Sunday, March 30, 2014

Is The Big One About To Hit In L.A. ?

Some geophysicists think so.

Texas Booms As Kwanstainia Craters

Texas is the last American state actually run by Americans. 

Big government and big socialism are big flops wherever they are found. The world is a museum of marxist failures and Kwanstainia will soon be the prize exhibit.

Gay Men Love S&M

No matter what they call it.

Lindsay, grab John Travolta and Tom Cruise and come out of there.

DSM Goes Full Metal Jacket Orwell

Just in case you thought the DSM was relevant for anything any longer.

I laughed hard as hell when they took Asperger's off their schedule altogether and a few months later research done with CT scans of the brain revealed people with Asperger's have the most radically different brains on the entire planet. Oops. Missed something there, shrinks.

The main reason ugly men choose psychology is so that they can have sex with their own patients. That's been the case for over a hundred years. Women choose it because it allows them to be confused with a woman who is actually smart instead of just pretending.

Parents Reject "Common Core (nhole)"

For homeschooling instead.

The nerve of these parents, wanting to educate their own children in the way they believe will be best for them, as parents have done for the past million years. Whoever designed those "Jimmy Has Two Daddies" kindergarten books must have been buying up shares in homeschooling companies. It was brilliant agitprop.

Remember The Maine

All wars in the past century are manufactured wars. Other people manufacture them, they send your children to die in them.

The world is run by bad, bad people. The sooner you accept it the more life will start to make sense to you. This viewpoint leads to enlightenment, not despair.

The next time they tell you that you'd better kill so-and-so and you are certain so-and-so is minding his own business over in his own country, you need to ask yourself what sort of person tries to talk you into journeying to far-off lands to kill people you have never even met? A scumbag does. A coward who doesn't do any of his own fighting. It's a trick. Psychopaths fight other psychopaths by sending proxy idiots in their place and they stay home and drink wine. Don't let these runts get at your kids.

I want legislation declaring that any man who advocates a war sends his own children straight to the front in combat duty positions without any special consideration. You want a war, your kids fight it. Not other people's. Your kids.

Putin Has Good Laugh At Ass-Clown

Turns out Vlad Is One Of Those People Who Cannot Be Fooled All Of The Time

These journalists are so used to being able to tell Westerners any crazy sh*t that comes to mind they are not qualified to talk to people with any sense.

Vladimir Putin is a devout Christian.

Out of the two countries, which do you think is the Whore of Babylon? Which country is Satan's handmaiden on earth? The country with the teen manwhore pushing gay marriage or Putin's nation? Which of the two countries is run by hardcore communist subversives? Russia or the 'Stain?

Who is interested in protecting the people of Crimea? Putin or the West? The West could not even be bothered to find a native to run for their puppet state presidency. All the West cares about is looting the country of everything that is not nailed down. They would like nothing better than to strip the nation to bedrock and leave it shivering in the cold, much as they have done with the United States.

Putin is probably the first person to ever say no to these crooks in their entire miserable lives.

NATO is not equipped to fight their way out of a paper bag, much less the Russian army, which is so hardcore that they have learned to fight and win without much in the way of support, logistics or supply. The Russians are people you don't want to screw around with if you are talking about a ground war. They are not just a bunch of goat herders you can carpet bomb from the air and call it a "battle" like in the Middle East. Face it, the Ukraine is going back to Russia sooner or later and most of the people who live there would probably rather it sooner after seeing the way the West killed people randomly to foment revolution in Crimea.

Getting Ready For The Next False Flag

Operation Fast'n'Furious was a false flag.

Sandy Hook was a false flag.

Now there is a third one coming and it will be a staged event designed to conceal the economic collapse of Kwanstainia.

Friday, March 28, 2014

As If All They Had To Worry About Was A Little One

Dorks in the mass media run around in circles squawking about conclusions we reached over three decades ago.

For some people, even the oldest ideas are always brand new and the first they've heard of it.

No One Claps For The Sad Man

Poor Little Teen Crackhead Manwhore.

"No one knows what it's like to be the bad man, to be the sad man behind blue eyes

- Pete Townshend

Some people just can't get a break. All he got was free degrees from Columbia on their foreign student exchange program without actually showing up for a class and he still couldn't get a job. That's really sad. More and more the chief executive job for the 'Stain is looking like some kind of welfare program for communists.

Now they've even stopped applauding him when he barks off text on that teleprompter like a trained seal. All that copy is written for him by his handlers and he is probably proud of the fact his diction is good enough to make it sound plausible. He really never did cultivate any talents in life outside his famed oral skills.

TSA : Most Dangerous Ring of Thieves & Organized Crime In The 'Stain

When do these guys get put on the no-fly list? That's what I want to know.

Apparently the single biggest risk to your security and property when you fly are the people who work at the gate.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

West Lost 500 Years of Basic Law In Ten Years

Everywhere you look in the world now, the government is giving themselves permission to skip all those pesky rights won with rivers of blood for five centuries fighting tyrants like Napoleon, Cromwell and Adolph Hitler.

Because they know when to stop. After all, they're the government. The best check on the government is for them to self-check, which basically consists of themselves checking and deciding they are infallible and should be able to do whatever they want. Now you know why Cromwell, Mao and Stalin got rid of the right to bear arms first, not last.

Amerikwans aren't even trying anymore. They're so pathetic that nobody even bothers to tell them they are pathetic any longer because they're too pathetic to warrant it.

Why? The reason is that 9/10ths of mankind are beasts recently down out of the trees who really never understand anything unless it is a hollowpoint exiting a barrel pointed at them. Everything else is a little too complex for them to follow. Trusting in the sorts of people drawn to government to police themselves is identical to having a round robin session with foxes to convince them to self-police their need for eggs after giving them the key to the henhouse.

