Sunday, February 16, 2014

Bishop Ussher Started Young Earth Creationism

Because Catholics never get it wrong.

Even Pat Robertson is bright enough to know something is amiss there.

When you know the back story you will start to understand that when Martin Luther nailed those criticisms on the door of the church in Wittenburg that the Protestant Reformation would have done well to discard any and all basic assumptions made by the Catholics over the past two thousand years and they should have started from scratch by reading the New Testament like it was the first time the book had been opened.

Anything retained from the church built by the Templars was abomination. I was raised a Catholic and I have never examined a tenet I didn't decide should be excluded from our faith. It is all junk including the dreadful heresy of young earth math.


deadman said...

Simple fact is, there's no single, specific Biblical reference to the age of the earth.

Not only is time relative, when talking about an omnipotent deity, it's possible for Jehovah to have done whatever He saw fit.

In addition, it's not even all that important. The earth is here & we are here either way. Live your life in the best possible & Righteous manner you can.

Then finally, the genealogy of Christ as presented in the New Testament, is more-so a who's who of the ancient Jewish world.

No ancient Chinese or ancient Incan's in that list.

- deadman.

Texas Arcane said...

Ditto all.

Greenbean said...

I am an atheist. As far as I'm concerned you are welcome to bash all the kiddie f**kers in black, protestards, the pedo pope and charismatic exploiters that represent this religious delusion. I just don't understand why do you have to lie in order to defend your favored branch of the kosher bizarro invention called christianity. It is not like there isn't enough dirt on the catholic church that you would have to make shit up, specially if said made up shit can be easily spotted by anyone with basic knowledge of the history of your religion.

Ussher was a protestant anglican bishop from the church of ireland. Creationism is a protestant 16th century invention derived from the "sola scriptura" doctrine and the protestant belief that scripture can't err. Augustine, Origen and the other "church fathers" all pretty much agreed that genesis was an allegorical text.

I don't know if a catholic priest f****d you when you were a kid, if a nun beat you or whatever, but anytime you touch the subject of religion I see you abandon all commitment to the truth that you usually have and go for petty and vile sectarism. It stands out and it is quite embarrassing.

Texas Arcane said...


Anglican is not Protestant. It is a church created by Catholics in response to Protestants in an attempt to capture the opposition.

Protestants don't have bishops, cardinals or popes.

H├ęctor J. Mendoza said...

How ignorant does one need to be? First: Young Earth WAS NEVER A DOGMA. Second Protestants ARE NOT CHRISTIANS. Hell you reject almost everything Christ stood for (be it free will and not predestination, the rise of the People of Good as Christians not the Jewish supremacists that are supported by Pat Robertson types, the nature of men and women, the need for purification before being worth to be in the presence of God (Purgatory), the fact that Human nature IS FLAWED and in need of redemption otherwise regresses to its lowest common denominator...).

What's amazing is that the Church you so much hate, doesn't exist anymore (at least formally) since its structures and organization were infiltrated and demolished long time ago, a few decades before the Vatican II the rot had set in already, and you all are too dense to get it. That fact that you reject all kind of authority, either on Heaven or Earth (no bishops,no wisemen, only "lay pastors) puts you in the same position as those heretics who had to expelled from the congregation in Paul's lifetime.

Anglicans are as protestants as one can be, loathsome yes, protestants: yes

Greenbean said...

@Texas Arcane

What exactly is your bizarro world definition of protestantism? Any christian who denies papal primacy and the authority of the catholic church is considered a protestant. It has nothing to do with offices. Even Lutherans have bishops, and they are the original protestants. Anglicans are actually historical enemies of catholicism and have persecuted the so called "popists" for centuries. Being a catholic priest in england was a crime liable to the death penalty during the 17th and 18th century, for instance.

This is one of the reasons I became an atheist last year. It is sad to see otherwise intelligent and honest people behaving like monkeys and lying to themselves and others in order to propagandize their favorite branch of the abrahamic madness.

Religion is obviously your weak spot and you are consciously and willfully ignorant on the subject of your chosen "faith". It is scary that it is mosty the atheists that actually bother taking the time to learn history, theology and the rest of the knowledge one needs to discuss this without making a fool of himself.

Texas Arcane said...


Atheists are extremely boring people. I know.