Friday, January 31, 2014

FULL CIRCLE : Vault-Co Stamp of Approval

It's canon. Seriously, read it because it is that good.

It took me quite a while to finish reading it in starts and stops but it was worth it. I am considering beginning again at chapter one and working my way through it again.

The section on the Ionians will blow your mind.

We are all in a stage play that has a regular change of actors. Otherwise, it's the same play over and over again. Somewhere in all this banality, God is trying to reach us at the individual level.Once you start to see it from his perspective you can imagine how tough it is on God to try to communicate with such wretches. For God it must seem like he is speaking to one of the animatronic robots at Disneyland, whispering to the mechanical automaton that he is loved and treasured and has a greater destiny somewhere beyond all this scripted emptiness. How do you get this metal puppet to understand it has an immortal soul? It would be really tough.

This guy is soft on Christianity big time. I am amazed he could get a publisher for this book.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Death Watch for The Kwa

I say pull the plug now, since brain death is confirmed. Artificial respiration only prolongs the inevitable.

People always wondered why math was so important to teach to the young. This is why. Knowing when you are due to be outnumbered and then eaten is an important survival skill.

ABC Reporter describes it "as almost a kind of Ice Age." Yeah you know I was thinking the same thing. Almost a kind of. I want to see the look on this guy's face next year. I just read some recently updated survey data from the surface of the Sun. You might want to plan your diet around a no-calorie intake for the next 100 years or so if you live in North America. You notice how just a little tiny unexpected cold and they hit the resource wall on propane overnight. Imagine when it really starts to get cold. Predicted on Vault-Co over 12 years ago, verbatim.

I love it when the orthodoxy arrives. "Listen," they say, "you cranks and fringe nuts are going to have to leave this park. Take your soapboxes with you. You're not welcome here. We have some very important people coming this afternoon to give a speech about how we may be looking at a new Ice Age. They are bold, cutting edge lateral thinkers and people want to hear their take on these events because they are highly ejamafacated and whatnot and what-have-you. So you nuts and doomsday prophets will just have to shove off." The big limos roll up and all the guys who were telling us last year about global warming get out with their personal aides and stenographers. "Dammit, I'm a rebel and I am here to shake things up. People it is time we considered the worst case scenario. I will be in charge of this operation from here on."

One fool follows the other and they all stumble into a ditch.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

No Way The The West Will Survive The Coming Ice Age

Modern people have trouble remembering to wash their hands leaving the restroom. No way is the western world going to be able to cope with a new Maunder Minimum.

The feedback mechanism in the human brain that tells them they need to change their approach isn't working any longer in the West. In the 1700's if they had an unexpectedly hard winter I guarantee you they would have been loaded for bear come the following year and doubled up on everything they would need when the next one hit.

They had a good warning in 2011. Atlanta is a city run by enrichers. Anybody with the lights on upstairs would have been fully prepared in 2013 and 2014. They weren't. They don't react to feedback and alter their plans accordingly.

This used to happen constantly in the civil defense programs of the 1950's. The local officials never failed to notice a pattern or to think about weaknesses in their strategy. They'd go straight in asking for appropriate resources to respond in a different way the next time an emergency hit. This is why America had an amazingly responsive civil defense system in 1963, the year I was born.

Modern day Kwanstainia specializes in dumb looks and baffled doubletakes. No amount of advance warning they need to buy more snowplows or store more rock salt ever turns on anything resembling a lightbulb in their politically correct brains. They just run around in circles squawking like chickens and blaming it (whatever it is) on global warming. This is what rushes in to fill the vacuum left by organic failure at the game of life.

The next Ice Age is going to depopulate that continent real quick, one way or another.

These are early days. It ain't even got cold yet, carpetbaggers. See if you want to still live there after a couple of years with no summers in them. We'll see. I don't think the climate is going to agree with you.

Kwanstainian Teachers Cannot Correctly Spell "Litter"

That's the most important observation I made here.

Mike Judge was visionary with IDIOCRACY. The movie got snubbed because it wasn't 500 years in the future.

Why Do You Want Your Money

Wanting it is not a valid reason for getting it.

Bank runs are coming in the 'Stain. Vault-Co has been predicting them for ten years. We'll keep predicting them for another ten. Know why? Because bank runs are coming in the 'Stain. You can talk your Keynesian rubbish until your eyeballs swell to the size of grapefruits. You know what? Fiat currency always leads to bank runs and bank runs are coming in the 'Stain.

Marcus Aurelius, The Pagan Christian

Atheists are always telling lies. I'd read MEDITATIONS one evening in the military so even when I was an atheist I knew other atheists lied like hell about Aurelius. Atheists disgusted me when I was an atheist. I realized after a while out of all these obvious idiots I must be the biggest idiot of them all to be lumped in with people of such poor character and integrity. Whatever they claimed to believe in, I didn't want any part of it after seeing what sorts they really were.

Marcus Aurelius, before Christ, believed there was something beyond the "gods" of his era, he believed there was a true God of whom all these archetypes were a feeble attempt to quantify. He believed that this ultimate God was very, very good. Better than Apollo or Mars or any of these false idols. He also thought it was the goal of this supreme being to keep all of us from harm. He deduced correctly that the Supreme Being would be just but would not have an axe to grind or a blood lust to sate. It would be the will of God that none of his creations should perish. Aurelius deduced all of these things before Christianity swept the ancient world.

