appears enormously difficult to ever get any specifics on the Hyksos despite their ruling for thousands of years. They are like shadows in history, only visible by looking at the wall behind them with a strong light in your hand. In the Epic of Gilgamesh in the Akkadian translation they are described as "them who wish not to be named" interchangeable with "those in the shadows who go unchallenged."

The best parts of Wikipedia are the parts that the editors are too stupid to know they should carefully censor like they do everything else that is on there. You can learn a lot by seeing the associations where they cannot. Would a genuinely bright person be obsessed with editing Wikipedia entries for most of his adult life? I don't think so. A pseudo-intellectual would love that job, though.

Lies, Damned Lies, Globowarmthinkery

The crookedest bastards who ever set their foot upon the Earth.

These people are so crooked they have to screw their pants on in the morning. They make the nuttiest demon worshipping human sacrifice cults in history look like ladies home charitable societies in contrast. They are nuts when they wake up in the morning and drooling when the sun goes down at night. Misery loves company and they won't be happy until the whole world is as delusional as they are. This climate racket is truly the last refuge of a biological blowout. It's for people who are working their way around to suicide except they can't stand the idea of going alone.

When you don't have the brains to work selling pencils at a bus stop, you can always try out for a seat on a climate commission. They literally take anyone. If you dig under the bottom of a barrel, you'll find another barrel. Keep digging until you get can get under the bottom of that barrel and you'll discover Al Gore seated on a port-a-potty with his pants around his ankles whistling "Riders on the Storm" by The Doors. Ask him to stand up so you can look down into the potty. It is filled with globowarmthinkists.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Entire Planet Is One Big Oopart

Mysterious iron pipes inside 150,000 year old pyramid in China.

Reality sucks if you are a professional career scienmajist.

Salt water. Running a molten salt thorium reactor to light the pharaoh's vanity mural in the interior for visitors? Probably the truth is something far more incredible.

The special properties of the sandstone have preserved the pipes where normally they'd just be red stains in the ground within a couple hundred years. The next time you see a red stain in the ground, remember that.

Check out the strange radioactivity associated with the site. Just another melonhead atomic war going back into infinity. Yawn, I seen this play before. It was good the first time but the 5000th time I watched it on cable I practically knew all the actors lines by heart.

This page is a good review of just a few of the existing anomalies.

It is obvious the Neanderthals made cheap iron in kilns. The proof is that it was cheap iron. Compared to their impressive organic weapons made from flint, bitumen and wooden handles they probably had a wide assortment of rather crude iron tipped spears, knives and throwing blades that would have rusted into vapour very quickly compared to the implements that used more natural components and were fossilised. I don't doubt for an instant that these cheap smelted iron tools from red oxide deposits probably made them seem like unbelievably high tech warriors in their heyday compared to many other hominids. The problem is that even if you have two pig iron machetes, an iron tipped spear and iron razor edged throwing disk you are still not going to last very long against a mob of three hundred Cro Magnons hurling cheap wooden spears with deadly accuracy at long distance. You might never even get a chance to take your close range iron weapons off your utility belt. Imagine Batman looking down on Joker's Lair from a rooftop and just getting killed with a speargun before he could even get out his batarang. Batman's dead. Some retards threw all their spears at him at once. That's a very short comic book.

Britannica Demockrassy

Just another third world hellhole with a pile of dead bodies found at the dump after polling day.

Manboons. Manboons never change.

All "democracies" end up like this. Anybody who can read and write has known it for the last two thousand years. Aristotle knew it.

When they stop talking about a Republic and start using the word "Democracy," the end is close.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sense of Humor Serves As Cause To Confiscate Firearms

Anyone who tells you that Australia still has a right to bear arms despite draconian regulation, registration and control that would frighten commissars in the Soviet Union in it's heyday should read this.

Hoplophobia is latent homosexuality that expresses itself as a fear that other men may be able to defend themselves.

It could be triggered by seeing a person whom you know has arms demonstrating a sense of humor when getting his photo taken. Agreed, it is weird but does it constitutes any reasonable evidence of mental illness sufficient to automatically issue a warrant for confiscation of his arms? If there is no aggravating conduct, no other substantial report of violation of his requirements, where is the probable cause to proceed? Well, like all "privileges" extended to you by government, it does not require anything but arbitrary impulse to withdraw the "privilege." Since the entire chain of command in law enforcement is invariably occupied at various levels by people who often turn out to be seriously disturbed and criminal human beings themselves and since any of those people can confiscate your arms without probable cause at any moment, obviously it is only a matter of time before all law abiding people lose their arms.

Only a sweaty, neurotic latent homosexual control freak would consider the photo enough to justify taking his arms away and subject him to a psychiatric examination. A well balanced person would not react that way. Especially upon finding out that this person was simply engaged in a form of political expression by wearing this colander under a religious loophole during his photo.

You may think Australians still retain the right to bear arms but you're wrong. These are just the traditional transitional steps leading to complete arms confiscation from all law-abiding people. This guy with the colander on his head is nothing but the canary in the coal mine.

The problem is not law abiding men with guns. The problem is that criminals don't obey laws by definition. That's why Australia is turning into a shooting gallery. Don't worry, however … it will probably just be the law abiding getting shot. The criminals are armed to the teeth, as always under such draconian governments. Tyrants respect criminals but the law abiding they regard as no more than domesticated animals.