As soon as these laws fade, the first person to benefit is the local crooked cop who thinks there is now carte blanche to act like a night warden in a Mexican jail who feels he should be able to strip search incoming women at midnight. Every psychopath in the system acts like it is Christmas and decides this is the perfect time for a wild binge in which they can do anything they want. After all, the government said it is okay. That proves it is alright to stop worrying about impulse control.

A little bitch stopped my wife the other night and ordered her into a dead end street because he decided to breathalyze her. He admitted she had not been driving dangerously or done anything to warrant or suggest a test. He had just picked her at random. He added before she could really say anything, "If you don't I will arrest you and I'm not kidding." He struck a pose that he had been practicing in front of a mirror that he probably thought was impressive. You see, this guy thinks he is part of the "anti-terrorism" special squad worldwide. He almost thinks he can call Obama on the phone to discuss policy if he needs to. He's a serious individual and all those people who laughed at him or discovered he has an IQ of 91 will be sorry they ever failed to respect him. He's part of the mission and it goes right to the top. Those civilians will just need to bend over and submit or there will be hell to pay. Police forces all over the planet draw clowns like these the same way a buglight draws moths.

New Site Added To Trusted Frequencies

Underground Medic : This Site Receives The Vault-Co Perk For Extraordinarily Useful Content

It's a great site. Rarely add new links to the sidebar but this one is a keeper.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Just For Fun

You have to admit, she has man-hands and is built like a truck driver. If nothing else, I cannot see a heterosexual willingly disrobing and crawling into bed with that thing.

Further proof that Obama's marriage was arranged by Reverend Wright with a woman in his congregation who looks like a trannie.

Famous False Flags In American History

Spanish-American war, a farce that wagged the dog long before photoshop and CGI green screens

You can imagine how far it has come in a hundred years. Although looking at the circus called Sandy Hook you have to conclude these psy-ops are still no better than the sub-par psychotics who organize them. Even with all that technology I could still watch Anderson Cooper's nose getting clipped off by lousy chroma key matching.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Scramjets The New Tech For WW3

Science fiction writers in the 1950's thought the third world war would be like this.

7000 mph with a nuclear payload.

The push for missile defense has faded into a struggle to design weapons that can beat any missile defense.

Wait a second, this all sounds really familiar. There's something about all this I have seen and heard before.

Right, I remember, it is the doomsday Dr. Strangelove weapon that the U.S. swore it would never build because it was too horrible to even conceive of. About to roll off the assembly lines en masse, in fact. The missile from hell that nobody would ever build or use because it would mean that nuclear war would become a Klausewitzian nightmare. That one. I had a feeling we'd all be seeing it again someday.

Vault-Co predicts that this is the build-up to WW3. These weapons are going to be rushed into production very shortly to wage it. In combination with kinetic rods there will never be a dull moment in the third world war.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

VOS is a lot of computer power in a very tiny package

I am pretty pressed for time at the moment but I had a couple minutes tonight to play around with the new embedded VOSBASIC commands. The page above was generated as CGI on-the-fly from a couple lines of VOSBASIC hardcoded into the source as a response to a request for a URL called "/queryfilter.cgi" with a few arguments passed as parameters. One of the parameters specified the table to look for stored queries on and output that as an HTML form. Another line called the output function for a "DATABROWSER" to that table piping in the results of the query. As you can see above you get a lot of page for less than 5 lines of VOSBASIC. This same page in Lua (my former embedded webcgi language) or something like PHP would take about 500 lines of included libraries just to get ready to output some HTML.

I know it has a long way to go but you gotta admit I might be onto something here. Only took me about 14 years of prototyping. This is a 384K executable that includes the JQuery and JQuery-UI libraries, SQLite, UPNP, mini-XML and mini-JSON to support all kinds of AJAX style web transactions in addition to the Raphael library and a bunch of custom drawing code for all sorts of real-time graphic interfaces like gauges, sliders and dials.. 

When I get some time I am really going to dig into this and bring it to a beta version so I can put it up on SourceForge or Github.

P.S. I played around some more with my $9.95 Cuecat. Once cracked, these barcode readers are better than devices costing hundreds of dollars. They can literally recognise nearly any barcode in the world. With just one installation of Vault-OS, a Cuecat and a label printer you could do some pretty amazing inventory management. One thing needed before I could release even an alpha version of VOS is a real-time lookup where you just wave the Cuecat over your inventory item and it reads in the barcode and can either jump to the existing record or create a new one to start an inventory tracking record for that item whatever it is. This would be invaluable in food storage and well within Mom'n'Pop budgets.

P.P.S. Check out this solution I found to generate and display Code 39 (U.S. Military barcode for inventory systems) in the browser without using a graphic canvas or an image. I've got to integrate this as soon as I can. The sample page he included seemed to work just fine on my Compaq Evo T30 Thin Client browser which is running IE 5.5 from back when dinosaurs roamed the earth in addition to Raphael graphics.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Proof Our Sun Is Shutting Down For The Next Ice Age

Mercury is mostly iron core and it is likely radiant heat from the magnetic field it shares with the Sun that has kept it at a larger diameter for most of the Holocene.

With the heliosphere contracting, so has the outer hull of Mercury. Its diameter for most of the Holocene was likely far above normal, now it is simply returning to its most common configuration.

Shock - Ukraine "Crisis" used to argue for a unified Europe

Or they will send snipers to shoot you indiscriminately.

A sorrier bunch of criminals and lowlifes could scarcely be scraped up from the worst dregs of mankind than the oafs and idlers behind the European Union. If you're taking any advice on any subject from idiots like these you are listening to the wrong people.