"Now departure from the world of men is nothing to fear, if gods exist: because they would not involve you in any harm. If they do not exist, or if they have no care for humankind, then what is life to me in a world devoid of gods, or devoid of providence? But they do exist, and they do care for humankind: and they have put it absolutely in man's power to avoid falling into the true kinds of harm."
—Marcus Aurelius, Meditations 2.11

I always thought this guy was pretty impressive for somebody who did not have access to the New Testament.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Why Fail Is Fail No Matter What Humanatans And Chimpmanzees May Claim

I get this constantly in my profession.

I'm making sense, the other person is knowingly talking absolute semantic-free gibberish and is signaling me with their eyes "You need to reciprocate or I will expose us both as charlatans." The thing is, I am not a charlatan. They just assume everybody else is making it up as they go along as well. The point of contention is not whether or not I am some kind of village idiot who barely knows how to proceed - that's a given - it is that I really am a software developer who does not need to fabricate speech to sound confident. I never sound confident in any situation because I know enough about software development to know that people who speak with confidence and self-assurance are not qualified to work as software developers.

In software development you propose an approach to be tested by implementing it as a prototype with the assumption you may get feedback that it is not the correct way to proceed. All those guys who act like software development is paint-by-numbers? All of them according to the research are ordinary people with no aptitude (or enthusiasm) who are acting out in order to get paychecks on Friday. All of them. There are so many fakes that at some companies, everybody assumes everyone else must be faking it too.

The Sun Is Shutting Down For A Couple Millennium Or Thereabouts

Routine maintenance. No need to panic unless you are a freakish anomaly of the Holocene. Also known as Neanderthal weather. What did I do with my beach umbrella and sunning towels? This planet doesn't feel right until it hits at least 20 below.

Another phenomena the Neanderthal was very familiar with, it was like changing his underwear. Now you know why they lived in those caves. The only thing that ever killed the Neanderthal was Homo Sapiens. Everything else he was all over, all the time. No such thing as an unprepared 'Thal. Every day is jump day for 'Thals. That's the type of person it takes to live on this planet long term.

Theodore Dalrymple, Jim Penman

It has been my minor distinction over the years to introduce Vault-Co readers to many important thinkers who have been buried by the mainstream. I am proud to have brought many of them to the attention of others who might have otherwise missed them because of the efforts of the orthodoxy to make them into un-persons who never existed as in the heyday of the Soviet regime.

I discovered Theodore Dalrymple (real name Anthony Daniels) in the same year as Lewis Mumford. Theodore is a unique sort of officially dispossessed thinker in that he was formerly the toast of the ruling class before he began to make too much sense for their tastes. In the 1960's they used these writers as spearhead curmudgeons in the cultural war but as with so many bolshevists who were prominent in the early part of the revolution in Russia, they were later struck off the books as too counter-revolutionary. Theodore was replaced with far more radical militant, proselytizing atheists when he was recognized as far too conciliatory and found consistent praise for traditional Western values above other cultures.

What he has also proven to be is eerily prophetic, in contrast to the current stable of State propagandists who are never accurate at predicting anything, which is to be expected since their models of reality are the product of secular insanity. Long before the coming of the Chav in Britain, Dalrymple was warning of the ease with which Islam would appeal to the native British and easily supplant their bulwark in Christianity when the time was ripe. He also pointed out that where the muslims had failed at conquering Europe after the collapse of Byzantine Rome they would almost certainly succeed with simple fertility a millennium later under the doctrines of the multi-kult. Oh sure you're saying, all the State barrel organs play this tune now ... except Dalryrmple was warning about these things in the late 60's long before it became fashionable or career-wise. In fact, when it became obvious that Theodore could once again serve the interests of official party line it was too late - he had already been struck off as irrelevant.

I find him infinitely refreshing and as a Christian can admire a man's consistency even if he is without faith. Dalrymple is one of those people who simply built his credibility up by writing regularly about whatever struck him as important long before anyone was paying him to do so. We are told that anyone who speaks the truth on any subject is speaking with the spirit of God, who is not the author of confusion. We can contrast such men with the mainstream, who never make sense on any subject no matter what they say.

Here's Jim Penman. The most brilliant book I ever read on the human condition cost me fifty cents at a garage sale. It was called The Hungry Ape and it was by Jim Penman, the Australian who founded Jim's Mowing in Australia. Read the article and you'll see why Australia is not a meritocracy. Even if Australians have the occasional superhuman genius born in their midst (and they do, probably more frequently than most nations) they lack the temerity to even recognize these people or provide them with anything resembling a path to some livelihood. Like Jim, the smartest ones make their own opportunities. The reporter who wrote this ugly smear piece on Jim was not bright enough to realize just who he was talking to. Compared to Jim Penman he is not much more than an ape that can walk on its hind legs, trust me. Whatever Australians tell you about this guy ... believe me when I say that this guy is probably one of the ten brightest human beings currently alive on this planet. Recognizing the triggers in the mammalian brain that react to the calories in the food supply is somewhere on par with discovering that the Earth revolves around the Sun instead of the other way around. If I ran the Nobel committee this guy would have taken home at least one of them by now.

