Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Free Speech In Japan

Shut up.

In declining civilizations, people try to solve problems by pretending they don't exist. Predictably, this is not a good strategy. Some problems don't go away until you solve them.

The mark of young civilizations is that the people in them are daring, bold and fearless. They seize on problems and rinse them clean and throw them out with the morning trash as just another thing they won't be worrying about.

I find it interesting that people who are so scared they cannot face any of their problems eventually create situations that would even scare the hell out of people who are normally fearless. This is what comes of just ignoring things until they get so bad they cannot be ignored any longer. My country is famous for doing this - you could consider Australia a nation of people who have procrastinated dealing with any problems in a serious fashion for more than three generations. Tony Abbott may be the first prime minister since the 1950's who has set himself an agenda to cope with priority problems without flinching. I hope he succeeds in dealing with the train wreck he was left by the former administration.


Some dude said...

In all seriousness, how would you deal with Fukushima. I mean let's imagine the entire nation of Japan hears about your blog and says, "fuck it, this dude may be a bit out there, but he has balls, and he definitely has a better handle on reality than us." And then as one, the entire nation comes over and says "yo man. Tell us what the hell to do, 'cause we are just flailing around here."

What would you really say?

Texas Arcane said...

Ignoring the fact the plant was built in the wrong location for fifty years and refusing to shut it down and build a new safer alternative is what got them in this situation. A half century of make-believe.

I would put a concrete dome cap on it like in Chernobyl and pump concrete into the aquifer beneath it until it was one gigantic chunk of crete above and belowground.

Texas Arcane said...

Since GE was the original consultant on the location, they should get at least half the money required to make the site safe from GE coffers.

samhuih said...

I would remove a large amount of the fuel before covering it in concrete. You know how those football(American) cameras work. Cables tied to four points with take up pulleys on each corner with a camera in the middle. In the middle of the fukfighter would an air operated robo crane. Air brakes like on trains is the idea. A small air supply controls a larger. The outer cables would be tied to towers just like radio towers. Use mirrors or fiber optics to see what you're scooping up. Augmented ways of seeing what you're doing could be drones and cameras mounted on the towers. Multi-display screens for the operators.Drills and jack hammers could also be attached to the tool base. Take the top of the reactor building off with jaws type crane. Move to the side and place in truck. The waste could be melted into glass blocks. I saw steel tubes with glass poured in them for waste at the 1982 World's Fair. We know how to do this. Some glasses from volcanos are millions of years old. Then take all the equipment used, dump into reactor and cover with concrete.

What's bad is the whole thing could have been avoided if they had put the generators above or even with the reactors. They put them below nearer the water. They got water in them and I guess no one could get close enough quick enough to refuel and change the oil.

Even better you place a Stirling motor on the piping to the steam turbines. Stirling motors are fiendishly expense to build a super efficient one but not for this case. At low temps a simple Ringbom-Stirling could be made super cheap. Hell make four of them. You'd have the batteries, the generator and four stirlings with generators to run the pumps. I actually sent in the Stirling idea to the nuclear regulatory commission. NADA. Silence. They wouldn't even have to shut it down. They could wait for refueling to put in the prefab piping section and motors. Wiring and controls could be prefabbed to the point of connecting some cables and throwing a switch. Turn back on.

styrac said...

Typical decline pattern reflected in the Kwanstain's military personnel conduct.

More than that, they're still under the delusion they can dictate terms to rising civilizations like China:

China laughs off pitiful Kwanstain's "threats" knowing they have neither the will or strength to back them up anymore and tests ICBM specifically designed to hit US soil:

Seriously, if I was living in Japan or any other country near China that is an "ally" of the Kwanstain I would look to get the hell out of there asap. Not because of Fukushima, but because they'll be the first ones to feel China's wrath when the time comes.

samhuih said...

I guess I'll have to be the lone voice for the Kiwanastan. You say that the US is wrong for hectoring China about closing International seas in the China Sea. It is Internal waters isn't it? If they can do this then the US has every right to control our, by their standards, waters. The Atlantic, Pacific, Indian Ocean, etc. Their standards are they do they have enough force to control it. They in no way have the force structure to stop us. If we were willing to fight they may not even be able to keep us out of the China Sea. Do not believe that I'm in favor of the present band of Psychopaths, thieves and rascals in charge of the US but we do have a structure to change the present Evil Empire in the US. The founding Fathers weren't perfect but I think they made a form of government about as good as could be done with a bunch of sinful humans. Do the Chinese? No their founding father was a homicidal manic named Mao Zedong. Possibly another Spath(sociopath/psychopath). They got nothing. No way to even begin to wrench themselves from their Spath leaders. The present reign of terror controlling the US will pass. Already the suicidal Iran death march has been stopped. It may be even the sheeple have had enough. Of course it's too late and great suffering will occur but I do believe that we're seeing the beginning of an anti-Spath uprising. Peak psychopath.

samhuih said...

The Chinese and Americans are acting just like the play book in "The Rise and Fall of Great Powers". You should read this. The aircraft carrier now is like the battleship was. Highly costly and hard to defend. The Chinese are defeating it with low cost missiles.