Kwanstainian Gestapo II

In all declining nations the State eventually becomes the primary enemy and oppressor of its own citizens.

Same play, different actors every 200 years.

Once again, if you break into a cold nervous sweat at the possibility other men might be armed and you want the State to disarm them, there is a 100+ year tradition in psychology that says you are a repressed homosexual. All hoplohobes are projecting their own internal conflicts onto other males. They get worried thinking that other males might be intact in their own dignity and be able to defend themselves.

Global joke run by clowns.

The enemy is trembling in his boots at the thought of facing the sodomite empire on the battlefield.

Monday, March 17, 2014

There Is A Reason That Honey and Garlic Were Considered Foods For Royals

They were known to be very, very good for you. Ancient people kept their intestinal tract very healthy by combining the two in their diets. They also had none of the biocidal agents we do in their food.

It doesn't take much to stay pretty healthy but the modern world has managed to turn it into the labors of Hercules somehow. People used to eat stuff that was very good for them before scienmagists recommended all the opposite foods and generally made the whole world so sick they then became the customers of doctors who then proceeded to really screw them up. Ultimately, it is always about making more money, no matter who gets ill.

A good rule of thumb to follow in life is to keep in mind that the majority of all people who claim altruism as a motive are usually motivated by the very opposite.

Nobody Hates Democracy Like Democrats

95.5% of Crimea wants to secede from Ukraine and return to Russia after terrorist attacks staged by the United States and her allies inside the Ukraine designed to destabilize the country.

They know that Putin is a man of his word and the 'Stain is run by a former teen male prostitute from Kenya. Who would you feel more secure listening to?

The five billion dollars now publicly acknowledged by the United States spent on subversives inside Crimea could easily account for the 4.5% who voted differently.

Why Lousy Embedded Design Hits Mankind Right In The Pocket Book Every Day

Having the wrong guys make the important decisions ten years ago led directly to this.

I guarantee you, there isn't a competent embedded programmer on the planet who made this recommendation to management. I occupy a kind of gray area between software developer and real hardcore embedded coder and I never met anybody who knew their own ass from a hole in the ground who would have thought it a good idea to put XP on bank teller machines, even the embedded version.

The problem is the competent people are not the one who make these decisions. That's why the West is falling apart. Life is not a meritocracy.

I've met so many people who are so much more talented than I will ever be and they are all usually in the same place - way in the back of the building in a little room clearly designed to quarantine them off from the rest of the corporation. Smart people are treated like typhoid carriers who have to be kept isolated. That's why the West is falling apart.

I am always stunned when I meet these little guys who work part-time or fixed contract and they turn out to be brighter than anybody else in the company, particularly the managers. They're the guys nobody listens to and everybody takes with a grain of salt. The brightest guys are always excluded from any decision making at that company despite being the only ones really qualified to make any decisions. It doesn't matter to me because I am a mercenary and a bandit - contractors like me always get paid before it is over. It doesn't matter if I come in one morning and discover a gigantic smoking crater where the company used to be ... there is always a guy standing there to give me my check. Just think of me as an impartial observer - you don't want to know what I see when I look at the modern corporation. They are not equipped to succeed at anything and that is how they like it.

Will Baltisore Be The Next To Fall After Detroit?

The embetterment and enrichmentation proceeds apace. I am glad I left this country, it is a doomed nation.

Like dominoes, one after another.

What do all these cities have in common?

They were all modern, wealthy, prosperous, successful, safe metropolises that represented victories of civilization over barbarism. Like the nation formerly known as Rhodesia, they are all falling back into tribal wilderness. We Americans used to subscribe to National Geographic so we could read about far-off places where the locals lived in a primeval state barely better than that of animals. We brought the people from those places to the United States and now the United States looks more and more like those places we only used to read about in magazines. Turns out there was nothing physically wrong with the geography of those countries any more than there is anything special about the soil in the Americas.

First you alienate them from their own heritage and everything else will follow.

My friend, if you think America's huge roster of nuclear-armed enemies have failed to take notice of all this, you are mistaken. The whole world has been watching and they can smell the weakness of this Balkanized nation all the way across the Atlantic. Everybody knows they are ripe to be put out of their misery like a sick dog the same way all the tribes around the Roman Empire knew they were due for the scrap heap of history. Everybody smells blood in the water and they know the end is coming for these decadent, fragmented people.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ring Of Fire Going Nuts, Volcanism Worldwide

Still think my post below about the subduction in California the baseless fears of a paranoid?

The end of the Holocene will be a very interesting time.

Scienmagisticians Have Discredited Science

That's right. These frauds, socialists and bolshevist baloney artists have discredited the advance of science over the past 500 years and the fantastic liberation that began with the Enlightenment.

All things that are too successful sow the seeds of their own destruction. They attract predators, mimics and nesting parasites that base their whole survival strategy around opportunism. Something that is successful attracts people who only see something they can make a nice living from without much work.

Homo Sapiens is such a disappointing creature because he is always seeking to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. There are few windfalls he can stumble ass backwards into that he cannot quickly convert into another cause for despair.

"Consider the age in which we live. It wants magicians…. A scientist tells people the truth. When times are good—that is, when the truth offers no threat—people don't mind.… A magician, on the other hand, tells people what they wish were true—that perpetual motion works, that cancer can be cured by colored lights, that a psychosis is no worse than a head cold, that they'll live forever. In good times magicians are laughed at. They're a luxury of the spoiled wealthy few. But in bad times people sell their souls for magic cures and buy perpetual-motion machines to power their war rockets."
- Fritz Leiber

Friday, March 14, 2014

Major Subduction Found Off Coast Of California

Vastly increases potential of massive tsunami in next 20 years.