Most Australians are unaware that passive observers of their culture are left with a strong conviction that Australians simply don't have the brains to solve their problems or maintain their civilisation. You show me any immigrant to Australia who has lived here for more than a few years with IQ above room temperature, I guarantee you if you get a couple beers into them and loosen up their tongues they will admit it. Australians think prohibition of arms can work if they can just "get the criminals and guns off the street." Like there is a resource shortage of both guns and criminals and once they capture the limited pool of bad ones, all the remaining humans will be good sheep forever. A childlike fantasy about the real world. Reminds me of the globowarmthinkers who admit that even if manmade climate change was real, it might be impossible to do anything about it but that shouldn't stop us from trying anyway even if like Julia Gillard it destroys the entire Australian economy overnight. A kind of madness that is difficult to speak to since it betrays something inherently wrong with the human mind that could produce a conclusion like this one. Damaged goods don't get fixed upon receipt because they are identified as damaged goods during shipping. They remain damaged goods when signed for.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Dinosaurs Were Not Dinosaurs

They were colossal warm-blooded flightless birds with hollow bones and brilliant rainbow plumage.

Do you remember Tex ranting about the dinosaurs having air-filled bones ... you know ... exactly like birds.

Read down about halfway into the article.

This is how dinosaurs got that big without their own weight crushing them inside their own bodies.

They were gigantic avians with bones that were mostly hollow exactly as seen in birds.

We shouldn't ask how dinosaurs acquired the power of flight.

Both creationists and neodarwinists are  looking at the problem from the wrong end of the telescope. Flip that thing around.

Dinosaurs were designed to fly from the beginning. Their whole frame was engineered to fly someday despite them often spending millions of years on the ground as foraging birds.

The real supreme being is smarter and more wonderful than any preacher or minister is probably capable of imagining. Any attempt by them to qualify God as something they can comprehend is doomed to end in failure because God is something we can never really understand. Let's be thankful he has made it so obvious he likes us. To go a step further and say he must love us is not really that big a leap at all.

A Lot Of Weird Stuff Was Happening 41,000 Years Ago

 The 'Thals were crowding onto the Iberian Peninsula, encompassed on all sides by a race of men who seemed to have only one purpose in life above all other things - to exterminate them.

No woman or child who died by violence has ever been documented in a properly established Neanderthal living habitat. Contrary to what you may have heard, cannibalism has never been firmly established amongst them, ever. Nor has regular tribal warfare or trepass by Neanderthals into the territory of others.

Weird things are going on right now as well.

Maligning Neanderthal Faces

A Vault-Co reader posted this and I found it an interesting way to study distortion in science.

There's some real sleight-of-hand going on in this article, listen and I will tell you why I think this is not science at all here.

They lead with the first picture. This is the power of suggestion. It is a classic notion of the Neanderthal skull. Maybe Neanderthals really did have brows like this.

Or maybe anybody who routinely lives to be more than 150 years old experiences similar exaggeration of features, becomes "hoary" and ancient from continuing bone growth in the skull.

I won't argue over the first one, you can think whatever you want.

It is the second one I want to point out to you.

This is a fully gracilized skull. Chances are there is someone you know with a face like this. It could be any modern person although it has some asian qualities.

Do you know what they have done to try to lead you into believing it is similar to the one above it?

They rotated it in the picture to set the brow back. It is an optical illusion. That skull is nothing like the one above it at all. It is a fully modern human skull and yet they are saying it is 430,000 years old.

Look the two photos and the order they chose to present them in, you decide for yourself.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

When Winter Comes, It Is The Fate of Grasshoppers To Die

Ants live year round and they thrive and prosper in seasonable and unseasonable weather. The ant is full of win all year long and is not a flash-in-the-pan party animal.

Grasshoppers die when the cold returns. They tell each other stories about a future in which their worst fear will  be an unbroken run of hot days. They pretend they will hop about in a wild breeding frenzy for all eternity and if anything changes, it will be even hotter summer forever.

The normal state of the weather on this planet is cold. We live in a strange unusual interruption in "normal" called the Holocene.

The Holocene is over.

You can hold all the conferences you want about how you will raise your hand like King Canute to hold back the tides.

Nothing will help you but learning to live in cooler climes. If you don't learn, then - like the grasshopper - it is your fate to die. A consensus won't protect you any more than it protects grasshoppers as Fall arrives.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

This Is What A Nation Looks Like When the Average IQ IS 112

It looks like a Science-Fiction Underground Metropolis.

With this mindset, Switzerland has avoided war for 500 years.

If there were an extinction event, the important question is : would Switzerland notice?

Probably not.

I toured there when I was in Europe in the military. It was such a wonderful place I never wanted to leave. It seemed to me like this is the way sane people would structure their existence.

In countries with average IQs of 98, the locals are always puzzled why the Swiss would expend so much energy on all this. They knit their tiny brows in puzzlement as they take short sips on the can of malt liquor clutched in their ham fist and try to form thoughts - with mixed results.

The reason is that the Swiss can walk and chew gum at the same time and they have been able to do so for well over 500 years. When you can't walk and chew gum at the same time it makes it difficult to prepare for things when you can't foresee developments more than 30 seconds into the future and your memory can only retrieve things that happened less than 15 minutes in the past.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Solid Fuel Steam Engines For Shelters

They can use biomass made from pulped paper or non-toxic briquettes of hexane solid fuel.

No diesel to store. No dangerous flammables. In a pinch, will run from pulp bricks made from old newspapers.

They are also one-piece, modular and easy to situate in a dedicated room by themselves. Power output is pretty high for such a small device. Easy to exhaust through a positive pressure hatch aboveground.

Do you know, when I honestly consider it, I would rather have four of these in my shelter than my own molten salt reactor.

If your thorium generator broke down for some reason, how hard would it be to maintain or repair?

You could store enough safe inert fuel in advance to last a couple years and when it ran out, you could turn around and use compressed paper wads or even dried leaves, wood chips, or anything that burns.

