Saturday, February 1, 2014

Changing Demographics In The 'Stain

Get used to it, you will see a lot more like it

I noticed when I worked up in Harlem - everything that happened in the world, happened due to boogens, haunts and "speerts." It was never some employee had left the back door open - no, it was always a malevolent force that had caused it to be ajar.

As the demographics shift in the Kwa, you better get used to even police and law enforcement getting in on the action - here the cops are actually countenancing this gibberish. Notice the "demons" use ghetto vernacular "OUTTA HERE!" because that's all the sophistication you can expect with the grammatical ranges of speech recognized by the "witnesses." When Europeans reported demonic activity during the Dark Ages they claimed they heard Latin and Greek - these guys hear "HEY."

This is the way they roll every day back in the 'Freaka. Everything is evil forces and exorcisms because remembering to lubricate machines regularly is hard, but blaming their malfunctions on invisible creatures is easy. As soon as Mugabe's thugs had murdered the farmers and taken possession of the farms, everything on them became mysteriously inoperable after these farms had run smoothly for the past 100 years. It was all the fault of demons and witches.

I'd laugh hard at this article but I have a matching sentiment to cry when I read it. Pathetic. An offense against human dignity everywhere. Some people should go back up into the trees, it ain't working out for them down here on the ground and it probably never will.


cbenediccengi said...

in the house of Jefferson, Jackson and the likes.

styrac said...

Muhammad Ali speaks against racial mixing and destroys BBC bolshevist asshole who says it's society that makes us different