The reason I moved from the Gold Coast to Melbourne is that in addition to reading about the faults hanging by a thread on the Ring of Fire that were unknown up until about the 1990's, one of them which recently sneezed and destroyed Japan, I also discovered that nearly every one of them is overdue for an "adjustment." Combined with all the other earth changes I have been expecting for a long time, I realised I had constructed Firehold Bravo on what amounts to the trigger of a mousetrap. I had done well by building on solid stable rock but unfortunately it was right in the path of an area that was discovered to get hit by 1000 foot waves every couple of hundred years. The last time was just a short while before Captain Cook claimed to have discovered Australia. Back then nobody saw it unless it was some aborigines in the area. Otherwise you could get the impression it was a relatively stable area and build a lot of cities there, just as Australians have done. It is no such thing. What happened at Fukushima and before it at the Boxing Day Tsunami in Indonesia were just preliminary omens and canaries in the coal mine presaging major tectonic activity approaching soon for this region coming from the Pacific Ring of Fire.

After I read all this stuff I began having nightmares constantly about it. That's how it affected me. I used to wake up on Saturday mornings with a start because I thought I heard the roar of ocean water approaching. I know it is crazy. It is definitely crazy. It was really bothering me for a while, especially after Fukushima was hit. I began to think that the people trusting in outrageous good luck to protect them were the only people being unrealistic. The eastern coast of Australia gets hit with whoppers regularly. That's a fact. If you don't live on top of the mountains there (We had friends that did) then you should consider that in coming years your life could get really interesting, really briefly. The whole Ring of Fire in the Pacific is starting up and it probably won't cool back down until the end of the Maunder Minimum just starting now.

All I can say is that I have not worried at all about it since we moved to Melbourne. I have not had a single nightmare about a wave approaching that blotted out the sky. In fact, I don't think I have had any nightmares, period. That's all I can say about it. The move seems to have placated whatever inner muse was prompting me to it. I really wish I could have dug up Bravo and brought it down on the back of a truck but given all my problems with mold in that tropical climate, it might be for the best I will be building from scratch for the next one with a much improved design.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Generallissimo Banannarepubiclikka

Kwanstainian Lunatic Asylum is open for business and chief nut in charge is this senile old coot.

Toy Troop Brass now making military plans without even consulting Congress.

This dust farting fossil figurehead human placeholder discusses his elaborate strategy without even mentioning the President or Congress.Yeah, Dempsey is just going to start his own wars because he decided to. Wait, doesn't the Constitution say that only Congress can vote to go to war? Are you sure you're even in the right country? What is the deal with those serial peeper eyes? Tell me you wouldn't crap in your pants if you were brushing your teeth in the bathroom and you opened the blinds and saw this old geezer standing on your trash can in the alley looking in at you and fondling himself.

Check out all that fruit salad on this guy's uniform.What war did you win all those ribbons in, soldier? Desk jockey rearguard neocon offensive? I think I saw those decorations also hanging off Idi Amin at one point. They go best with a $1000 pair of designer sunglasses, a beret and a plastic ziplock bag containing a human liver.

(Sorry, it's late and I am really drowsy.)

Microfiche & Long Term Archiving of Human Information

Microfilm was the bomb 40 years ago.

Almost extinct now, it represented the ultimate EMP proof storage medium. Burroughs corporation based their whole post-war recovery strategy on it. Central repositories would issue masters for printing books on civil defence and aftermath recovery and distribute them nationwide. A systemic effort was made to record as much critical knowledge as was possible on microfilm. When you see the tours of the old civil defence shelters in the U.S. you will always see the old microfilm devices sitting rusting in the shadows.

Believe it or not, they had microfiche readers for binary data where computer programs could be read from optical encoding to put back into devices. There are efforts to modernize this process. Many old cobol and fortran programs were archived this way by the RAND corporation and Burroughs.

It was a popular idea on both sides of the Cold War because it represented continuity of civilisation in more ways than one. The idea of freezing civilisation in miniature pictures on plastic film and then rewarming it after World War III like a TV dinner was a very powerful expression of the human desire to preserve the best things where the rude boots of war cannot trample them. It is my opinion that the loss of this desire presages the end of that civilisation. Where men cannot bother to maintain any longer, they won't have to worry about it much longer.

It is very revealing about our modern world than almost nothing that is public and common could survive a solar flare but our ancestors had designed their knowledge retrieval system such that this kind of event would be a mere inconvenience. They would have found it easier to wind up a roll of microfilm and recover vast amounts of technology than we would be able to rely on our USB sticks to even survive a mild electromagnetic pulse in the majority of cases.

Tex comes clean : This is why we think the old tech is the best platform for Vault-OS. The new tech is rapidly becoming a computer you end up sharing with the world whether you want to or not. Think these guys will waste any time writing megastealth hooks for Desqview-X or FreeDOS? Probably not. This is also why writing for HTML browsers that are 20 years old is a good idea. All the benefits of the new with none of the spooks in your machine.

Kwanstainian Gestapo

U.S. LEOs becoming more like mexican law enforcement by the hour

The only thing that Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung were ever able to agree on after they split into two competing schools of psychology was on the hoplophobe. Both Freud and Jung agreed together that the hoplophobe is always a repressed homosexual and their fear of weapons in the hands of others is always driven by a homosexual panic. It is a fear of other men being able to defend themselves, to be in charge of their own dignity and security. They were 100% agreed on it and both of them testified that every single male they had seen in their practice that exhibited this peculiar fear of arms in the hands of other citizens was struggling with their own repressed hummitude and projecting this neurosis onto the external world. Without exception.