Jim, by the way, is clearly an "MT" - Melonhead front, Thal back, a product of interbreeding between the original Melonheads and Neanderthals. You can see facial features like the retreating periorbital socket of his eye combined with the large, long forehead to contain a pretty big brain. Jim looks remarkably like my father, who looks remarkably like Colin Wilson, who looks remarkably like Wernher Von Braun, who looks remarkably like me and I look remarkably like Koanic Soul. A coincidence all around to be sure. Either that or we are all descended from a very narrow group of people in Europe with a different shoulders-to-hip ratio, wavy hair, extraordinarily high native intelligence, surprising genetic symmetry and a propensity to nosebleeds when under stress, also known as hematochromia. Or else, Occam's Razor ... we are all slight genetic variations from the Amud Neanderthal tribe that merged its survivors into the Basque.

There is something black-and-white in the way Penman views the world. He comes across as a literal person, with few social graces. He does not do small talk. He does not try to lighten an interview with laughter. People around him say Penman has Asperger’s syndrome, a mild version of autism that limits the ability to communicate.

With Sapiens, you get the psychoanalysis for free. Anybody smarter than a Sapiens is suffering from some form of retardation. Rather than clearly being direct, straightforward and focused on information, instead Sapiens says that such people have mild brain damage. Saps is a large tribe animal, mainly devoted to quantity and appearances. Quality comes from other hominid races. Quantity is about theatrics and performance. Quality is about the facts and reality. According to Saps, only retarded people can concentrate on the actual subject at hand. Superior means not being able to remember exactly what the topic was you were talking about ten seconds after you have begun speaking.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Jimmy So-Vile Is The Same Old Scandal With A Different Actor

They want you to think this came as a big shock to them all.

The truth is, we've seen all of this before.

The cops always pretend they had no idea. When it was happening, they appeared to be acting as enablers, procurers and first line of defense against complaints registered about these monsters. Without the cops running interference, these guys would almost certainly have been caught and exposed.

In the real world, people only get away with outrageous savagery like this because they have friends in high places seeing to it they are not arrested.

Psychosis and pedophilia are fellow travelers of the same buglight that draws all these creepy freaks to politics, finance, show business and the media. These guys play good cop / bad cop and the sheeple think somebody somewhere is looking out for their interests. Ultimately, the fault lies with them, not these monstrous creatures. A thousand starstruck parents delivered their teenage daughters into his hands. Yet, had they only trusted God above men, they would never have been deceived in this fashion. How important a question is it to ask if God exists, when following his wisdom can provide so many benefits to a man and his loved ones?

Acts 10:34 KJV

34 Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons.

The "Cloud" Is A Convenience For The NSA

It was bad practice from the moment it was suggested.

Nobody ever listens to people like me who actually understand the best way to store data safely. The idea of sending your data into an amorphous multiserver abstraction doesn't make for good business in any regard.

The sheer risk of opening up your private data to nearly anyone who can crack the protection guarantees you will be ripped off sooner or later. Whenever your government tells you that they have the authority to do things like this, you can rest assured what they lack are the brains to keep this stuff out of the hands of hackers in Russia and other places. Those guys are a hundred times better than anybody who works for them and they wade through firewalls like tearing through a gossamer curtain.

The madness of the Kwanstainian government has effectively cut their tech industry off from the future.

Chinese Preparing Deterrent To U.S. Aggression

2014 Looks Like 1914 With Better Toys To Wage War With

Kwanstain keeps laughing along like those bad old days are behind us but China is not cracking a smile. Apparently there are people in China who don't favor an ironic attitude like nothing matters. They even seem to believe in those bad old ideas like national sovereignty and territorial security. Not people you want to laugh at. You'll never catch me scoffing at people who have turned the entire underside of their country into an underground missile shuttle network.

Total Insanity In Kwanstain, Borders Collapse, National Sovereignty Surrendered

This is the leader of homeland security talking

Robert Welch tried to warn people 50 years ago. They didn't listen.

Vault-Co Was Right. Other 7 Billion People On Earth Were Wrong.

Told you so.

If Stephen Hawkings had not been able to pull off his fantastic performance art rendition of a brilliant physicist confined to a wheelchair he would have been out on the street with his entire family as a gimp who failed his exams and was too confused to even hold down the most menial of day jobs. Another Luftmensche who staged a million dollar scam and then admitted he fabricated the whole thing out of cloth. Does this mean he will give the money back? I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for that.

Think of how many people qualified for real work in physics are driven off by this pack of charlatans and frauds who dominate the sciences now.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

VOSBASIC! Initial tests successful!

I don't have much time on my hands but I was able to integrate my extended basic source code into the web server last night and get it to serve basic web pages as well as serve for logical processing! You can write and test your script from inside of VOS with proper admin permissions!

I tried doing this with Lua. It is too complicated. Too many includes, too much difficult syntax parsing and too much knowledge of Lua required for beginners. If you know GWBASIC or QUICKBASIC, you can code your own logic and web pages up in minutes! Amongst other things this reduced the executable down to 318K for the code (!), still about 50% of that is initialization data and compiled-in minified javascript!

