Sunday, February 16, 2014

Kwanstainia Looks Like Mike Judge's IDIOCRACY at Olympics

Hand lettered skating outfits that guarantee poor performances

Amateur whorehouse run out of a shoebox. I am sure Russia is quaking at the show of power by the nation formerly known as the United States. Or not.


Some dude said...

All of this, all of,our problems have less to do with intelligence and everything to do with ego.

That just occurred to me when I read that article.

Men masturbating to porn because they can't handle rejections by live girls - ego

Woman gets a $200000 student loans for degree in feminist studies now works at a Starbucks - ego

Spend trillions of dollars because you don't want to admit you insane economic theories only look nice on paper - ego

Design a speed skate suit but don't test it out in the field because you know it just can't fail - ego

Start a harassment campaign against a powerful foreign country for degenerate rights while real human rights are being trampled (and no, I'm not referring to Israel) everywhere else on the planet including your own country - ego

It's ego. It's arrogance. Even the occult homo fascists who are mismanaging everything are ego tripping. Hell they are ego tripping harder than anyone else!

And this is going to go very very bad.

Dex said...
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Dex said...

Ego.. the human affliction. Nothing really all that new. said...

I guess the rest of the world didn't get the memo. In America, everyone gets a trophy and ice cream afterwards.