Retail Vaporized In Kwanstainia

Nobody left with any money to buy anything. The model no longer works without a middle class to sustain it. The whole framework of the U.S. economy has been trashed so badly by statists that it will take a complete collapse for it to be rebuilt by sanity.

Yellowstone Caldera Is The Largest On The Planet

To call it devastation if it erupted is an understatement

Only place you'd survive something like this, even if you were on the far side of the planet like I am, is a vault. The earth would be pitch black for at least ten years or more and no sunlight would reach the surface for growing. Safely belowground in an insulated dwelling with a source of heat would be the only possible strategy.

Microculture and sprouting would provide vital nutrition to people in your shelter during this period in addition to your food storage. Even the addition of anything green to your meals, no matter how nutritious they might be out of the can, would vastly improve morale. This is why it is important to learn how to use LEDs to create microgardens belowground.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Euthanising Rabid Dogs Saves Lives

Daniel Morcombe would be alive today if this thing had been put down on the first offence.

Abduction and child rape used to carry the death penalty. First conviction should have at least gotten him life imprisonment without parole.

Our ancestors knew what they were doing. Modern people don't understand anything at all.

When one thinks of the cries or struggles of a child, anyone with an anatomically normal brain would have been unable to proceed. As soon as this beast was identified as a super predator, it should have dangled on piano wire. I say that as a Christian who values life and dignity very highly, including the life of this oxygen stealer.

There was a longstanding tradition amongst the Teutonics of drowning them in rivers and letting the child they offended stand on their bodies to show their ceremonial purification and victory over the pig who molested them. The teutonics then regarded this girl as a virgin for her marriage night and considered the matter resolved with the death of the beast. Think about the inherent organic mercy and kindness of everyone who participates on the behalf of the child and how they treat the child afterwards, as though it had never happened. Compare with Middle Eastern cultures who stone the woman who was raped. It. Doesn't. Make. Sense. Worst of all, western culture is gradually coming to resemble the complete meaninglessness of these same cultures and their absolute failure to provide anything worthwhile for the people who live under these regimes.

Our ancestors knew what they were doing, which is how they managed to build a civilisation that everyone wanted to migrate to. One of the biggest problems they bring with their migration in many cases is the baggage in their own shoes. If only they could leave that luggage at customs.

One of the biggest arguments used in lighter sentencing is that if everybody who deserved it got life in prison, the prison system would rapidly become unsustainable for all the people these idiots put in there for ridiculous offences like using drugs, which is a crime against oneself. I don't use drugs, never have and can't understand why somebody would use my tax dollars to incarcerate such a loser when there are monsters like this asshole wandering around because some judge was forced by crowded prisons to release them. I could care less about crimes against oneself, it is crimes like these against others that should always be first priority. Governments can't even get this right.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Kwanstainia Hits A New Low

International embarrassment and public vagrant in chief sinks to below the bottom of the barrel.

Learn to live in this brave new world.

Check this out - I howled with laughter reading this. Typical Kwanzanian wants government to ban the internet, ride-sharing and change the name of the former Sears Tower or he will expose people for being gay. These kinds of mental titans are the sorts who inhabit the land of the 'Stain today.

Fully Domesticated Dog at 33,000 Years

Clearly predates Cro-Magnons

Of course it is a big, fierce looking dog. These men needed them as guards, allies, companions. Unfortunately a terrier would not have been that useful to them.

Like mankind, a multiregional hypothesis always fits more closely with the facts. Meaning dogs were domesticated from scratch several times by Neanderthals in different places.

I think that Cro-Magnons are simply too strongly disposed towards warfare to take much interest in these things. They are capable of seeing the usefulness of such animals once the hard work has already been done but I think it is just not part of their nature to attempt these things. They could stare at hyenas, wolves and jackals for hundreds of thousands of years and never have the inspiration to domesticate them. Jacob in Hebrew means one who stands on the shoulders of another, one who does not do any work of his own but simply rides along on the coattails of another.

Monday, March 10, 2014

John Gardner & Two Missing Tablets

John Gardner was killed in a motorcycle accident before he could publish his life's most important work.

Gardner had survived cancer and he had decided to do something important with his life. He was filled with a sense of purpose and focus. He had been working on a translation before he was diagnosed with colon cancer and he had to put it aside while he was hospitalized.

Gardner was a literature teacher who had decided that for reasons he could not fathom, the Epic of Gilgamesh had never been properly translated into English.

Gardner told students in his literature class that the most important part of the Epic, the Curse of Humbaba on Enkidu, was frequently left out of translations entirely and he had never understood why.

He told fellow teachers he thought his new and definitive translation of the Epic was going to shake up the entire world when it was published. He said in learning to translate the Sumerian he had discovered nuances and inflections in the work that seemed to make it a very different story from what english speaking peoples had been presented with. He also indicated he intended to correct the alterations and additions that were introduced very recently in 1400 B.C. by some well meaning scholar. All this is well documented by his students whom he spoke frequently about his pet project on the Epic. His publisher knew he was working on it. The entire literary community had heard about it. It was published in journals and people mentioned it in a variety of places. The book was practically presold because of Gardner's reputation.

Two weeks before publication of his self-styled new and revolutionary work, he died in a single driver accident on his motorcycle. There were no witnesses. There were no other cars on the road. There were people produced who said he had been drinking. His closest friends said it did not seem like him and after he had survived cancer he had been taking precautions to see to it he avoided risks.

John Maier took over and obtained all his proofs and drafts two weeks before he had been planning to publish.