I have added the following extension keywords to BASIC to facilitate this functionality as simply as possible!
I have not integrated Raphael or SVG drawing from inside the BASIC script yet (this is my next goal), here are the keywords I have added as of last night :

(VOSBasic files end with extension ".VOS" and are stored in general SQLite repository and edited on-the-fly in browser)

IMPORT - includes additional code file streamed from repository 
WEBPRINT - Prints output to current socket with argument parameters and safety checking for overflow conditions
WEBSTYLE - Outputs include statement in HTML for stylesheet
WEBINCLUDE - Outputs HTML for script include for javascript with name
PRINT - Print to standard output with argument parameters, usually current console
LOG - Print to logging output with argument parameters
CGIPARAM - function to get CGI value passed by caller
GETLISTITEM - function that returns value from named list
GETGLOBAL - gets string from global cache from named resource (usually as JSON) 
SETGLOBAL - Sets string in global cache to named resource (usually as JSON) 
DBCREATE - create a new database
DBOPEN - open existing database and return handle
DBQUERY - execute SQL query against database handle and return success or failure
DBFETCH - get row of results from database if exists
DBFETCHNEXT - get next row of results
DBCLOSE - close database and release resources
DATABROWSER - web prints HTML table of browsable database records
DATARECORD - web prints HTML table of editable database information representing one record

One thing I need is an easy way to parse all the JSON tossed around internally inside the VOS Server to represent values from sensors and command calls. Still trying to hammer out the best way to do this as a VOSBASIC expression. Leaning towards something like JSONPARSE(fragment,path) to return the matching value out of the existing JSON and putting it back in a similar fashion. Structured correctly this could allow users to create their own custom AJAX/JSON web services using VOSBASIC script!

Chief Architect Of The United States

What he really thought ... not the lies you have been told about what he thought.

Let's not bandy words here. The other Founding Fathers were highly intelligent, extremely virtuous Renaissance men who constituted the best system of government that we know of in world history ... but the truth is, Thomas Jefferson passed more brain cells in his last bowel movement than the whole lot of them put together.

All the stealthy fifth columnists in the 'Kwa are not worthy to crawl up on a stepladder and plant a kiss in the crack of Jefferson's ass.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Majority Are Always Wrong, About Everything

Who can blame poor Saps? With an average IQ of 98 and a brain roughly the size of a squirrels.

Any creature who arrives at conclusions by taking a vote is assured of getting the wrong answer every time no matter what the subject. Homo Sapiens is a moron. There is no bugfix, patch or upgrade available to correct this version. It was never put through proper Q&A, there was never user testing and it was broken by design when it was deployed. Since there is another hominid design which was already perfected over a million years, one wonders what purpose was to be served by this release. Saps needs to get right but that isn't likely anytime soon. I recommend a phased transition back to the earlier software which had already proven its worth. We should turn off user support for Saps at the end of the Holocene and just let that version expire.

Calling it a "sleepy sun" is obvious spin. You have to hear the sounds of nuclear explosions, air raid sirens, screaming mobs and small arms fire before you realize what the implications are. A "sleepy sun" is another way of saying "worldwide apocalypse."

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Must-Read Link On The Modern Workforce

The modern world doesn't make any sense until you look at it through the lens of the 5% psychopaths and sociopaths who dominate it.

One of the biggest conflicts in the workplace day to day is the ongoing battle between people naturally suited for the work and those who have to pretend to be doing it in order to draw down a check. The former is the sworn enemy of the latter and they cannot exist long together in the same place, similar to matter and anti-matter. One or the other must leave and it is usually always the ones worth a damn.

The press makes a big deal out of the rare one-in-a-million instance where the guy who is kicked out gets back in and reforms the company like Steve Jobs. For every Steve Jobs there are ten thousand people who got forced out through simple social engineering and never returned. These stories don't have happy endings until such people found their own successful business and make a living at it without having to pass through the corporate gauntlet of trial-by-mediocrity.

The average human being makes it look so easy to do nothing all day long with theatrical flourish and vain grandstanding. You should see what it feels like on the other end of the human spectrum.

Melonheads Publicly Outed

I used to sell a lot of books in New York city. I read a lot of strange books that are not in popular circulation and discovered many things that peasants are not supposed to know about.

Some of these books were from the estates of dead men who were tall, had disturbingly high foreheads and red hair. At least one of them had a peculiar serpentine appearance in the face. They always seemed to be in possession of books that ordinary people never hear of and cannot check out of a library.

That's what gave me the advantage on this subject.

It took a few decades after I had moved to another country before all those books started to gel inside my brain. I had not seen the big picture they painted until many, many years afterwards. For example, learning that the Khazars were red haired with large eyes, pointy skulls and that they worshipped snakes and had so many snake idols in their country that it was always possible to see another one from anywhere in Khazaria. Or that it is believed the Khazars were believed to be descended from Sumerian and Akkadian ruling classes that were driven out in a slave revolt.

If you read the article carefully and watch the associated video you will see this recurrent phenomenon of having some kind of trepination at the rear of the skull but only in fully matured adults. Cyberjack for hooking into melonhead media cable feeds? I don't know. This is more common in these skulls than you would expect. Since their temples on Malta have tunnels hundreds of feet underground without any residues from torches or candles I gather they may have had many technologies that are not even understood today.