Best of all, they produce clean hot water and can even be tapped for cogeneration to thermal heaters inside the shelter. Pretty hard to beat.

Magnetic Reversals = Mass Extinction Events

More undeniable proof.

Of course. This is why there would be such high concentrations of CO2 around these times and acidification of the ocean. I would have never thought of it but once I have read it I see how well it fits into the overall framework described by Felix.

Why Waste Money

They know where that plane is and what happened to it, so why waste time with a public relations show pretending to search the ocean for it?

Think about it.

Globalism Engineered To Bankrupt Local Businesses

The reality is that businesses cannot compete with foreign producers if they are forced to wear handicaps and suffer regulations that do not apply to foreign food imports.

The biggest problem is that local producers are accountable, among other things, to actually sell the product the label claims it to be.

If a person can sell cheap corn syrup as honey and has margins that are 600% greater than somebody who is required to sell real honey, the real honey producer will go out of business. The foreign unregulated manufacturer can flood the shelves with cheap "honey" and drive them out of the market altogether by pretending to sell honey.

Again, declining civilisations seem to exalt the worst and treat the best as criminal pests who have to be rooted out and destroyed. You can shake your head all you want except you cannot argue with the facts. Governments that support globalist economics are waging a grudge match against competency, quality, safety, pricing, production and security.

For the past twenty years I have heard Australians mindlessly extolling the benefits of "globalism" and the inevitability and desirability of replacing our "old thing" with this "new thing." (Most can never articulate why) Most government policy is designed to promote it. During this time I have seen the price of food skyrocket across the board. There are no economies of scale at work here and the results prove it. It is about destruction, period. There is no "creative" element at all. Free markets are about creative destruction and without the creative part, they are not free markets. Destruction of markets and replacement with central control of production isn't a free market, it is marxism.

I look around and wherever I see a Yank monopoly has replaced a locally owned supermarket, you walk into that Yank cartel and you will see food that is more expensive, more unsafe in its origins and less palatable. This is like a feedback cycle that makes things worse on a weekly basis. The worst thing that can happen is to have a locally owned chain like Action, Bi-Lo or Franklins (remember them?) replaced by a Coles, Safeway or Woolworths and owned by an unaccountable foreign company that does not answer to the people who live here.

Notice how with marxists, things always mysteriously get worse and they claim they are getting better? With free markets systems, things mysteriously get better all the time. Stuff becomes cheaper, not more expensive. Quality and choice expand instead of contracting.

I think we are right in the middle of one of the largest scams by international organised crime syndicates in world history. These highwaymen have the gall to package mercury-laced corn syrup (practically an industrial waste product) as it's polar opposite in biology, beehive sourced real honey.

Sandy Hook Confirmed A Drill By White House Insiders

About as direct from the horse's mouth as you can expect to get.

Not just a drill, though. A really lousy, fake drill. A drill so obvious you have to wonder about the intelligence of the people who thought the public would believe it and the public that believed it.

LAPD Loses Drone To Shoe

Guess they will need to move to military grade.

I'm not surprised. The cops in L.A. hate to leave the station. It's dangerous out there. Apparently there are criminals everywhere - or so they have heard.

Kwanstainians Given Whetstones To Sharpen Axes

Corporate finds the cheapest outsourcing is achieved when you have the outgoing workers training the foreigners who will replace them.

The 'Stain needs regime change. They should look at what is happening in Iraq where the locals are getting their country back.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Thorium - Cat is Out Of The Bag

With reactors coming on line in India and China for residential and industrial use, the 'Stain can no longer pretend Thorium does not exist. They've kept Thorium a secret wherever possible for a half a century.

Too late.

Physics doesn't change. People do. They get stupider each generation. Physics stays the same.

The 'Stain government did not want people to know they have had thorium reactors running for government labs for decades on a fist-sized piece of thorium that leaves waste products less radioactive than the granite countertop in your kitchen.

If there is anything that can stop a third World War, it is widespread adoption of Thorium power.

Of course, one of the side products of thorium reactors is a desalinisation plant to convert limitless amounts of seawater into 100% pure drinking water. See why I loved the scientists at Oak Ridge Labs?

Imagine if every community had a light molten salt reactor and produced their own food the way this guy does in a previous blog. Imagine how safe, resilient, stable and secure the world would be. Imagine how capable people would be of coping with catastrophic events and rebounding quite easily no matter what sort of changes the natural world threw at them. Imagine a whole world composed of these hardened communities with extensive underground infrastructure and local control of all decision making. This planet could easily support 100 billion people with this kind of architecture. They'd be really good people, too. Self-reliant and sound people.

This stuff is the worst possible scenario for Melonheads. Their whole strategy for survival has essentially revolved around centralisation of resources (and therefore authority and control) for a million years. They wake up screaming from nightmares about a thorium-powered world in which nobody listens to them and they push grocery carts down the highway with a sign wired to the front reading WILL RULE FOR FOOD. They have big plans for Tel Aviv as the world capital, global government and a colossal marxist planetwide empire that they will sit atop and graze upon the cream as envisioned by Leo Strauss. If Thorium gets off the ground, they will have lost the entirety of their arguments which rest on scarcity and crisis. If you want to thwart Melonheads, promote Thorium.

Thorium ruins all the best laid plans of psychopaths and sociopaths worldwide.

Keep talking about Thorium and mention it to everybody whenever you get a chance. The most important changes can often come from grass roots movements that are impossible to quell because they come from everywhere and nowhere all at once.

If you're a survivalist, support Thorium.

