Sunday, February 9, 2014

Whacky, Krazy Scienmajistics

Wherein we casually discover that fossil layers mixed in with fossils that don't fit the prevailing orthodoxy are simply ignored for the past two hundred years.

Correct. I first began to suspect this in the early 90's from some of the books I read back then.

These ideas don't support creationism. Far from it. They flatly contradict it.

The general picture is so outrageously contradictory to everything we have been taught to believe that it can be expected we would have to wait a generation for most of it to sink in and only then in children who are taught a different paradigm.

For example ... there is more and more evidence that dinosaurs lived in cold climates. Not all of them. Only a very few of them. This directly opposes the notion of the tropical paradise that was needed to support them. The evidence says dinosaurs were pretty tough and may have thrived (some species) in glacial climates. I don't pretend to know how. It should be obvious that the assumption they were cold-blooded may have some glaring holes in it. There are more and more serious thinkers starting to believe they were covered with colorful plumages of feathers (not scales) to insulate them in both cold and hot climates. Imagine how different they may have looked in reality compared to all those old Ray Harryhausen films. One imagines these huge birdlike creatures who tended to sort of "float" with a lot of air-time even before any of them got wings. How likely they used those feathers in sexual and ritual displays like peacocks, puffed up when frightened, puffed out when excited? About 100% likely. That demolishes most of the stuff we have been taught about the past ... in fact, it all starts to appear quite stupid and juvenile thinking compared to the real past. Far from this crazy, brutal dog-eat-dog reptilian world, it starts to make dinosaurs seem like gigantic muppets, kind of funny, perhaps quite social, full of personality and who knows how much expressiveness? Like birds, plenty of posturing but actually quite rare to really fight. The worst heresy is that some are starting to suggest the mighty T-Rex to be way too puny in his arms to do much hunting - more likely he was a scavenger who just looked around for dead carcasses to pick at like hyenas do. No shortage of dinosaurs dying of natural causes and so sooner were the mourners exiting than the ridiculous tiny biceps T-Rex rolling up to eat the remains like a neighborhood garbage disposal. A three story tall vulture, maybe ... and not the horrible carnivore predator we were always taught.

Of course, once you start to consider this possibility, it rapidly leads to the conclusion that birds didn't "evolve" as some special instance, rather they were just dinosaurs who got better and better at gliding - or possibly descended from a single mutant dinosaur with hollow bones and long breast muscles. The whole image of "evolution" gives way to a much wilder set of scenarios far beyond the timid imaginations of both neo-darwinists and creationists. This is a pretty marvelous universe and living things may be much grander in scale than the simple minds left in the West can even comprehend.


Ted Walther said...

In what way does the muddling of the "fossil layers" contradict creationism?

Ted Walther said...

In what way do the muddled fossil layers contradict creationism?

And what exactly is your take on the Bible anyway. Sometimes you seem to support it as the Word of God, other times oppose it as an old book of myths.

live and learn said...

Check this out tex.
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samhuih said...

Anthropology, archeology, they're all a mess. Maybe we could have made some progress in the fields were it not for the, every one's the same, reign of terror by Boas, Gould and his team of flying monkeys. Slowly we're getting some of the truth. The evidence is piling so high it's becoming more and more difficult to hide it. The closets are overflowing. You know it's changing when the dark lords start propagandizing for the other side. Namely the "Dark Enlightenment". Of course the D.E. is perfectly correct in it's facts but the conclusions are a bit dense. Let's see, some humans don't seem to be able to run their affairs in a seemly manner. Why,"We need Kings"! So they say. Never mind the old fashioned Republican, as in government not party, method of enlightened rule. Poll taxes and literacy test. No we need Kings and guards with funny fuzzy hats. That will make the country work and never mind all those pointy skulls, dinosaur and beaver bones mixed together.

If we had a real system of science every one and their brother even remotely qualified on hearing the DNA test of the melonheads would move hell and high water to get down there and find out what this was all about. No instead they'll write a hundred papers about how the White man neglected to build locks at Livingstone Falls on the Congo river. Proving ,"Irrefutably", racism and colonialism forever.

KW Jackson said...

Youtube: Aron-Ra phylogeny.