There was no "serpent" in the Garden of Eden. That's poor translation of Hebrew by the King James scholars. There was the Nahash, a person with a snakelike appearance, an unclean spirit that is somehow serpentine. It also means a deceiver, a trickster, a person who combines great guile with great wisdom. The Khazars worshipped the serpent as a creature of light, from whence comes his frequently used name Lucifer, the morning star.

Jesus advises his followers to be as wise as the "Nahash" in their understanding so as to defend against their wiles but counsels us to be children in our heart. That is basically the fundamental operating principle here at Vault-Co.

Good Catholics

I was raised Catholic and like many others I suspected at a young age that my church was the direct representative of Lucifer on Earth. I developed these opinions when I was contemplating going to seminary the year before I graduated high school.

I was studying the New Testament, which said the ministers of sin would dress in black, forbid to marry or eat meat. I lifted my head inside the church and looked around.

The Swiss guard would never make these allegations if they were unfounded.

The Last Man Blinks

Fifty Year Old News Printed Like It Is Original

Can modern people read? This well established principle was printed in civil defense comic books aimed at children in 1954.

You have to wonder if there is another motive for this bizarre, discordant press release. You can't help but wonder. Is somebody planning something?

It was common knowledge amongst school age children fifty years ago.

Is this feeble, grasping attempt to understand the grownup world where nuclear weapons are real and civil defense is a necessity the expression of the last man?

"The time of the most despicable man is coming, he that is no longer able to despise himself. Behold, I show you the last man.
     'What is love? What is creation? What is longing? What is a star?' thus asks the last man, and blinks.
     The earth has become small, and on it hops the last man, who makes everything small. His race is as ineradicable as the flea; the last man lives longest.
     'We have invented happiness,'say the last men, and they blink. They have left the regions where it was hard to live, for one needs warmth. One still loves one's neighbor and rubs against him, for one needs warmth...
     One still works, for work is a form of entertainment. But one is careful lest the entertainment be too harrowing. One no longer becomes poor or rich: both require too much exertion. Who still wants to rule? Who obey? Both require too much exertion.
     No shepherd and one herd! Everybody wants the same, everybody is the same: whoever feels different goes voluntarily into a madhouse.
     'Formerly, all the world was mad,' say the most refined, and they blink...
     One has one's little pleasure for the day and one's little pleasure for the night: but one has a regard for health.
     'We have invented happiness,' say the last men, and they blink."

- Thus spoke Zarathustra, Friedrich Nietszche

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Serving In The Military Saps Your Will To Live

It does. I will personally testify to it.

After you have served as a pawn to these people you are so disgusted with the human race you just can't be bothered anymore. Anything at all is too much trouble to go to. You feel the whole enterprise is sour and tainted and anything that smacks of interaction with society afterwards makes you feel ill. All of mankind looks like a bunch of good-for-nothing bastards you just don't want to know.

This isn't necessarily a realistic perspective and of course it isn't a healthy one. The facts don't lie, however. People who serve in the modern armed forces lose their will to exist when they get out. A lot of them end up homeless but their suicide rate is appalling.

Life in barracks is the most degrading experience you can humanly imagine and when you think you have had enough you still have years of it remaining you volunteered for. It is nothing but drunken manboons asphyxiating on their own vomit and dragging cheap hookers through the streets at midnight singing for years and years. You don't see the "worst in human nature" you see that humans bring out the worst in the universe and are an affront to God almighty by breathing.

For those of you who think my psy-ops education makes me suspect, you should know that it was the straw that broke the camel's back for me in my last year of service. Once I realized the elites run schools where they teach people to lie, I wanted nothing more than to move up into the mountains, squat in a shack built out of old truck tires and never speak to a human ever again. Luckily I grew out of this phase. I don't want you to think that is the best way to view the world but it is what a military career does to you. Anybody who argues another position is not supported by the cold, hard facts.

Supervillain Melonhead Plots His Next Scheme Against U.S. Constitution

Enemies of every healthy society and destroyers of peace, safety, common happiness and freedom

Overplayed hand for sure. Never seem to realize this until the backlash is apocalyptic. A peculiar kind of person, seems bent on his own destruction through roundabout means. Doesn't appear to realize he is being spotlighted.

ManBearPig Still Creating Terror In Kwanstainia

Despite some nervous nellies claiming there is no such thing.

Increasingly, there are more and more people aware of the obvious - the Sun appears to have gone dormant since the late 90's. The people conducting the surveys twist responses like this to claim a majority believe "some kind of climate change is happening." They twist the responses because they are liars who are propagating gibberish and trying to shore up weak foundations.

A new grand minimum Ice Age doesn't care if humans are aware it has arrived. It doesn't matter because they will simply freeze to death or starve when the time comes and their entire genetic strategy will be revealed as grotesquely inferior in a Darwinian sense. A "consensus" won't help them in the least. So Kwanzanians can have all the conferences and discussion groups they want but it will not stay their fate by a single day. People with these kinds of mental deficiencies are summarily terminated by Mother Nature. They can go by the thousands or individually, either way they are going. On a planet that is normally quite cold such organisms are regarded as extraneous and simply a transient phenomenon of the Holocene. This planet belongs to the hardy, adaptive, resilient, robust Neanderthal ... always did, always will. All other are just tourists passing through. The ant carries the eons on its sturdy back but the grasshopper only lives for one short sweet summer.