If you've ever wondered why I link to the "Dark Enlightenment" on the left side of my blog, it is because I see it as the natural progression of neoconservatism into the technocratic class. It is not because I support such ideas, it is that I see the current regime as inevitably spiralling into quasi-fascism despite the ridiculous protests of "individuals" who cannot even govern their own passions.

In tiny, highly self-sufficient communities, modern people who live without any regard for traditional mores would quickly find themselves banished by their neighbours. If people wanted to pursue simple impulse gratification and porn atomism, they would quickly learn that they don't need modern conveniences to do so and would be invited to leave and make a life for themselves in a mud hut somewhere. It is centralised authoritarian domestication that elevates people with bad character to the fore of society because they are milder copies of the authorities who run the system itself. Centralized societies reward the worst and punish the best. This is not sustainable and invariably leads to despotic rule sooner or later.

1965 World's Fair - The Underground Home

I really like the way this guy Swayze thought about the world.

His ideas about shelter spaces and livability were not just way ahead of his time, they were way ahead of the human race. Lots of people are wondering what happened to the World's Fair "Showroom" model.

This is the same guy who built the underground homes for Jerry Henderson in Los Vegas and Colorado.

I have not started on my next shelter yet but when I do I am going to be incorporating major ideas from this guy in my design. The in-ground heated swimming pool and golf course is a winner.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Unbelievable - The Water In The Depths (Genesis)

Difficult to comprehend. Once again, scripture correct, man wrong.

I noticed this winning streak when I was still an atheist.
Score : God = , Man = 0.

The earth looks like it was customised to support life. No reasonable person would deny it.

Druids & Heretics

Religion never gives way to secularism. It gives way to new religions.

Globowarmthinkery is a religion for people who lack the wherewithal for the simple precepts of traditional religions. It is the god that failed.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tenth Generation Debauchery

As in the last days of Rome.

These critters will not be on board the Enterprise in pyjamas talking into tricorders and exploring space for the betterment of mankind. That will never happen. A civilisation can never be better than the people who make it up.

If you're paying attention, you will see this stuff has trouble getting out of the gate for about fifty years but once it starts to crumble it tends to snowball into an avalanche of decadence and vulgar anarchy. At the beginning of Fellini's Satyricon they are arguing over the price of a youth they are selling.

Anybody with eyes in their head knows that the metaphor of Sodom and Gomorrah was not a metaphor. It is cyclic and always runs as the epilogue to a civilisation that is collapsing.

Theft By Any Other Name

Seizure of private property without due process or even proper warrant or legal justification

This gives you an idea of what kind of laws were being passed in secret session by Labor. The more you know the worse it gets.

People began to keep their money under a mattress during the last Depression for this very reason. It got so bad that you could not leave your money in the bank, that was the least safety for your savings. Roosevelt's administration was practicing crowbar redistribution, literally yanking open safe deposit boxes at gunpoint and stealing the gold out in the name of "anti-hoarding" laws. It took decades for that generation to pass away and be replaced by people who thought banks were where you stored your money to keep it from being stolen.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

'Thal Turns Bedroom Into An Arcade Parlour

Obsessed with bringing his cave walls to life.

Right down to the penny candy machines. Clearly seeking to renew reassuring sensory-associated memories and emotional states through facile contact.

Has a hard time deciding between his dream states and his woman. Decides his dream states are more important. Woman leaves, man keeps beautiful living cave. Can get another woman, 'Thal decides.

I learn more about Amud Neanderthals every day by looking for people like me with similar qualities. They get easier to spot all the time.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cantor Blown Away In Virginia Primary

Sheeple stampede! Somebody spooked the herd.

I'm disappointed. Cantor was the best politician money could buy. Now he won't have a chance to vote on the big global amnesty throw-the-barn-door-open total insanity Kwa destruction bill.

Eric must have been so confident he didn't bother telling Diebold to run their SQL script on the results after the "election" was over.

MetaLunans At Davos

Just watched a press review of guests at the Davos World Economic Forum in Switzerland. Featured a wide variety of "industry leaders" (global governance commissars) from all walks of life.

Every single man and woman interviewed had a ridiculously oversized melon skull, one after the other. They each in turn had a distinctly inhuman look about them. A ruling class of oriental mandarins, each and every one of them.

Amarna art model, Queen Rania of Jordan.
(She has had surgical work on her nose to make it more aquiline)
I picked Queen Rania because she looks so much like this bust the resemblance is irrefutable.
Many melonheads of European stock would have the same dimensions, however.
One woman with a designated title so vague it scarcely seemed to fit into the english language was blathering away about how they've got it all under control in the brave new world of prosperity we will shortly be moving into. Her forehead and occipital bun were hilariously gigantic. The difference between her and the press reporter interviewing her was dramatic. Even a glance would convince most reasonable people they were watching one human species interview another.

These things are all hidden in plain sight. I am convinced that Neanderthal simpletons are the only people who can see these things when they are literally in focus and in front of the face. Whatever encoding was done on the rest of the slaves to make them accept these things subconsciously, they missed on the Neanderthal brain. No such brain rewiring present. More evidence the 'Thal brain is simply a natural product of a million years of trial and error refinement in a cold environment. The 'Thal never pushed a plow or carried blocks on pyramids or hung on the Pharoah's every word like a zombie. There is no underlying genetic groove to make such behaviour seem perfectly natural. On the other hand, there is always a respect and certain admiration there in the 'Thal which makes him ambivalent towards the melon head. I could easily see him making a superb bodyguard or sentinel for the rulers of the ancient world.

This basic difference also goes a long ways towards explaining how the 'Thals would always be more creative, innovative, intellectually expansive, more experimental, more curious and have the widest perspective to enable them to solve problems.

