Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Return To 9th Century Feudalism For Private Property

Over the years I have found myself explaining to complete strangers again and again why I have come out to ask them why they are standing in my backyard. 

The notion of private property is intimately related to frontal lobe function. More and more people in the modern world have trouble understanding the idea of trespass. This is normal in primitive tribal societies where nobody really has any property which is not regarded as communal. Modern people are increasingly anything but modern. They seem more and more primitive every day, lapsing back into barbarism. The reason it is noticeable is that it is deteriorating day by day, not decade by decade. It is happening quickly enough for an observant person to see the changes from month to month.

It is my humble opinion that most people in the current era display classic symptoms of frontal lobe damage.

Not as an exception. As the norm. People with frontal lobes working are definitely in the minority everywhere you look. You see them sometimes like albino squirrels ... as a rare anomaly.


Some dude said...

How can someone tell if they have that damage? What could someone do about it if they did?

Steve Barison said...

Your comment gave me a good chuckle, because I did once see an albino chipmunk! It was one of the coolest things I've ever witnessed. His fur was cream colored and where an ordinary chipmunk has those black stripes, his were light brown. Beautiful little creature. I nearly ran him over with my bike. I am grateful that I didn't.

Texas Arcane said...


Sit too close to strangers? Talk too close to people?

Have trouble controlling a sudden impulse to do something even when you know it will not be the right time to do so?

Have trouble reaching a conclusion when speaking?

Have you ever grabbed something that belonged to somebody else because you needed it right then and nobody was watching it?

Do you frequently say things you regret and wonder why you said them? (Just not giving a damn either way doesn't count)

Often find yourself concerned about others but rarely take time to reflect on yourself? Convinced you can solve other people's problems for them?

Don't really pay much attention to property lines and often go into clearly marked areas as private without asking or every worrying about consequences?

Do you speak to everyone with little courtesy unless they have some authority?


The reason all this would sound familiar to you is that lots and lots of people show damage to the frontal lobes. Lots. Whatever is causing it, is causing a lot of it.

Some dude said...
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Gregg said...

yeah, right, property lines, like state borders, have been around forever and ever and ever. and if you think not, non-statist, you are delusional and don't know world history.

gerrymandering is nothing but a conspiracy theory, and that's all. it doesn't actually occur. those crooked lines you see between states, counties, districts... totally natural, if you think not, lizard brain has gotten you.

derp. wake the fuck up, tex. the manipulation is so deep that it eludes your rationality.

Texas Arcane said...

Gregg, private property is the foundation of civil society.

It is totally natural and has to do with animal territory and the very life force itself. Any society that tried to exist without respect for property rights has dissolved into bloodshed, anarchy and internal civil war.

KW Jackson said...

I'll make it a bit simpler for those like Gregg.
You own yourself.
Therefore you own the results of your labour, for good or ill. Results of labour are often property (food, tools, land improvements, etc.)
Ownership is not an illusion. It is a moral first principle. If you buy into ownership as illusion the Marxists have brainwashed you, because if ownership is an illusion why does the Marxist state seek to control something that's not real?

samhuih said...

When I catch people trespassing they always say,"Well I was just...". Never mind you have to go through a gate with no trespassing signs and there's no neighborhoods. Just a creek and woods. I always cut them off and say,"Well you're just trespassing is what you're doing".

Gregg said..."gerrymandering is nothing but a conspiracy theory..." Not in my State. I'm in a voter district that is largely Blacks then it goes fifty miles down a highway and makes a loop around a few Whites. But I guess it's not ...really... gerrymandering because it's done to White people and they don't deserve to vote. Is has helped at times. I threw out of office a Communist Black Rep. I mean he was straight up communist. Myself and every White person in the district voted him out in the primaries. The new Black Representative is liberal but not near as bad as the last. He knows how he got there.

KW Jackson said,"...if ownership is an illusion why does the Marxist state seek to control something that's not real?"

That's so true and stated admirably.

Amy said...

Sometimes I find myself saying things I wish I hadn't, but usually in the presence of people I find socially intimidating. They expect I know their etiquette in-and-out and will behave accordingly, but I don't, and I don't, and it always leaves me feeling down for a long time.

In any case, we've eliminated all of our credit cards and are a tax return away from paying off sundry debts aside from the death-note on our home. I just can't give anyone that kind of power over me and mine.

All political leanings serve corporate interests, even the libertarian position says corporations get paid first, it's your fault for not reading the fine print. Fine. I'll just take my ball and go home. Maybe I won't have as many bedrooms in my home or have fine clothing, but they'll be MINE, and no one else has a claim on my time or my things or my progeny because of personal profligacy in the face of keeping up with some have-it-all illusion.

bicebicebice said...

theepilgrim said...

"and if you think not, non-statist, you are delusional and don't know world history."

Civil defense can and should be voluntary (i.e. Stateless). If a society can't muster the good sense and basic, everyday courage to defend what their ancestors worked to build, that society really isn't worth defending anymore.

You know what happens when you have to rely on daddy State to tell you what property is? The State winds up owning everything, including the air you breathe and the lungs you breathe it with. Funny how that works. You'd almost think that was the whole purpose of the scam in the first place...

Texas Arcane said...


A person without debts is the wealthiest person on earth.

samhuih said...

Amy you should keep your credit cards. They're very useful "IF" you PAY THE FULL AMOUNT EVERY MONTH. If you do so no charges for most credit cards. They're also good for online purchases and extremely useful when you're in a bind. Traveling and you break down, etc. I get money back on my credit cards when I buy things.