Cheating Proficiency Tests In Nuclear Silos

From the crooked timber of man, no straight thing was ever made

 These are probably the same guys who were entering "0000000" for the missile launch codes for the past fifty years. Big difference from the world portrayed in the movies, isn't it? You can see what the cultural wars have wrought in the United States. Everybody has a complicated excuse for why they can't be bothered to learn how to do their job correctly.

Self-Styled "Apex Predator" Behind Bars

A hell of a place to be when TSHTF, to say the least.

One survival skill is having impulse control and not going on reality television as a convicted felon threatening to rob and kill your neighbors while showing off all your illegal guns. A candidate for the Darwin Awards.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Neanderthals Had Different Cultures With Different Brands Of Axe Handles

As described here.

Nowhere mentioned in this article is the ubiquitous "Neanderthal Tar" consisting of foaming bitumen and pine oil compounds that dried to a granite like polished finish that was originally molded around each and every one of these weapons to balance them for throwing and give them ergonomic handles specifically fitted to the user. No such tar has ever been discovered on Cro-Magnon weapons, which were so simple (wooden spears with heads cooked in a flame) that they could have been made by a child.

All they are showing you is a chipped stone here and it is easy to get the impression that a Neanderthal was using a flint as an axe when in fact this head was first mounted in the notched haft of a thick stick, wrapped with hemp rope to secure it and then dipped and custom molded by the user. The finished weapon would have looked like something out of a science fiction movie with just the sharp business end of the axe exposed. That is how misleading these articles are. The axe could have been thrown with deadly accuracy but it still would not have been sufficient against an army of opponents with simple spears as described above attacking from a distance.

A couple hundred thousand years later, all that reliably remains is the stone blade of the axe shown here.

The clear implication of all this is a division of labor and specialization. There would have been an expert in bubbling and mixing up this complex pitch for coating weapons with. Probably another guy chipping the flints. Men would have lined up to do the assembly. Hearing people argue whether or not the Neanderthals could speak is a major embarrassment for the idiot who would even ask a question like that. The question is not whether Neanderthals could speak. The real question to ask is this : how much proof is there that Cro-Magnons could speak articulately before they genocided the Neanderthal? I would say little to none. There is no evidence of anything in Cro-Magnon camps that testifies to anything other than primitive grunts and whistles. I am sure there would have been Neanderthals who could speak with the genteel aristocratic air of Gore Vidal going back 800,000 years or more. Or more.

Moonbat Starts Barking At Lunar Eclipse

If Richard Nixon had become too unstable to continue in his offices, then Barry Soetoro needs to tender his resignation at the earliest convenience. He's a full blown lunatic.

All leftists are inherently unstable people always ten minutes away from complete nervous collapse. They are born hanging in there by a thread mentally.

Moonbats are always barking at imaginary social ills which can be solved by surrendering personal freedoms. The whole world is a stage to these people and the psychodrama is all inside of their heads.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Medical Science, A Mysterious Nonstarter Since the 50's

Here they are asking for money for the next big round of research that is going to cure cancer and other bad stuff because the solution is always give me more money.

You whippersnappers probably don't know it but they run this scam every generation. When I was born in 1963 the entire field was on the verge of a huge series of breakthroughs within a year or so, all they needed was a trillion dollars or thereabouts. They usually get it. Researchers got themselves great big mansions with swimming pools and big pimp Cadillacs with all the trimmings and nothing much of significance occurred for the next half century. People continued to drop dead like flies of these diseases and doctors tried to look circumspect and thoughtful as they dragged the sheets over their faces.

Back in the 1950's, they shot you with radiation to "cure" cancer because radiation was a powerful magic as anybody who saw drive-in movies could tell you. A half century later, cancer death rates have climbed enormously. Your odds of surviving any kind of cancer in fact improve substantially the further you live away from modern medicine.

We've had 25+ years of genomic research funding. Total results? Oy vey, nothing so much yet! But a windfall, I tell you, we are on the verge even now! A windfall, itz! Right around the corner, you betcha.

A trillion here, a trillion there, pretty soon you're talking some serious money.

Another Person Discovers Stephen Gould Was A Charlatan

Quack. Fake. Fraud. Cagliostro. Poseur. Sophist. Pedant. Blowhard.

I feel for this guy because he then proceeds to rattle off another list of absolute phoneys as authorities to be preferred over the polemicist Gould ... Dawkins, Diamond, Pinker. Good luck, buddy. If you live long enough you may figure out the truth about those guys as well.

The fact is, the stakes are too high politically in anthropology to allow people to go about spouting the truth. For this reason, since the late 70's other men with different loyalties are recruited who can be trusted to support the official party line which dynamically shifts around according to the needs of those in power. This is where we got garbage like "Out of Africa" and the "Neolithic Revolution." Neither one of those things has any evidence to support it.