It's simple.

The 'Thal was never hobbled properly. The Corpus Callosum is intact. It is not for lack of the will there. It is just something overlooked in the last 38,000 years of captivity and enslavement for 'Thals. It just didn't happen. We may never know exactly why that is.

"Adriana Munoz" : False Flag Party Animal

The government apparently thinks so highly of her they use her constantly.

Radioshack Post-Mortem

It was the most magical part of my childhood. I was constantly buying parts and equipment there from the time I was 6 years old until almost up to the day I emigrated out of America.

The only thing that made me happier than buying stuff at RadioShack was buying books.

That was a different America with a vastly different future than the one you see now. It was a country full of engineers building things and Americans included children from a young age in the cycle of learning by doing. RadioShack was all about selling them the tools they needed to get stuck into the thick of it long before they graduated high school.

I loved crystal radios so much I built dozens of them, including ones that worked off a razor blade and a piece of pencil lead in place of the diode. It was a blast and I listened every single night after I was supposed to be in bed. It felt like I was connected to a much larger world after sundown with my eyes closed in the darkness of my room. I would walk through signals on shortwave from all over the planet until CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATRE came on. It was absolute magic. I enjoyed those radio shows more than anything I ever saw on television or at the movies.

Every time I bought a handful of parts I would leave it up in the air what to build with them. It might be a rain detector or a burglar alarm, a radio controlled robot that could turn left or right, a candy dispenser or a Simon matching game with LEDs. I can remember how much patience I learned when it didn't necessarily work correctly the first time. I would painstakingly review the circuit diagram I had used until I uncovered my error. When you hit the power after finding and fixing that bug there is a surge of reward in your veins when it begins functioning.

I didn't know as a child that the declining value of the dollar, runaway inflation and going off the gold standard was draining the country dry. I didn't know that when I grew up, America would no longer be a meritocracy or a society that rewarded discipline and mastery of these subjects. All the industries were being forced overseas and the tax system was killing the middle class. By the time I was full grown the rot and decay had been endemic a long, long time. Kids like me were an amusing novelty. Kids who could think and solve problems, fix stuff and make things better were rapidly becoming less desirable than criminals, thieves and embezzlers. They had slowly been made obsolete. Virtuous people in general, people with self-control, were increasingly viewed as troublemaking nerds and weirdos who could not be counted upon to do what was expected. Integrity and quality was on its way out. The dollar was hollow and false, pretend money for a pretend country.

I remember getting to my first duty assignment in the Army over in Germany and having trouble understanding how the soldiers and non-commissioned officers could openly deal and use drugs right in plain sight, the hard stuff, without anyone arresting them. It seemed like a topsy-turvy world where right was wrong, wrong was right and sanity was considered a character defect. I also began to realise shortly after going into the military that these people were the norm now and I was the defective cog in the machine. The U.S. Army is the pulse of the latest generation and I could see at once that these other kids had childhoods that were nothing like my own. Most of them were methamphetamine-fueled vulgar and destructive people who cursed God as naturally as yawning.

Rap Died A Decade Ago

Unlike Disco, music labels continued to produce, sell it and force it into a variety of venues for ten years after it ceased to be commercially profitable.

The next time somebody tells you market forces determine what entertainment looks like, ask them why Hollywood is making movies nobody sees and music nobody listens to despite years of feedback that the dog simply won't eat that dogfood. Without their powerful distribution cartel (junk is poured into cable whether they want it or not, despite nobody watching it on there either except as background noise) the entertainment industry would have gone broke a long, long time ago.

Their political motives are strong enough for them to sustain millions and millions of dollars in losses in favour of what they'd like people to see, not what they actually want to see.

They play that rap crap at the gym and this is another reason I always take my MP3 player to drown that garbage out. It is difficult to imagine anything duller and more uncool than rap music. Sales were always driven by ten year old white kids who had only one parent in the household but even they stopped purchasing around the turn of the century.

The dog doesn't like that dogfood. Period. I am not sure it ever really did.

If there is one thing that doesn't drive the entertainment industry, it is market forces. They are driven largely by political and social cartels that impose ideas on people they really do not find attractive at all. They keep cramming for years on end hoping they will make the beast so sick and numb it just doesn't care anymore.

They knew they didn't have to keep it up forever. They just had to keep it up long enough to finish the job. And get properly supplied and equipped to cope with dogs when they decided they have had enough.

Monday, June 9, 2014

How Much Do Humans Know About The Ocean?

Like every other subject - about 1% of what they pretend to know.

We know more about the surface of the moon than we do the deepest parts of the ocean.

Previously unknown creatures are discovered in the ocean every day and we should not be surprised if they ever announce they have found Leviathan just as scripture described him.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

What Do You Call America With No Middle Class?

Botswana North.

Better street wiring, copper plumbing. Lots of stuff that will be ripped out and sold in a fraction of the time it took to build and install, in fact.

Just throw open the gates and leave the keys on the front porch. The country is finished.

Homo Sapiens Soundly Beaten By Chimpanzees In Cognitive Tests

Always thought it was suspicious with you carrying those domesticated animals and plants around, Saps. You never did look like you were responsible for those things.

Can you provide us with an explanation of where you were between 45,000 B.C. and 38,000 B.C around the time the Neanderthals were all crowded into an Alamo on the Iberian Peninsula and genocided then cannibalized? It will look better if you cooperate with the investigation. Tell us everything you know. If you don't know anything, that right there is telling us something about you.

Nietzsche Appreciation Banned

Greatest thinker of the 19th century, without hesitation.

Goethe, Schopenhauer, Spinoza to follow no doubt.

