Friday, February 14, 2014

Adventures In Fail : Kwanstainian Infrastructure

Where is the world's saddest rail line? Bungfuggistan, Fuggistania? You would think so.

No, it is in Indiana in the United States. Hard to believe it was once a main line.

Even third world countries normally have more self-respect than this.

Remember, this is a country where nearly 50% of the population believes the Sun revolves around the earth and at least 40% of children are on psychotropic drugs of some kind. Amerikwan edjamafacashun wins. Unfortunately, the entire nation lost. Badly.

This reminds me of when the van sails off the broken bridge in Idiocracy, seriously. :) I started laughing pretty hard watching that train crawl at around 1 mph over those twisty tracks. Apparently they were still trying to seriously carry freight over these lines until the last two years, they just slowed down when they hit that part. Nobody seemed to want to even report the condition of the rails … you gotta admit it is pretty hilarious. I am shocked they didn't show portions tied together with rope.

Think of the trillions lost in the banking embezzling schemes or the money the government can't even account for gone missing in the 'Stain. A tiny sliver so small it would be inconsequential, just a footnote, could have repaired every rail line in 'Stainia to as-new condition with silver plated rails.

I read something last night about the better part of the fuel supply for winter heating travels on these rails when trucks are landlocked by snow and ice. Imagine if the temperature just keeps dropping in 'Stainia with their rail system in this condition. My wife and I were discussing something earlier this week about how brilliant these old radiator systems with hot water were installed in Australia - they originally ran off boilers and are incredibly efficient. In a pinch you can heat a boiler with anything. Back in the '70s the whole country in the United States moved away from boiler systems to pure oil heaters or else propane systems.

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