Funny how this entire time, the multi regional hypothesis has ruined careers and driven people to the fringe of the profession when that was what the evidence indicated all along ... but no, we don't want to hurt certain people's feelings by telling them we have no common ancestor with them and their own people never appeared to advance beyond mud huts and tapeworms for a million years. They might feel bad about themselves and we might feel like we were different from them. We can't have that. So the lie has triumphed with decades of gibberish and fabrication at the expense of all the decent scientists who might have otherwise been interested in the field.

Pyramids Built From 90% "Rubble?!?"

I like this idea because it makes it obvious the pyramids were built by humans for certain. Humans who were as advanced as the current era or better but not by much.

It also makes a lot of sense. If both the Sphinx and the Pyramids were enhanced by the Egyptian Pharoahs and had already been there for tens of thousands of years then it points to very ancient cultures. This pushes back the start of cities and agriculture considerably.

I have a theory that humans cannot get much more advanced than we are now without tumbling backwards to less complexity because of the hardwiring inside of their heads. We can't maintain the complexity we have now. I think similar problems were encountered before by societies with admixture of Cro-Magnons. It doesn't matter if you have a small core of brilliant elite melonhead rulers when the slaves become unmanageable and cannot be regimented sufficiently to protect the existing complexity of the civilization. I believe this may be an eternal problem for the ruling classes - getting their hands on slaves smart enough to run the machinery of the society and keeping the society healthy enough to turn out competent replacements. It is a very delicate balancing act and it only takes a few errant cultural trends to start churning out useless crotch-grabbers who cannot possibly be tasked to maintain the infrastructure.

In so many places you can tell when the apogee has been reached because as soon as the civilization goes into decline you start to suffer from people stripping away the underpinnings to sell for salvage. This was the case with the outer mantle of the pyramid and it is the exact same phenomenon with somebody tearing up rails in California to sell as scrap metal. Those rail lines were placed at great expense originally but it only takes one misbehaving opportunist to rip up miles of track laid by hard working men.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Kwanstainia Realizes It Is Too Late To Avoid Ending Up A Radioactive Crater

Much like the late Roman Empire when they realized the end was upon them - running around frantically making plans too expensive to implement in an era when it costs a million dollars to fill a pothole.

China a fresh, vibrant young country bound to put these people out of their misery at some stage like a sick horse being put to sleep by a veterinarian.

Kwanstainia knows the end is near and is taking steps to see to it that everybody is mercifully narcotized when the end comes. When the flash and the blast wave hits them they will be too high to even know what has happened.

More and more military strategists are arguing that the only hope that the 'Stain has to possibly counter a billion and a half people in China is to gain a decisive edge in robotics for the next war. That means giving them greater autonomy every single iteration.Isn't it amazing that Isaac Asimov foresaw in advance the three most important laws that sane people would have to impose on robotic intelligence if they didn't want to be extinct at the hands of same?

Vivos Upscales Their Vault Network

For a long time they were a kind of joke with serious survivalists but recently Richard Vicino and his Vivos startup have captured a huge part of the booming Vault industry.

They are now working in units of thousands of lives saved which starts to change balances in realpolitik.

So the feds know where these vaults are they are looking at ten thousand survivors who are well armed and well provisioned. That is going to factor into their planning and it also attracts the wrong kinds of attention when people get hungry.

I am not criticizing Richard Vicino and I think what he is doing is admirable but as always when you deal in the commons you are going to become significant on the radar of unpleasant people. There are certain individuals who will make a beeline for these shelters the second TSHTF and they will know there are things there worth taking by force despite casualties. This would be the reason I would never put my family in one of these things. You need more than a security force designed to police the inside - you require almost as large an army to police the outside.

Because of the internet there are more and more people starting to realize the precarious nature of the era they had the the misfortune to be born in and with that understanding they are starting to understand there are way too few vaults to house way too many people. The economy that is being created will have to start computing logistics of tens of thousands and nobody has bothered to think in these terms since they shot John F. Kennedy the month after I was born. History is starting to catch up with this generation of baby boomers in the West and it is only now they are beginning to understand what massive failures they are as human beings, having neglected all the highest priority problems until they became so daunting that it is not even worth pretending you have a snowball's chance in hell of fixing them now.

When I was growing up I don't know how many times I heard "That is a problem our children will face." These cowards are only beginning to realize it is also a problem they would face when they were too old, too weak and full of regrets about their foolishness in saying such stupid things when they were younger. They thought they'd be dead by now but all they have done is assure their retirement will occur in very interesting times, if you know what I mean. It is one thing to be running from a cannibal horde in your twenties and another thing altogether to try to hobble along in your seventies. These idiots imagined their grandchildren running from vicious cannibal enrichment squads and they were okay with that so it is really a matter of being hoisted by your own petard. There's nothing funnier than a sixty year old secular atheist frantically trying to escape a huge savage mob of like-minded souls chasing him for barbecue. After all, we are nothing but meat and death is the end so why shouldn't this old fellow throw himself on the grill for the greatest good for the greatest number? He is old and according to utilitarianism will taste best with chives and chicken salt.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Little Animalcules of The Microcosm

The real victors of the "evolutionary" process always have the last word in any argument.

All humans can do is to try to build up their own internal strength to resist them because trying to wipe them out or to end their threat altogether is wasted energy. They ain't going nowhere. A part of this improvement in genetic stock includes recognizing disease vectors and avoiding them, which is another thing that Sapiens is just no damn good at.

