Tuesday, February 11, 2014

There is no Alternative Party In The U.S.

It doesn't matter how you vote.

You can get Leninists or Trotskyists but they are all far left, radical hardcore marxists with ideas that were regarded as outrageously stupid only two generations ago.

There is no workaround for dumb. A dumb population will grasp at socialism the way a drowning man grasps at a life preserver. He thinks it will keep him afloat for a while and he is right - it is a slower way to drown by clinging to it. The basic problem, however, is that he doesn't know how to swim. A pretty serious problem in the middle of the ocean of history and of course it always ends with dumb people going down to Davy Jones locker. To live, you need to swim. The government in a declining civilisation offers to keep you afloat for a while if you surrender all rights to your own existence. A drowning man will invariably consent. When you get onboard with socialism, they give you a hot meal, a shower and a clean change of clothes. You think, well, this is better than drowning. Right after you finish eating they chain an anchor around your neck and throw you overboard. Socialism is what failed people do when they are desperate to survive at the expense of somebody else.

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