When the new translation of the Epic of Gilgamesh was published, the Curse of the Demon Humbaba had been completely removed altogether. Quite astonishing since it is the single most important turning point of the whole story and it occupies two full tablets out of the original twelve that make up the Epic.

Removed altogether. The purpose of Gardner's translation defeated altogether. The new translation tended to be the most confusing precisely for the sake of what had been omitted from the work. All that remained was a promise by Humbaba that of the two, Enkidu would not be the one who lived the longest.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Too Weird To Even Classify

This story is so strange, so wild and outlandish that I cannot believe it.

I have tried to tell my son about the hot air balloon cyclists of the late 1900's in South America and how before the government banned them they had traffic signs and intersections 7 floors above the ground in many of the major cities. It sounds so unbelievable I don't think he knows what to make of it. I can hardly believe that happened myself.

This I just can't believe. Yet, there seems to be evidence that there is something to the story.

Might make an amazing premise for a book, actually. Like the "League of Aerial Gentlemen."

Paul Craig Roberts : World On Brink Of Nuclear War

Must-read interview by Roberts. Sounds like Vault-Co watered down for mass consumption.

Why is it so important to capture the Ukraine from Russia? They would only want this region as a means to stage a Third World War with a base on the edge of Russia. That means they have lost touch with reality or are so Machiavellian that they no longer even worry about possible casualties on their own soil.

Once it was the Soviet Union who was the evil empire. The role reversal is ironic here beyond description. After fifty years of fighting the comintern it is obvious the worst enemies were within the United States. The John Birch society was right.

If Ockham's Razor suggests the simplest explanation is that the Kwanstain is a nation gone mad, maybe we should heed the evidence.

Whistleblower From World Bank Says It Is All True

Just like you thought.

There is also a note of hope in this article.

It points out ... it is getting much harder to do what they have always done. The technology, the communication system, the social changes ... are not quite as easy to manage as they had planned.

Teen Manwhore Messes With Vlad

He thinks he can bluff this guy.

This guy is former KGB trained killer and Systema champion.

Barack Obama was a "community organizer" who spent all his formative years smoking marijuana and not showing up for class.

Overwhelming vote by Crimea to appeal to Russia for protection, all citizens there know who is behind the trouble and who is trying to hide their involvement. There is nothing but a highly paid tiny team of subversives bankrolled by the U.S. causing the whole thing.

Agents of Chaos who don't care who they kill, they just want to destabilize the Crimea

People suspected it before it was confirmed.

"Solutrean" Is Always A Codeword To Avoid Having To Say "Neanderthal"

These guys are obstructionists. Every time it looks like somebody is going to draw a conclusion, they throw a flashbang grenade at their feet to stun them and then pour out a bunch of obscurantist gibberish.

Why don't they allow any knowledge to change if it doesn't agree with what they have fashioned as the orthodoxy? Would it be so bad to reconsider if it results in a fantastic new revelation that clears up all those contradictory cobwebs in our heads? It is not like they are going to bleed from their ears because they nod and concede it is possible their first guess was wrong.

I think they are scared to death that like a cheap wool shirt, somebody is going to pull at a little hanging piece of yarn and the entire arm is going to slough off, followed by the whole thing unraveling. Then they won't be considered authorities any more and will have to get real day jobs instead of cushy academic positions they can hide out from the big scary real world in.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Real Show, Never Broadcast In The U.S.

Creepy, creepy Illuminati

Fifty years ago they would not have dared be this blatant.

Increasingly, they can get away with anything. The common man is just not bright enough to understand what is happening around him anymore.

This is why I reckon there isn't much that is going to stop them. I have seen the resistance so far and it is pathetic. Call me pessimistic but this all still has a lot further to go before it has run its course.

Fifty years ago I never dreamed that there would come a generation of men on the earth like the one we have now. Somnambulent. Trance walkers. Lights on. Nobody is home. People-like critters with no souls behind those lids. So vacuous mentally they scarcely rate oxygen, you'd wonder why their brain would need it with that little activity within.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Sandy Hook - No SSN Entries For Any Victims

Where did they go? None of them with SSNs? 

No wonder the U.S. government has been trying to shut down access to the data for mere peasants.

Former Law Enforcement declares openly this was a scripted event two years in the making

The hoaxsters weren't very bright and they weren't good at thinking long term. The hoax was about the quality you have come to expect from a government headed up by a former teen male prostitute from Kenya. Carried out with the same kind of finesse obvious in the deployment of the Obamacare web site when it launched. You can't expect much from a guy with nothing but "community organizer" on his resume.

Three of the "victim's families" had "won" the Connecticut lottery at least twice.


I'd advise that all the crisis actors playing victims in the Sandy Hook teleplay go public as soon as possible because you are crazy to think they are going to allow you to live out your lives the next fifty years with the ever present possibility of betraying them.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

If You Need Me, Press The Intercom Button On The Outer Hatch

I will be inside until further notice.

I wish I could make up sh*t like this. I couldn't if I tried. The reality is stranger.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Evolution … or Epigenetics?

Is a bird really another species? Or just a dinosaur adapted to changes in environment? 

The real question is … did the dinosaur possess all the necessary genes to become a bird long before some of them altered to become birds? How birdlike were dinosaurs? Is it even the correct way to think about the problem? Were dinosaurs always basically big birds with many variations? Were they always flappers and squawkers? Were they always essentially muppets of different flavours and never the cold-blooded lizards they have been accused of being? Is the illustration above really accurate in depicting dinosaurs? Or no more relevant than depictions of "dragons" in the 12th century? Is it possible that dinosaurs looked nothing like the rendering above?

These ideas blow neodarwinism to pieces. They discredit creationism. They discredit almost all prevailing theories in the biological sciences and make them look quite simpleminded.

