Sunday, February 9, 2014

I Had A Feeling This One Was Coming

What was the bizarre relationship between Peter Sutcliffe and this guy Savile?

It is obvious now, that Jimmy was doing everything he could for his accomplice in order to keep him quiet after he went to prison.

The police in Britain would have to be the biggest clowns in the universe. Notice no real arrests have come from all these revelations. This guy Savile was point man for a huge army of preverts and they must have covered for him the same way he covered for Sutcliffe. Pay attention and you will see it is only dead people who are exposed, after they have lived a long life and died in a warm bed. Professional courtesy from one monster to another. The cabal takes care of its own and rewards them generously.

P.S. Ten seconds after this was posted, this blog got a hit from the City of London IP. That indicates to me a 'bot watching this blog for keywords.

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