Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Climate Clown Busted, Files For Bankruptcy

Michael Mann is one of the biggest frauds to come out of Penn State in years, a college famous for buggering little boys and faking scientific data

Mann refused to turn over his scientific data in court!! In order to prove his own scientific claims!!! How on earth does somebody funded by taxpayers get away with stuff like this for as long as he has?!?

I don't know what they are putting in the drinking water at Penn State but stop drinking it!! It apparently makes you into a pathetic jerk!

This planet is run by idiots, fools and madmen. Mann will hopefully be unable to get a job washing windows at intersections after this. We live in a world that rewards people like Mann for just making stuff up out of thin air. This guy was big science with a capital "S" for twenty years with this bogus climate garbage. Think of how many people there are out there with real aptitudes not working in the field, denied tenure and refused any funding for research into reality.

The tenth generation of men is always the worst. They are the bitter fruit of declining civilizations. Mann is typical of the sort of people who dominate science nowadays. Everything that ever came out of his mouth was lies. Later, he'd try to dummy up what looked like some science to support the stuff he had fabricated. This guy was no scientist.

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