Some of you may have read my blog a while back about the wasps in my front yard here in Melbourne. Bizarre creatures with huge thick armour, strange colourings and iridescent wings. We had an exterminator get rid of them but it wasn't easy. They were apparently some kind of super species of wasp "evolved" for cold weather who dug their burrows underground instead of building hives in trees. A marvellous fantastic new species no doubt, according to evolutionary theory.

Here's the thing. They were the exact same wasps that I saw in my backyard in Queensland in a much more tropical climate. They simply develop differently in cold weather conditions to become these creepy fat super-wasps. Same species. Makes you wonder how many other "species" are in fact the same creature with a differing epigenetic expression.

It is impossible to talk this way about wasps for long without beginning to wonder about the parallels in human beings. It is really odd, because I know there is a "species" of humans that is tough as nails, extremely intelligent, thick and muscular, sturdy and hard-boned that also built and tunnelled underground in the million year cold of the Ice Age in Europe. This "species" is radically different from the warmer weather Homo Sapiens and seems superior in almost every regard, just like that cold weather wasp in my front yard seemed to be super amplified in comparison with its warmer weather cousins.

All of this represents a major sea change in biology that is going to trash the last 400 years of traditional wisdom on this subject. It is a huge paradigm shift. Colossal, almost as big as discovering the earth revolves around the Sun instead of the other way around. It leaves both evolutionary advocates and creationists looking like relics of the 16th century.

Does God make things that are Immanuel Kant's "The-thing-in-itself?" Think about the implications of the idea.

The instant you ponder this it becomes patently obvious why there are almost no intermediary fossils. There wouldn't be any, of course. Why would there be an intermediary step in an epigenetic transformation already built-in to the organism? There is no need for such things.

Smearing The Murphys

The media is trying a little too hard. You have to wonder if they have a dog in this fight. It seems critical to dismiss both poison victims as delusional to the general public.

Simon Monjack did not have delusions of grandeur. In fact, he claimed he was a minor courier for various agencies between continents who routinely carried messages. He claimed prior to 9-11 he carried numerous messages to Tony Blair advising him in advance of the attack in the United States. He didn't claim to be James Bond or a key figure or anybody of importance. Just somebody who made money on the side personally delivering envelopes with private contents. Since he regularly was photographed with these people it is not too big a stretch of the imagination to say his story had evidence and some credibility.

The mass media seems to be targeting this story for the memory hole. They are hurling accusations from every side and hoping something they will stick. They were drug addicts. They were crazy people. Yet no real evidence for any of this, just hearsay from anonymous sources.

Just last week they were making up enormous amounts of blather about Philip Hoffman because they had no real access to anybody who knew much about what had happened. They made a lot of stuff up before more information became available. It is not like they have a code of honor about slandering the dead. The contrary, in fact.

The Murphys are not around to defend themselves because they are both dead of poison. Nobody is arguing they were poisoned to death but everybody is rushing to argue these poisons came from something they willingly took. I don't see that as being self-evident at all.

Before they died they were telling anyone who would listen that Simon had become a liability precisely for the fact that he was a minor player who had revealed information that was critical to exposing what really happened on 9-11. They told their friends that cleanup teams had been assigned to silence Simon and then Brittany because she was his wife. This is what they were telling people before they died. I just think that is a bit odd and any honest reporter would welcome the opportunity to look deeper. Instead the media appears to be working at burying this story so it vanishes..

Nonchalantly buried in the story at the link above we discover that a neighbor who simply shot footage of a helicopter over their house was themselves promptly found dead immediately afterwards. That's a pretty big footnote right there. This story stinks with footnotes like that.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

More On Clearly Emerging Alliance Between Russia And China

Hey, rube, they are going to win. Everything.

These are nations with leadership. What does the West have? Former male teen prostitute junkies from Kenya with "community organiser" on their resumes.

To the winners go the spoils. To the losers goes nothing.

The reason we originally created this blog 16 years ago is because we foresaw all of this in advance.

Vault-Co was predicated on the assumption that the losers are going to be sore losers.

"The earth is degenerating these days. Bribery and corruption abound. Every man wishes to write a book of his own foolishness. Children are scornful and no longer mind parents. It is evident that the end of the world approaches quickly."

Engraved on an Assyrian Tablet Circa 2800 B.C.

The difference being, they didn't have nuclear weapons for their ragnarok. Our generation does … and that anonymous Assyrian was absolutely right, his civilisation was crumbling to pieces before his eyes.

More on the clairvoyance of Stanley Kubrick.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Treating SADD in Long Term Shelter Inhabitants

The headset sounds pretty promising.

Low voltage UV LED lighting with full spectrum radiation is just now getting down to affordable price ranges. It is good for the plants in the hydroponics lab as well. LED lighting will last 25 years or more continuous use without burning out, so you buy a couple rolls and your shelter should be good for a century or more. After that you may have to find some replacements.

A while back we blogged about a heating device on a wristband that seemed to warm the entire body's blood flow through a single low voltage element. These would be mandatory in my next generation of vault suits. I will also use silver impregnated industrial hemp fabric in the next version because my old vault suits literally rotted away from mold inside a bag. When I entered Firehold Bravo for the last time to do my salvage run, I took one look at them and left them behind. They are interred beneath tons of sand now.

Steve Jobs Is Dead

Obviously, because the company is now run by the usual hipsters and career failures.

Knew It. Told You It Would Be Like This.

China Backing Up Russia On Ukraine

China is full of smart people. They know which way the future is blowing and it is bringing a cobalt death shroud for some nations on the wind.