Since they are getting rid of electric light bulbs and hot running water, might as well ban Thomas Edison and any home repair books while you are at it.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Hastings Wrote About Bergdahl, Then He Was Killed

One year ago, Michael Hastings took an unusual interest in investigating Bergdahl as the last American P.O.W. in Afghanistan.

Immediately after the article was published, he freaked out of his mind saying the U.S. government was going to kill him because of what he had accidentally stumbled across when investigating Bergdahl's captivity. Hastings said they were going to make it look like an accident.

Immediately after which (4 hours) he died in an "accident."

This Bergdahl thing is many wheels within many other wheels turning inside a big wheel.

Time Magazine Is A Melonhead Propaganda Rag

Melonheads are good, crushing the underclass is good, getting rid of the middle class is good, getting rid of the U.S. Constitution and framework of government is good. Poverty, misery, instability and chaos are all good.

I can't believe somebody would be bold enough to actually publish this plutocratic drivel.

Remember, I don't write this crap. I just link to it.

The Founding Fathers would tell us that we should have been knee deep in spent shell casings from the all-night firing squad twenty years ago. We weren't and this is the natural progression.

The tenth generation is always the last. Every 200 years like clockwork. You could set your watch.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Enrichmentation and Improvamentation Together At Last

The Kwanstain is enrichmentated on so many levels, it is hard to know where to begin.

They are really getting liberated now from stuffy old notions of acceptable behaviour those dowdy dotards who formerly lived there were always promoting. Soon they will be liberated from a civilisation. Then the real improvamentation can begin.

Enrichmentation proves that enrichmentation works. Smashed the windows of his truck and left him a note. Like North Korea but with better street wiring. Oh, Officer, I shot your mom the other day because she smelled like dope. Turned out it was just potpourri but you can never be too sure.

Get used to your private property being seized and destroyed because once you get acclimated, next they will be coming for the most precious thing you own. Peds have a never ending need for new faces and they know how to keep the supply chain running smoothly.

Fantastic Essay On Civil Defense

Lifeboats and Civil Defense

I read Glasstone decades ago and have not seen or heard of him since until a Vault-Co reader found a link to a site with reprints of his best work.

He was a brilliant man. He helped form a lot of my ideas about nuclear war and the need for civilian defense as opposed to "military defense" absent of concern for the civilians whom the military exists to protect.

Resistance to civil defence makes as much sense as resistance to putting lifeboats on a cruise ship. This is no false analogy. Nobody misses lifeboats until they desperately need them. Until then they are just a ridiculous luxury for the paranoid. Until the ship hits an iceberg. The only part of this analogy you have to amend is to remember that human ships never ever stop hitting icebergs and sinking. The human race will never see an end to war and the only way they can prevent them is to maintain a strong defence at all times for both their military and their civilian population. Having a strong retaliation capacity and a plan for your civilians is the greatest deterrence of them all.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Kwanstainia Determined To Lose WW3

Planning to win a nuclear war with a first strike in 1963

American ABM technology simply doesn't work. Russia has mobile launchers for the majority of its missiles now. The U.S. still runs a static operation. Russia will know exactly where to disable all of the 'Stains weapons, but the Kwa can't pinpoint more than 10% of the Russia missile force at any one time. Russia's submarines have a clear advantage in baffling attempts to locate them. Russia's air fighters have a 9-to-1 kill ratio against the Kwa's aging fleet of 1970's jets in most objective tests.

Rods from God and orbital platforms the U.S. is frantically working to upgrade will almost certainly pose a major threat to the civilian population of Russia but in terms of military strategy there is very little to gain by killing civilians. The Russian nuclear force is extremely mobile, adaptable and nearly impossible to plan to destroy with conventional nuclear weapons. This makes it far more likely that the U.S. will turn to cobalt-salted weapons to sterilize whole regions and employ ramjet horror weapons previously discussed on Vault-Co, consisting of spraying a swath of plutonium designed to wipe out entire map grids with sheer radioactive overkill. This in turn suggests the Russians will retaliate with dirty "unthinkable" weapons of their own final reserve including the Dead Hand system and the Dr. Strangelovian Cobalt-60 "Tsar Bomba" they have always claimed to have. We would see the red mercury nuclear cluster bombs deployed that the U.S. has claimed don't exist for decades and neutron-based weapons used against civilians in metropolitan areas.

The 'Stain is going to get its a** kicked even if China doesn't jump in to help and it almost certainly will.

As the WOPR said in War Games, the only way for the Kwa to win is not to play. The madmen over there just don't know the odds.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Reprint of a Classic

Nothing but bad news on Vault-Co for a while. Even I get sick of it.

I just thought I'd reprint this article to show you what kind of world we could actually be living in if we didn't share it with a bunch of a**holes. They want you to think that we live amidst ever-increasing scarcity, peak energy, global warming and a bunch of other fake crises. None of these crises exist anywhere outside of the human brain that is hallucinating them.

Growing food in the desert abundantly

What is really hilarious is that the threats they should be anticipating is a shift back to a new Ice Age (requiring technologies just like these to survive), our planet's electrical grid security during solar flares and magnetic reversals and self-sufficiency for every nation as a viable strategy for the future. Otherwise we'd have almost nothing to fear ever again if we were using our brains. Our societies stopped doing that about fifty years ago when the culture wars started.

All of their false manufactured threats have consequences like war, famine and disease but almost all of these are a result of human stupidity and refusal to respond to simple feedback from experience. We don't really need to have a clash of civilizations or be constantly occupying and invading other countries or any of that crap.

The guy in the article above is part of the solution. It's the way forward.

Everybody else is mostly just crazy people making it worse with nearly everything they say and do. They don't know it but that is all they are really doing with their lives.