The key to surviving disease is to do anything that promotes stronger humans, not weaker micro-organisms which will never happen. This is just another example of how the Neanderthal got it right and Homo Sapiens failed to even grasp the problem. What strength of the immune system that Sapiens has he got from his Neanderthal forebears because his own stock was weaker than a baby fart when it comes to resisting disease and infection. Of all the things that Jared Diamond wrote in GUNS, GERMS AND STEEL this was the closest he came to a useful insight. The other important point this idiot accidentally raised was how Europeans "just stumbled across" all these placid, easily managed ... domesticated ... animals in Europe when they showed up. Talk about convenience. The second mouse gets the cheese.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Welcome To The End Of The Holocene

This Play Would Be Boring Without A Regular Change Of Actors

Nietzsche described it as an interminable cycle of repetition, each one more banal than the previous.

People who never understood Nietzsche thought his Superman was a monster come to destroy but Nietzsche foresaw the coming century in recognizing that the only real change possible came from creators and problem solvers, not generals and soldiers.

The current era looks exactly like the lead up to World War One. It is funny this article came out just as I was contemplating a blog post of this same flavor using most of the same examples.

See why I prefer vaults? They are a place to survive these cyclic events, even when they are nuclear which the next round of madness will certainly entail.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cordyceps Fungus - Real Life Zombie Threat To Mankind?

 It is the premise of THE LAST OF US on the Playstation 3 console.

Disgusting! Interesting to contemplate just what is possible. These and similar parasites tend to focus on large successful lifeforms that are prodigious and social ... like humans, who would be ideal.

Most to worry about would be government labs wondering about the value of studying and weaponizing this fungus for use on enemy populations - or their own. Read in the article above how they are in wide use in biomedicine right now in immunosuppression and other cellular level controllers. All they need to do is to start to play around with it genetically.

More reasons to take garlic every day.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Very Nice Corrugated Dome Shelter

Like Firehold Bravo but much larger diameter. I love this style, they are called indestructible for a reason.

These constitute serious design for long term survival in an atomic war. Most other designs are a poor replacement for really solid survivability and strength compared to this model. The radiation protection they afford in an increasingly radiation contaminated environment is excellent.

The design of the entryway is far superior to that of Firehold Bravo which I modelled after the experimental prototype from Oak Ridge Labs. I intend to remedy my mistakes next time around, particularly in terms of accessibility.

Notice the guy doing the tour could be my distant relative. Facial bone structure and general look is all Neanderthal. A coincidence to be sure. Pay attention to the fact that K-selected people are always talking about the safety of their kin relationships and their responsibilities to them whereas R-selected never seem to worry about their offspring or what becomes of them. For the two types of animals to try to have a conversation is nearly impossible because they have no shared context. Left-wing (Rs) are only interested in random sexual encounters and impulse gratification, not really possessing souls to reflect very deeply on any subject including the future.

Nation Most In Need Of Regime Change Identified in World Poll

The nerve of those peasants. Read your programs, you can only be afraid of the imaginary dangers posed by imaginary enemies we invented in your countries, not in ours.

Anybody with an IQ above room temperature knows exactly who the most dangerous rogue nation on the planet is nowadays

Claims to be an empire but it is run like a colony

The Soviet Union never dreamed of the State possessing such draconian powers.

China will protect its resource supply like any rising empire

King Canute Promises To Hold Back The Ice Age Tide

Al Gore and his Carbonazis finally look as pathetic as they have always been

Still screeching about manbearpig to the bitter end. This same group of secular cultists usually ridicule religions as inherently irrational. Well, maybe they are or seem so to such people but it can be said of all the world's religions that none of them was ever as absurd or as implausible as globowarmthinkery.

Sapiens Tries To Recover Gracefully From Five Centuries of Childlike Rubbish Posing As Science

It's a lost cause. Sapiens science is junk science. Vault-Co science is science.

"We had it wrong for five hundred years but now here is our new summary without conceding all that stuff we told you previously was gibberish." Sapiens calls it a "learning curve" and yet he never seems to learn anything. Manboons are not learning animals.

Our narrative on Vault-Co is only supported by the evidence. We don't have any of that other stuff to bolster our arguments. All we have are the cold, hard facts of the matter.

Sapiens scienmajists lie constantly and have destroyed their own credibility

20% of the population represents a spectrum of humanity with Neanderthal gene expression. The other 80% are animals who can walk on their hind legs and speak. That's all they ever were and it is all they will ever be. Any political system which emphasises freedom will benefit because they will free up the extraordinary energies of the 20% of mankind which has seemingly boundless reservoirs of creative problem solving capacity which the remainder of mankind never seems to demonstrate.

There is no point in trying to figure out who is who or to try to create a regime based on this idea because in any such system it is only a matter of time before the majority 80% will occupy the institutions as inferior leadership. The only solution for this dilemma is to extend a maximum amount of freedom to all people equally. That is the only way to liberate the Neanderthal minority from the otherwise stifling yoke of the Sapiens beast. Any system run by the majority will be a failure without exception in its attempt to replace judgement with regimentation. There is no substitute for having Neanderthal genes and without them, all Saps dominated systems will go into a spiral of decline.