Monday, February 17, 2014

"Climate Change" Causing Whales To Get Sewage-Transmitted Disease

More likely the lax regulations on sewage outfalls in most Western nations are to blame, not "climate change."

You're probably thinking, "Wait, sewage outfalls into the ocean? Isn't that illegal?" It used to be. It has quietly been overlooked until it has become a default right of municipal governments in many major Western cities including Sydney. When civil authorities were brighter and more conscious of disease hazards they used to strictly regulate it, using it only for emergency releases. It gradually came back into vogue as a regular occurrence as the majority of the population has become dumb as stumps, city bureaucrats included. One of the primary responsibilities of government is to regulate public health to protect from epidemics and this is a classic case of failure. The poor whales get told it is all due to climate change. Wait, we should put Brawndo on it, the thirst mutilator. If we mix that in with the sewage the whales will get ripped even as they get infected with Toxoplasmosis.


Some dude said...

It has electrolytes!

FrankNorman said...

I opine that if anyone were to simply come up with a cure for Toxoplasmia (and secretly get it into the water supply) it would change the political and social landscape.

Amy Lee Carrino said...

The whales have it hard everywhere they go. Sure waste from the US is being dumped into the ocean, but every developing country and developed country partakes in this. It's a global issue. Plus Whale hunting is still a prevalent issue that needs to be obliterated all together.

Lazer said...

"A thirteen-foot long beluga whale named Booly was found to contain a complete set of both male and female reproductive organs! In all the annals of marine biology, no one could find a report of an adult beluga whale with a pair of testicles, a uterus, and ovaries."

Was flipping through a copy of Our Stolen Future earlier and this reminded me of the similar incident of Booly. Scary thing is, the waste water treatment plants that recycle drinking water cant get everything out, so a lot of humans are drinking this.