Dark Pools : Ultimate Financial Fraud In Stock Market

As explained here, they are steering investors to buy their own stocks and simultaneously pretending to be investment advisors who are recommending those stocks and investing in them for their clients.

Hog wild criminal speculation. Absolute financial chaos. The rule of law has given way to rule of bankers.

No accountability, no oversight and no limits. Literally stealing it right out of people's hands. It is like institutionalized nationwide Madoff. A ponzi scheme that reinvested the bailout money the government gave them back into the ponzi scheme and used the profits to spend themselves into another collapse.

"Bailout" is a communist idea. Free nations don't bail out banks. They let them collapse. It is part of the healthy natural cycle of a free market. Crooks and criminals go bust sooner or later unless the government pays off their losses and pays them to keep on thieving. Free societies send these sorts of people to prison for embezzlement and fraud.

Getting rid of Glass-Steagall threw the barn doors open and the rout has turned into a stampede.

Monday, June 2, 2014

I Don't Make These Stories Up

I just link to them. That's all.

UPDATE : Suggestion here that this entire fiasco is a clever psych-op to divert attention away from the exploding scandal at the Veteran's Administration over how much money they have stolen from soldiers returning home disabled from the wars they started. I heard a swimming pool was closed at one VA hospital that was critical to rehab despite the administrators taking home hundreds of thousands of dollars in bonuses that year. One source has told me if people knew how much money Obama's cronies have sucked out of the system to leave soldiers dying of infection in hot wards without food or nursing there would be rioting in the streets. I have at least one guy who told me by email a lot of the VA hospitals that received the most money had the least staff in attendance and in at least one circumstance were basically empty buildings with soldiers trying to care for each other without doctors or any medical supplies.

I couldn't make up stuff like this. It's too insane. I would not have even thought of something that far out.

A deserter I can understand. So the guy went AWOL. Who could blame the guy, with who-knows-how-many stop loss orders applied to his record? Okay, so he deserted. I wouldn't do it but when somebody does I can understand. The guy cracked. He couldn't take it. That's one thing.

Except this is not desertion. This guy left his unit and walked over to the enemy camp and asked for sanctuary. This is a whole different order of punishable offense. It's treasonous collaboration with the opposing force. We were taught in PSYOPS that these are the least trustworthy sources of information. If they would betray their own then they will absolutely betray you. A turncoat is never to be trusted no matter which side he is on this week.

Wait, that's not the crazy part.

If I had done something like this, I would not expect the U.S. Army to be willing to trade a bag of potato chips for my life. Why should they? I didn't desert, I sold out my own unit and went over to the enemy to share intel with them. Why should they care if I ever came home?

Obama's administration went around Congress and without notifying them as required by the Constitution and the legislation they traded 5 high-ranking Taliban commanders for this guy. Forget about terrorism. It doesn't matter. These guys were part of the worldwide poppy trade that was grown in Afghanistan. They were the world's drug suppliers for opium and therefore heroin. I don't know if they committed acts of terrorism or not but I know they were supplying the planet with an endless basket of heroin distributed at street level and running a colossal arms trade off the back of the profits. Based on that alone, I would not have released them. Maybe transferred them from Guantanamo but let them walk free over a single traitor who cost other people's lives just looking for the guy?

This is absolutely, positively impeachable. Period. A President who did this needs to be impeached. Benghazi had no plausible deniability other than Obama and his cabinet are incredibly stupid. That's not the same as this. This is treason to recover a traitor. It doesn't make any kind of walking-around sense. It's insane and it deserves impeachment proceedings.

I got to tell you, this reeks of a setup for a false flag they are going to turn around and blame on these guys they set free. It reeks of a setup. Something is really, really fishy about all this. This story is even crazier than amazing superhuman X-Man Jeff "Ultimate Bad-Ass" Bauman and his Boston Bomb wonder stumps healing in 19 days to win a breakdancing contest.

During the heyday of the Soviet Union, Russians would sit around and howl with laughter at the drivel they printed in Pravda. People know Pravda was a propaganda rag. It printed stories about how infantrymen caught bullets in their teeth while they recited Lenin in the Siege of Leningrad and how a Russian mother had fed 6 children by singing folk songs to birds to lure them into a basket trap. It was insane gibberish. But the Russians knew that. The people of the West don't know it. They think these stories can be taken seriously.

Open Cubicles : Manboons Not A Learning Animal

They studied this problem during World War II. The results were as clear and as unambiguous as the nose on your face.

Lemme tell you about these weirdos back in the early 90's. I was one of them. These weirdos consistently claimed in the workplace that you could get a hell of a lot more work done by running a monochrome monitor in the background when debugging. I used to ask for them all the time at all the places I contracted at. People looked at me like I had just stepped out of an alien spacecraft and asked where the earth women were at. Some people teased me after that for the length of the contract. "We will be getting those double monitors in soon, Cleve. One for each of your eyes. Will that make you code better?" They'd all laugh. Then they'd go back to doing nothing and waiting for me to finish up their project.

One really disturbing thing is that the majority of people in the workplace had no idea about the actual hardware architecture of the PC that sat on their desk. Most of them didn't know that a secondary monitor monochrome memory area was built into the stack in MS-DOS for the very reason that all serious computer programmers used a second monitor, especially when debugging any kind of graphical application for any reason. At places like Microsoft, which was a very productive company in it's early days, they were simply mandatory.

About two decades later, every company in the world has twin monitors on their employee's desks for the very reasons I understood in 1991. Mind you, it took two decades for them to adopt something I had deduced within two weeks of sitting down in front of a PC for the first time in my life … and even then they were basically copying other people for reasons they could not explain. I first realised the importance of dual monitor setups when coding for the Commodore 64 on top of a C-128 and discovering the second jack that was available for a completely separate monochrome display.