Kwanzania causing trouble again, as usual

Dying empires always want to start trouble everywhere else like they are angry about the fact they are in decline. Standard behaviour by the book according to history.

You can tell when the Kwa is involved because the smart money flees

The Real Story In The Ukraine

Here is what is really happening in the Ukraine.

I don't always have time to blog as much as I'd like in depth about these subjects.

I agree with Dr. Roberts. This is another 5 billion dollar social engineering fiasco that has destabilized a democratic government on purpose in order to gain a strategic foothold on the border of Russia. This is planned as pursuant to putting "missile defense" installations on the very perimeter of Russian territory.

Increasingly the United States in 2014 has taken on the role of the Soviet Union in 1960. They just go around the world making people unhappy, fomenting revolution, war and misery wherever they alight. They are like Satan described in the Book of Job, traveling up and down in the earth spreading wickedness and evil for its own sake.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dr. Strangelove Planet

Stanley Kubrick was a wonderful, honest human being and a brilliant film maker

Everybody thought he was a nasty subversive trying to make America look ridiculous. His goal was to portray the reality of nuclear weapons ownership by mankind. He wasn't targeting any particular ethnic group or trying to overthrow the existing power structure or conspiring to undermine national defense. The reason I always had so much respect for Kubrick is that he showed the world with his film that civil defense is extremely important to the people who have their fingers on the button. It is extremely important - for them. The civilians are not even a footnote in their calculations. People thought Kubrick was exaggerating what madmen, clowns and idiots are in charge of these weapons. Guess what? The most incredible thing is that he wasn't. If anything, he probably made them all look a lot more sober than they usually are.

Shortly before they shot Kennedy he was getting ready to change all of this. He intended to introduce a civil defense program in America similar to the one in Switzerland. Lyndon Johnson canned that program as soon as he was installed. Many years later, Lawrence McDonald, a U.S. Congressman, was on the verge of announcing the revival of Kennedy's original program for civil defense when his plane was shot down by the Soviet Union on Korean Flight 007 claiming it had violated their airspace on a spy mission. Later evidence emerged that the transponder had been tampered with in the plane to drive it off course and into Soviet air space deliberately by persons unknown.

The problem with Homo Sapiens having nuclear weapons is that he is Homo Sapiens. A bear of little brain. About as bright as a shiny red button. He is sure to use them sooner than most people visiting this blog realize. Sapiens has never had a weapon he didn't use in warfare and nuclear weapons will be no different.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Good Corrugated Atlas Design

Good corrugated design here but unfinished.

Excellent technical detail on Atlas shelters above and below ground. The general layout and architecture of everything is superb within the cost limits they operate inside of. I prefer steel bracing in the underflooring and stainless steel struts in the uprights because it lasts forever unlike wood. I also want to avoid treated wood and laminates because the offgassed products over the years can create a very toxic environment. It is worth noting that if your shelter already uses these materials you can neutralize most of these poisons through ozonation of the shelter when not occupied. 

My next one is going to incorporate everything I have learned and then some from the previous two corrugated shelters I have constructed. I've made mistakes but the next one is going to get it right.

My next shelter is going to be 3.6 meters in diameter for headspace and is going to consist of an "H" shape (design to be posted here in the near future.) It is going to have it's own well dug in-situ and all four corners of the "H" will be sealed rooms dedicated to various functions with the environmental manager, generators, toilets and permaculture room all with their own ventilation arrangements.

Each hallway in the "H" is going to be fitted out for liveability and comfort and the entire complex underground is going to be so appealing it will be a nice place for my family to just take a vacation for the weekend in. I have already picked out the 50's style restaurant tables and padded seats I intend to install in the dining area. I am going to strive for a wide open feel with enormous room to swing your arms and a paint scheme that is pleasant and calming. I will have a Vault-OS terminal at your fingertips anywhere in the shelter for instant monitoring and control of anything at any time.

I have learned not only from my own mistakes but from the mistakes of others. I know a lot of the problems this guy in the video has had that are not mentioned but I am well acquainted with them. I won't be making them again.

The number one priority in shelter design should be liveability long term. I was heavily influenced by my hero worship of Oak Ridge laboratories when I built my last shelter to the detriment of functionality. This time I am going to be concentrating on the engineering for human beings who inhabit it above all other things. Just like the bright orange civil defense color I was using on this site the past ten years, I was more influenced by my preferences than I was by good judgement. I am changing that from now on and I am going to operate on what I have learned rather than what I necessarily prefer aesthetically.

Despite what may afford the most protection from radiation, the design of the entrances and exits are key to the usefulness of the shelter. The entrances should be designed to be convenient and accommodating as possible and then measures can be taken to increase their radiation protection. The truth is once you are 3 meters belowground all you need to do is properly shield against reflected neutrons and your shelter will be just as safe as my former design. This is best accomplished with water and metallic styrofoam to block incoming radiation from something as deadly as the neutron bomb which is guaranteed to be used in the next World War. China paid a lot of campaign money to Clinton and Gore through their Buddhist temple in California to get access to the neutron bomb. You can be certain they won't be putting conventional nuclear warheads on the tips of all those cruise missiles they are manufacturing like sausages over there. Why waste all that R&D expertise they got from research the Americans did for them over the past forty years?

Don't Panic!

Many of you may be shocked at our first major style change since 1998.

Frankly, that civil defense yellow was hard to read text on. It only took me 14 years to figure out.

At this rate I will soon have a first class web site.

No seriously, it was hard to read.

I used the color because I wanted the web site to always be bright and shocking when it loaded up in the browser but after 14 years I decided I'd rather make it more readable.

Apologies to all who preferred the previous color scheme, obviously the product of somebody with severe Aspergers.