You can tell they don't really know why they have dual monitors on their desks. It doesn't really make a difference for somebody who does nothing anyway. It makes a colossal difference for a good programmer - upwards of 400% more productive in a given day when coding and debugging.

Nowadays, I don't ever mention anything about open plan cubicles at my contracts. There's no point. The company is purely theatrical anyhow, nobody cares if they ever produce anything. They are just going through the motions like automata. Deep down it is really about authority and dominance. The managers don't accomplish anything, either. They get the private office as a show of authority. They are better than you. They need to access high quality streaming porn all day in their offices and shouldn't have to worry about somebody looking over their shoulder. That's something you impose on software developers.

Here is the thing.

The research also shows that any gains in productivity by putting dual monitors on every desk are easily destroyed by requiring software developers to work in open office plans. This is what managers are supposed to do for a living. They don't know it. In addition to not knowing what they should know, they don't even know what they don't know. They don't know that they don't know what they should know despite knowing they know something when the evidence shows they are actually people who know less than nothing about anything.

When I have my own company (and I will) I will guarantee you my staff (working from private rooms) will outstrip every single place I have ever worked in terms of productivity. I guarantee you. I have been watching them all. Unlike them, I am a kind of 'boon who is a learning animal.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Same Play, Different Actors

In the last 100 years of Rome, the Senate still existed but the succession of insane Emperors established a precedent of completely ignoring any rule of law and simply arbitrarily doing whatever they wanted without consulting anyone.

It is true that the United States has a Constitution.

The thing is, nobody pays it any attention. They just sign "executive orders" and act without consulting any elected representatives.

Now it appears they are negotiating treaties and arranging swaps of prisoners without even letting Congress know about it - despite the requirement of law to do so.

More here. This actually reminded me of the scene in MYSTERY MEN where "Captain Amazing" is so bored looking for suitable supervillains to battle he pulls strings to get "Casanova Frankenstein" released from a mental institution so he can get more corporate sponsorship.

A nation is no better than the people who live in it. It doesn't matter what is written down on paper. America has reached that critical tipping point where enough of its citizens are so completely out-to-lunch mentally that the rule of law simply fell out of fashion from lack of interest. I have a feeling it is not the first time it has happened.

The Roman people didn't really register or care that Nero was putting on the mask of his dead wife's face at night and sneaking out to thrill kill people he caught at random in the streets surrounded by the royal guard. All that really mattered to them was the vicious barbaric spectacles of the Roman circus in the coliseum and the free bread they threw out into the bleachers. Nothing else mattered to them.

The problem wasn't that Nero was insane. People like Nero are always around.

The problem was that the Romans were insane. That is where the problem really was.

It is like some kind of biological kill-switch is built into Homo Sapiens that fires every tenth generation after a civilisation is founded. The only law henceforth to be lawlessness. It is like they can't help themselves. Genetic automatons. DNA Simulacra. A cloned animal with safeguards baked in. The melonhead who pitched this design to his colleagues had the last slide of his powerpoint presentation loaded with security assurances :

  1. Corpus Callosum severed to barest minimum required connection
  2. Amygdala shrinks upon reaching population density trigger
  3. Death wish counteracts higher-order organisation when it reaches certain level
  4. Guaranteed to go crazy before it achieves any significant progress and destroy itself

I can just see them all applauding and pounding the guy on the back when he switches off the overhead projector. "Brilliant! Most incredible thing I have ever seen! It's what we have all been waiting for. The 'Thals are finished, they won't know what hit them when we release this thing into the wild."

More Ground Gives Way On Dog Domestication

Now we've got a concession to 45,000 years B.C. by mainstream.

Keep going, Saps. You're getting warmer.

That's because any farther back and it will be obvious dogs were domesticated by Neanderthals, not Cro-Magnons.

If you take away plant domestication and animal domestication, what is left for Cro-Magnon to claim?

He can claim he killed the people who domesticated these crucial resources and stole them for his own use. That's all he can ever claim. Evidence of his own merit appears to be nonexistent.

A Mutual Admiration Society For Psychotics

Maya Angelou was a rough, brutal brothel owner and prostitute herself.

She was a nasty piece of work, like most of the people we are told are saints and heroes we should admire.

Barry Soetoro was a teenage man whore according to his close friends who never held a day job.

Nelson Mandela was in jail because he planned and executed bombings of children's school buses.

When Martin Luther King stepped out on that balcony for a cigarette, the bug planted by the FBI in his hotel room recorded the weeping of the two underage white prostitutes he had just been slapping around during sex.

The world is run by sordid, unstable psychotics and sociopathic monsters. They sing each others praises when one of them dies. They say wonderful things about people who really weren't even human beings. If you did a CT scan of these people's brains you'd see a dark shadow where the frontal lobes should go on a real person.

Maya Angelou administered some ugly beatings with a strap to "trouble" girls in her brothel. Police were called on more than one occasion. She was a foul mouthed, foul tempered pimp, procurer and hard drinking profiteer who traded in human misery.

This was a woman who pretended to be shocked at the inhumanity in the world. She herself was an oppressor and an expression of that inhumanity.

She was a talentless hack and her tortured prose would not pass muster for a third grade creative writing assignment under any normal conditions.

It is bad enough that the bad guys and bad girls run Sapiens planet. To really sprinkle salt in the wound, they are a mutual admiration society that covers for one another when they die, claiming the angels themselves are weeping at the loss of their fellow self-righteous egomaniacal fruitcakes.